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United States Business Directory Manufacturing SectionSmall-middle sized manufacturers and distributors417,000 business listingsin 6,800 business categories incl. I think about this as we speed through the night, carrying one of my friends to a Taiwanese hospital in the local ambulance. The Lantern Festival Celebration in Yenshui is one of the best examples of the paradox that typifies Taiwan.
This tension between tradition and the 21st century becomes very evident when living and teaching in Taiwan. While teaching at a private Chinese high school, I soon found out that the workaholism extends to the schools. I had always thought that the silk Chinese paintings of mountains were beautiful, but not very realistic. There is a wide network of foreigners in Taiwan, and this, coupled with trips around the country, is a big help to enjoying life there. I also found out that when a student tells you their name, they are most likely not telling you their real name.

My students were always the bright spot in my experience, even though there were 360 of them. After a year of almost no vacations and a lot of English papers, I was heading to the US for the summer. My friends and I scramble to our feet, open our motorcycle helmet visors, and start laughing. What would possess thousands of people to stand in front of a barrage of thousands of exploding rockets? Extended family often lives together, and taking care of one's parents is hugely important. This is partly due to the collective nature of Chinese culture, but it's also because the place is so mountainous. Saving face for others is very important, and to do well in Taiwan, and most other Asian countries, this is crucial to remember. Almost all education is rote memory, and everyone is perpetually cramming for the Big Test, because it determines their university future.

This helps explain why students with names like Starfruit Juice, Milk, and Corn are not uncommon. Then, they roasted me in class, with one of my female students acting out my idiosyncrasies with hilarious perfection. It also helped me understand why I suddenly started receiving homework from a student I had never heard of. Main Contact's Name, Contacts Title, Contacts Gender, Actual Number of Employees, Anual Sales Range , web addressUnlimited exportation capabilities !

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