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When the front screws are removed the complete lower portion of the socket including the IDC connectors for user wiring can be pulled out.
The WiringWiring inside a master socketAlthough pin 4 has no function in a domestic installation it is usually connected for the sake of neatness. If you have underground wiring with a small grey connection box by the door the internal cabling will usually be the same type and colour as the extension cabling.
Looking at the plug with the contacts uppermost the BT numbering is shown above with some common colour codes.
A simple way of remembering the correct orientation for the BT plugs if you like mnemonics is Ring on the R ight. When your Internet telephone and Broadband stop working, it’s perhaps a little daunting to try and figure out if you have an internal or external line fault. Follow my easy steps below to identify if your Line Fault is inside or outside, or if your Line Fault is caused by your own equipment. Your telephone line fault will be fixed free if the problem, or damage is just down to normal wear and tear. If you have extension wiring, and you have the newer style master socket (has a split front panel) you can undo the two screws securing the lower plate, then carefully pull it forward and out of the way just enough to expose a second test socket. If you plug a phone in the test socket and your line is dead, just call your service provider, and they will send BT out to repair the line fault.

If you plug a phone in to the test socket and things are OK, then you have a LINE FAULT ON YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT.
Some service providers charge around ?130 for the call out, and then ?70 per hour to rectify the problem. You need a known good working phone to do the test, so if you doubt your own, borrow one from a neighbour, or test your handset in their socket. If your line is still faulty when you plug the front plate in with everything else disconnected, then you have a LINE FAULT WITH YOUR OWN WIRING and it’s time to get that screwdriver out and fix yourself, or you could call me! This Namesco broadband speed test is so quick and easy to do, and it won’t put any stupid programs or spy ware on your computer or hurt it in any way.
Telephone Preference Service TPSRegister HERE for the FREE Opt Out TPS Telephone Preference Service, to stop your telephone number being circulated amongst call centres. You can also do a test to see how your line quality is for Broadband, and find out what speed you are getting. Your service provider has to maintain your telephone line wiring from the exchange, up to and including your master socket. It now becomes your responsibility and will be chargeable if you call your service provider.
Your telephone line comes in to the house using 2 cores, so if there’s a break in 1 wire, the circuit will be incomplete and your phone will be dead, however your broadband may still work, although the speed test may be low.

If you need any help you know where to come, help is here and it won’t cost you a fortune!
Back in the day when I started out as a British Telecom Engineer, this is what it felt like - 'in The Good Old Days'. You pay rental for the telephone line, and so it’s all covered for normal wear and tear by your maintenance agreement!
You can now plug your phone, or even the Broadband router into this and see if things are OK. If your line is ok, plug each phone etc one at a time back into the sockets and check for dial tone. The connectors shown are Insulation displacement types (IDC), Extension sockets (especially if bought in DIY sheds) often have screw terminals. If all you have is a master socket, then your service provider has to fix your line fault free of charge! Run my Broadband Speed Test to check everything is alright ?? Your Broadband speed should ideally be 3 meg or above.

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