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Hello Android user, want to see street view on Google maps in Android phone and Android Tab?
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Noah Kravitz mourned the day that Star Castle was replaced in the pizza parlour he frequented as a kid.

Yes, Now Android user eligible to view street maps on their phone by Google maps street view Android apps. The Sidekick line is the most famous example of this thinking, but the MyTouch is arguably the most relevant in today’s touchscreen-heavy marketplace. Street View on Google Maps it's plug in apps for installed Google maps, Google maps apps installed is required for this apps. You can download and install to Android phone as download games for Android from Google play store. That screen is giant, that hardware is still pretty stunning, and that operating system will be upgradable when Windows Phone Mango comes along with its much-needed updates.

So make sure before install, you have already installed update Google maps in your Android phone. If already not installed, please install Google maps first and install it on your phone from Google play store, it's free of charge.

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