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The Gundam franchise is populated with hundreds of Mobile Suits of every shape and size you can imagine (and some you probably can’t!). The Mercurius was one of two Mobile Suits (along with the Vayeate) designed for Oz by the captive scientists who built the Gundams in Gundam Wing. Recent Commentsfunnytortoise on Bat-ing 52: A Retrospective on Batman by Snyder and CapulloHey, now that's a wonderful idea! Obviously, lots of people are quick to pick the Gundams as their favorite, arguing whether Epyon is superior to the RX-78 or if the Alex could trounce the Exia. The Union, that world’s equivalent of the Americas, deployed these bad boys in their military.
It looks awesome, every scene in every series it appears in is amazing, and it can even stand up to Gundams!

Graham Aker, one of their commanders and one of my personal favorite characters, went so far as to eschew more advanced mobile suits later in the series and swore to beat the Gundams with his Flag (for those not in the know, that’s like taking a tissue to a gun fight).
This suit also wields a combination shield and beam sword, along with a pistol, making it a great fusion of offense and defense.
The way it’s designed is pretty interesting, too, since it jettisons weaponry after use in order to lighten its weight and conserve fuel. Silverwolf on Bat-ing 52: A Retrospective on Batman by Snyder and CapulloThanks for the suggestions!
I’m really fond of the simple color scheme on these guys and the fins prominent on both their shoulders and sides of their head.
Zakus have a unique design and are instantly recognizable, even by many people who aren’t fans of Gundam.

I personally own two different Gouf models, and this close-combat oriented bad boy will always have a special place in my heart! Nannan on Analysis: Is It Just Me, or Are All Pink-Haired Anime Girls Useless?This is great, I wonder why people gets fired up so much.
Zakus have become so popular that every year in Japan there’s a modeling contest where entrants are only allowed to use Zaku model kits, highlighting just how great this foot soldier really is.

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