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I remember my mother telling me she had a phone number that u can call and type in a cell phone number and it will tell u who the # belongs to. Though it would obviously be great if these scam for time and money-wasting schemes were not carried on reputable sites such as cell blogs, most good web browsers either come with a tool that can be used to block scam or can provide this facility through an add-on. A private investigator may be hired to track down the user of a cell phone number that continues to make unwanted calls. However, there are a number of up to date cell phone directories that may be accessed online. A third resource to trace cell phone numbers involves hiring a private investigator to locate the current user of the cell phone number that continues to call.
Can I find out someone's location by only having their cellphone number, without any scams or crap? I agree with the information provided by Malcolm and can say with experience that the quickest, cheapest and most reliable way to find out owner information of a cell phone number is a paid reverse cell phone directory. For only 2 bucks a month, it is definitely more useful than ringback tones and 3 dollars for verizons visual voicemail.

There are several websites that offer that kind of service since people today often received unknown calls (prank, telemarketers). By paying a small fee you can rest assured that you are getting access to the most up to date information available with instant results. I mean, who wants to get called when you're in the middle of something, right?Recently, my sister encountered a prank caller. I keep getting annoying late night hang up calls from the same # always late at night, and today they left me a 4 minute message of nothing, no talking, just dead air. The minute the call was finished my sister immediately regarded to a website which can trace phone numbers and had it permanently blocked and reported. How to Trace Cell Phone Numbers: To begin, you must first find a good cell phone directory. I've tried all the websites, and I mean ALL the websites and they always say there is an error with the phone number, but I typed the # correctly each time, so please, do NOT give me a website to go to, that is not my question.
Your best bet is to try to determine which service provider has control of the number and see if they will provide with information. Please help me find out who is making these annoying calls by giving me an alternative reverse cell phone lookup that's not a website.

I will even settle for something that tells me what town the # is from, just Any bit of info would help! How to Trace Cell Phone Numbers: These services will provide you with phone reports that give the cell phone owner’s full name and address, date of birth, locationdetails, phone carrier information, and address history.
In fact, once you have become a member, you will also gainaccess to instant background checks, instant criminal history,reverse email lookup, birth records, marriage and divorce records,and legal records. That's why I have done exhaustive research tofind out which companies are the real deal.
They provide one ofthe largest databases of unlisted phone numbers and cell phonerecords, allowing you to uncover in-depth information on almost anyone.

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