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For the last several years, the demise of the yellow pages has been repeatedly predicted, but they will never die. If you previously spent $1,000 a month on yellow pages ads, that same $1,000 spent online could yield a much greater return. If You Enjoyed This Post, Make Sure You Subscribe to My Free Newsletter to Get My Posts Delivered Straight to Your Email Inbox! There was a day where the Yellow Pages phone directory had a coveted spot in every home and phone booth. With Chiu’s proposal people who need a phone book would still get one and the city would get a breather from the tonnage of waste. Yellow Pages arn’t red by anyone anymore neither are there websites delivering any real quality.
Frankly, I think better targeting and marketing by the yellow book people would resolve this conflict because they DON’T need to be sending ME any more phone books.
My problem with the yellow pages is that there are way to many scams associated with people claiming they are from yellow pages. Besides me having to deal with rip off people using their name, i have not needed the yellow pages in many, many, many years. These new and improved directories allow advertisers to have a bigger presence, with more information about their firm, at lower cost. Technology makes it easy to see which ad is working best, allowing you to adapt immediately instead of having to wait until next year’s print edition.

A small firm that had been limited to smaller ads in print directories can, with some marketing smarts, compete with firms with a bigger budget. These days, however, a huge number of phone directories go straight from the doorstep to the trashcan. That’s why San Francisco Board of Supervisors President David Chiu has proposed a bill to stop the unsolicited drop off of these books. Falk is backed by a coalition of local business owners who are speaking out against the proposal. Will Chiu’s proposal actually hurt local small business, or is this an idea that should be put in place all across the US? If you compare the volume of junk mail to phone books in a single year junk mail wins hands down. Yellow Pages are only focused on getting a lot of (bad) traffic to there website so they can sell that to advertisers that haven’t realized they dont get real value for there money.
They say they are from the yellow pages and want to verify information, then weeks later send you a bill and say they have you recorded saying you agreed to something (paying them money), that you never did agree to.
Smart attorneys (and other advertisers) are taking advantage of these changes by creating better web sites (and more of them), optimizing their sites to improve search engine ranking, and promoting their sites through social media.
You can increase or decrease your advertising investment with a click or two and you can just as easily change your headlines and copy and offers, making the same dollars bring in even more business.
And some will see a void in the market left by theĀ disappearanceĀ of their competitors and make a killing in the next frontier.

Attorneys today must understand that advertising online is just one facet of an integrated marketing plan and they must be prepared to continually acquire the knowledge and resources needed to stay competitive. Plus the percentage of junk mail going to the trash or recycling is much higher than a single phone book.
The real shift direcoties should make is puting the profit of there customers in front instead of off there one. I’m driven by success and knowing that the leading edge can be wrong more times the not. But, as more and more advertisers shift dollars from online to offline, the effectiveness of that advertising will decline and advertisers will shift yet again back to the Internet or to the next big thing.
Besides, do any of us know the long term effects of electronics notbonly on the environment, but on our bodies and health? As marketing entrepeneurs we need to see the ways different demographics purchase products and services, or we probably will negatively impact the purchasing power of this group, consumers are not all the same. The print Yellow Pages are still a very important way for the older demographic to aquire all types of information. I for one, plan on using all new and old ways in marrying consumers with buyers to the best advantage for my clents.

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