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There is a big chance that wherever you look these days, you will find almost everyone equipped with a handset that primarily falls in the smartphone category. Currently the only phone on this list to score 10 out of 10, the Motorola Moto G offers serious bang for the buck.
The Sony Xperia Z2 is a high-end Android smartphone that sports a full high quality screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a fantastic 5.7-inch display and the full HD Super AMOLED technology makes everything pop from websites to movies.
A combination of high-level specifications and improved battery life makes the LG G2 one of the best Android phones out there. Pakistan is the fastest growing country in regard to mobile phone user base with 130 million mobile phone users.
Research In Motion (RIM) is a Canadian company manufacturing the famous enterprise mobile product Blackberry. Another South Korean conglomerate, LG is spread in over 80 countries, well known for its display & telecom presence. With the shift in the smartphone industry, LG is one of the many players offering Android phones. A key player in the development of mobile phones and network standards, Nokia is a name synonymous with cellphones for many.
In the last decade, Motorola is best known for its success with RAZR and subsequent downfall.
A major components player, Samsung is known to manufacturer latest in technology right from LCD displays to the microprocessors. Samsung started its smartphone dominance with lower end touchscreen devices running proprietary Java OS, however as Samsung adopted Google’s Android OS, the Galaxy series of smartphones along with the other offerings started to make an impact on the higher end of the market.
The decade long JV between Sony and Ericsson (known as Sony Ericsson) came to an end as Sony took charge of its mobile division all by itself.
With the shift in the smartphone industry post the Apple iPhone launch, Sony faced the heat along with others and adopted Android along with other manufacturers.
VOICETEL signals the start of a new era in the way you will communicate now and in the future. VOICETEL, the manufacturers of VOICE Mobiles, operates in Pakistan through its franchisee UNITED MOBILE. The company is based in Pakistan with head office in Karachi along with regional offices across Pakistan.
MEGAGATE brings the real power of communication through wide range of mobile phones packed with top of the line innovative features and international quality standards. MEGAGATE products will enable consumers to relish the luxury of design and elegance along with easy to use interface to get the best out of their communication devices.
MEGAGATE has till recently introduced twelve products in Pakistani market, from basic multimedia mobile phones to top of the line Touch phone. Mobile phones have moved beyond the simple means of communication to an all round entertainment media with enormous possibilities.
Excellence in service support is the main driving force behind MEGAGATE and to ensure that, MEGAGATE has assigned Mobile Zone as Authorized Service Partner nationwide. Haier’s strategy is to continue providing innovative consumer requirement met and quality products and services that bring value to its consumers around the world in times of global economic difficulties contributed to this success. Euro monitor International’s rankings also place Haier’s refrigeration appliances and Haier’s home laundry appliances first by global brand name. G’FIVE, a mobile communication brand of G’FIVE Group, listed in top 10 in terms of global sales volume, has continued to hold the title of the fastest developing communication company.
With an eminent vision, G’FIVE has continued to expand its business for 10 years; with its innovative products and excellent services, G’FIVE has more than 100 million royal consumers around the world, from South America, Asia, Africa, the Mid-East and Europe. G’FIVE focused on overseas mobile phone markets in emerging markets such as Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and East Europe at the beginning when started in 2008.
Hamza Aziz is technology enthusiast, gadget lover, geek, and love to explore inside of electronic devices.
The famous designer Emmanuel Gueit who designed lots of luxury watches and jewelry designed the Goldvish Le Million. This stylish phone is created by Jaren features mirror detailing, an oeganic LED technology and polycarbonate mirror. Update: We've got another two phones landing in the best phones in the world list - the LG G5 and the HTC 10. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The high grade aluminium smartphone comes with the same 4-inch retina display and is available in gold and ‘space grey’ colours.
The key features include 4.5-inch 720p IPS screen that serves up good, sharp image quality with a Gorilla Glass screen adding a layer of durability. The larger 5.2 inch screen produces excellent contrast and viewing angles and most importantly is a big bright screen ideal for watching movies on.
It lets you view more on screen at a time and that means less scrolling in messages, on websites and down your long contact list. The new G model with rear physical buttons at the back lands between its predecessor Optimus G and the Pro size-wise, breaking through the 5-inch screen barrier with a 5.2-inch full HD IPS edge-to-edge display.

Although advance data services are not launched but growth rate still increasing every year. Our products and services are now sold in countries and regions such as China, United States, Russia, Western Europe, South Korea, India, and Southeast Asia.
Known as the lifeline of enterprise emails, Blackberry has been a mark of status symbol for business users for long. While many of us know HTC for rolling out some great Android devices including the first-ever Android mobile phone, the T-Mobile G1, the fact is that this Taiwanese company has been around since 1997. Besides its foray into smartphones, the Chinese manufacturer makes 3G dongles for a majority of telecom operators in India. Manufacturing a variety of consumer goods like Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Audio systems, and several other products, LG is a household name. In 2010, LG was one of the first companies to launch a Windows Phone 7 device, thus adding an alternate platform to its smartphone lineup. With a rich history, Nokia ruled the mobile boom in the last decade but currently Samsung grab the position as world’s largest selling mobile phone brand. Refocusing its energies on Android, Motorola is amongst the smartphone makers who have made a comeback from near oblivion. The South Korean conglomerate covers the entire array of consumer goods, ranging from Washing Machines to Hard Disks. With the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus Samsung took over the reins from HTC when it came to development of Google branded smartphones.
With increasing competition from Samsung, HTC, Apple and others, Sony aims to cut its losses and generate profits from its mobile arm. Currently Sony Mobile has a range of Android phones and tablets in the market, hoping to cut its losses with an organizational restructuring. It is Pakistan’s quality brand that offers its users affordability and reliability all at once. Full of spirit, verve, style, fashion, appealing looks and a voracious appetite to satisfy your discerning ear for quality mobile communication.
Maybe it is the impressive design, easy to navigate buttons, touch screens, Qwerty keyboards, smart phone features, or maybe it is the value additions and mobile phone apps that hold you in a thrall! The excellent existing network of UNITED MOBILE Outlets, Authorized Resellers, Distributors, and Repair & Service Centers further strengthen the presence and Quality Assurance factor for VOICETEL Mobile customers in Pakistan.
Major focus of the company include mobile phones, home appliances, consumer electronics and IT products. All products in MEGAGATE line up have been designed to fulfill the requirement of all set of consumers, from multimedia users to internet addicts and from text savvy youngsters to business minded professionals, each product of MEGAGATE line up has something unique for everyone. To bring the same possibilities and international standards to Pakistani market, MEGAGATE has aligned top-of-the-line Research & Development and manufacturing facilities, and collaborated with globally recognized companies like MediaTek Inc. Mobile Zone provides complete warranty services and support to all MEGAGATE products throughout Pakistan with its extensive customer care and collection point’s network. Haier’s main competitors’ market shares in major home appliances, refrigeration appliances and home laundry appliances have generally declined, while Haier’s market share increased in all categories.
G’FIVE was registered in Hong Kong in 2008, in pursuit of the research and development, manufacture, sales and service of professional 3C product. Mobile phone has extensively ranging from the cheapest phones in the world up to the most expensive mobile phone in the world. This expensive mobile phone priced at a crisp $ 1.3 million and is tagged as the costliest in the world.
This ohone comes from a traditional supplier of a luxury handsets is made of solid gold weighing 180 grams. The designs of the phone are quit exclusive through the existence of forms such as the Cobra snake on the phone side. This mobile phone is decorated with two diamonds; one is set on the navigation button and the other in the back of the phone. This mobile phone is made of platinum and claimed the best assembly process is done by hand not by machines.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. They make great sales in the market, but it would be difficult to decide which one to pick from the current bunch. The M8 features a bigger 5.1 inch screen, a more powerful Snapdragon 801 quad processor and now includes a microSD card slot with support up to 128GB. The key features include a new Touch ID fingerprint unlocking, powerful 64-bit A7 dual-core processor and 8MP camera with true-tone LED flash.
It features 5-inch full HD 1080p screen powered by Snapdragon 800 processor alongside 2GB RAM and 8-megpixel rear camera.
Although not as pretty as the screen of the Apple iPhone 5S, the 4.3 inch screen featured on the Compact let you enjoy any multimedia content in true to life, vivid colors. The Note 3 is powered by a Snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz CPU and has 32 GB of RAM to perform multitasking.
The Lumia 1020 is equipped with a 41 MP BSI CMOS image sensor, a 4.5-inch AMOLED screen and Sanpdragon MSM8960 from Qualcomm. We are committed to developing ourselves as a company specialized in smartphones and mobile internet services.
Using the Mac OS X kernel, Apple powered its phone with an advanced operating system that is today known as iOS.

For the better half of the last decade a whole bunch of Windows Mobile devices sold by different manufacturers and telecom operators across the globe were made by HTC.
Beyond consumer electronics though, Huawei’s biggest claim to fame till date — Huawei is largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world. Samsung’s Mobile division has made significant progress over the last few years making it the biggest smartphone makers globally.
A key partner for Google in the Android ecosystem, Samsung happens to be a major component supplier to its biggest rival Apple Inc.
Excellent customer care with features that spell customer convenience, make Q Mobile stand at 1st position in the mobile phone markets here in Pakistan. VOICE Mobile is for everyone – from teens to executives, from the common person to the fun-loving social crowd and from the business class to the corporate crust. Although the importance of a mobile phone in today’s society is pretty much irrefutable, the prices some are prepared to pay for this gadget are nothing tiny of incredible.
The phone’s bezel is prepared of rose and just about 500 individual perfect diamonds that total over 100ct.
The Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3GS features a covering made from 271 grams of solid 22k gold and a screen trimmed with fifty-three 1 carat diamonds. In France September 2006 this phone was awarded by Guinness World Record as the world’s most expensive mobile phone sold in the Milionaire Fair in Cannes. In this feature a cover decorated with 50 diamonds, 10 of which are the exceptional blue ones. The back plate is made up of more than 200 years old African backwoods and this wood is most expensive wood in the world.
The swanky phone features one pear cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald green eyes, and 439 rubies. With its water-resistant design and day and half battery life, the S5 is set once again to be one of the top mobile phones to own. Now, we start to provide our meticulous and trendsetting smart phone in Pakistan, so we wish to work with fatanstic local employee to achieve our corporate goals. Apple is credited for reinventing the mobile computing market with the iPhone and subsequently with the iPad in 2010. At the moment, they majorly are banking on Google’s open-source Android platform to power the software for their smartphones.
The LG Prada was a full touchscreen device with a 3-inch capacitive display, however the lack of a smart OS differentiated it from a hit like the iPhone. Motorola also hyped the first official Google Android powered tablet, Xoom before CES 2011. Samsung Mobile is known to juggle several Operating Systems including Windows Phone, Android and the homegrown BADA OS. Q Mobile’s range of stylish yet innovatively advanced mobile products provide affordable touch screens, QWERTY, WiFi and Android OS smart phones, catering to customers who are looking out for advanced quality and features at prices that are extremely affordable.
What makes every VOICE Mobile handset an irresistible work of art and technology that everyone wants to possess, almost everyone, are the winning looks of a leader born to captivate your sense of doing something new, being original and the center of attraction.
This collaboration is part of MEGAGATE vision to develop localized technology solutions for Pakistani consumers. At the home screen button the beautiful diamonds of 6.6 carats are serves which enhances its beauty.
Vertu Signature Cobra is in the list ranks seven of the world’s most expensive mobile phone.
It priced $88,000 and in 10th position in the list of most expensive mobile phone of the world. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. While you should wait for more devices set for the later part of the year you can still look back at the ones that have already performed well.
World’s most popular mobile phone manufacturer are launching their mobile phones in Pakistan to catch a big customer base while there are also some local mobile phone manufacturer to catch growing opportunities.
They cater majorly to the mass audiences at the moment, with entry-level to mid-range handsets in their portfolio.
Later in 2011, Google announced that it is acquiring Motorola Mobility in a bid to defend itself from Apple’s patent offense.
VOICE speaks your language, understands your aspirations, and goes beyond frontiers of technology and application. That’s not enough the iPhone 3GS Supreme comes in a chest fixed from a single chunk of stonework and sports Kashmir gold and a frontal coating made with nubuck top-grain leather.
LG also happens to be a large telecom player in South Korea operating under the name LG U+. Apple's still selling the original iPhone 6, with a 4.7-inch display, sleeker metal body and the same version of iOS.

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