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Modern communication technologies enable you to track the location using mobile phones. For this, major operators offer their subscribers a special service, which can take advantage of a variety of USSD-requests.
Loss or theft of a mobile phone has always been a problem. As your cell phone has a contact list of friends, photos and text messages which may be personal, you should trace it to save your valuable information. Write an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the loss or theft of a mobile phone after providing them IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) details.
There is another way to track a lost phone - use special software, which is widely distributed the market nowadays. According to the developers, some applications are able to block the device if necessary. You can also use the services of any of the cellular operators including Megaphone, Beeline or MTS to know about the location. In general, we can say that the information of the subscriber or the location of a particular phone is not hard to get but is not available to everyone. GowallaUsing Gowalla you can connect your friends and relatives from such social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter. This option is mainly used in the case of mobile theft so that you can locate the place where your phone is at any point of time. But first, you need to write a statement to the police about the loss or theft of the phone.

You will need to install a mobile phone associated application that can remotely determine the coordinates. And with the phone on GPS-module, which is pre-installed in many modern devices, the phone can be blocked from anywhere. The program is called Google Latitude. It allows people to report their location in 27 countries automatically. There is a plenty of ways to track someone's cell phone, and if you have strong reasons to do that, then you definitely should - it is not as hard as it seems and you don't need any special skills. Besides, you can also easily get different kinds of coupons due to being a user of Gowalla.LooptIt is a free app, and you can get it on your cell.
After you do that, get the program working and it will display the location of your friends.
All the benefits of modern cell phones are hard to overestimate.There are many ways to track a cell phone location. You are going to be able to see the upcoming events etc.BrightKiteIt is a free social networking instrument.
It can be used to show your location, and to show you location of your friends, their updates.

It allows you chat with 25 friends at a timePlazesPlazes is a free app that can be used to track a cell phone location with the help of geo-tagging. It works with a smartphone, a desktop, text messages.Fire EagleFire Eagle was developed by yahoo, it is a free app. Just like the apps and services above, it can be used to send and get the news from your friends, see location of your friends, and see what is new in your local area.
Fire Eagle also has pretty great privacy settings and you don't have to worry about your personal information being exposed, besides it helps you to get from the app exactly what you need.FoursquareIt is an app that you can download on your cell.

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