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Mobile number portability is a new concept in the cellular world in India that has aroused a lot of curiosity in everyone’s mind. Let’s see some of the conditions that apply to make you qualify for opting for this and how to do MNP step by step along below. You can change to another number only in the same area where you have bought the service of the previous seller.
In case you are enjoying post-paid service, you need to clear all the pending dues before you can apply for portability to another service.
When you are a pre-paid service enjoyer, you need to finish off all the balance in your account before porting to another service.
First of all, you need to go to the office of the new cellular service provider, where you want to port your number. Go through the forms minutely because when you don’t fulfill any norm, it might result in rejection of your application.
In order to get the Unique porting Code, you need to write “PORT” and followed by a space, give the mobile number. Your new cellular service provider will give you a new SIM card after verifying all your documents.
Completion of switching over to another service provider can only be effected after 7 th working days and it requires 15 days time in areas like Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and other North East areas. You can replace and make use of the new SIM only after the specified date by the new service provider.
3) TATA DOCOMO – The procedure for porting the number remains as above with TATA DOCOMO.
4) Airtel- The procedure for applying for a number portability to Airtel remains the same as given above. I send sms to 1900 but it does not work and also bsnl have kept 1900 as on default ringing, no one attend or hear us .
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MNT is a very simple & compact sized utility (346 kb) which does not require installation.

Note : This application has been tested on Windows 7 – x64 and also works fine on x32 Architecture too. But i guess all this sort of software will become obsolete MNP (mobile number portability) comes into play!! Vasu Jain is a Microsoft MVP, Computer Science graduate from USC, Los Angeles, CA , Software Engineer and a Tech Enthusiast. This would make you heave a sigh of relief that in case of bad service by a particular service provider, you can conveniently switch over to some other cellular service provider. It is also applicable, when you have ported one number previously; minimum time period for portability to another number remains 90 days. For instance, if you have lived at Mumbai and bought a SIM of a particular service provider there, you can only apply for the service from another company only in Mumbai not in Delhi.
Anyhow, in case you are a post-paid service enjoyer, you will sign an undertaking that you have paid all the dues. It is because in the new service, the recharge amount from the ex-service will not exist in the new number. Send this to 1900 and you will receive from the donor operator an auto-generated unique porting code. In case you are a subscriber of post-paid service, you need to submit along with the filled-in forms the receipt of payment of all your dues to to your ex-service provider.
Then by applying with all the relevant documents, you get the SIM card and on the 8th day of your application, you can only place the new SIM from BSNL and make use of it.
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This utility takes input first four digit of any Mobile number (India Only) and tracks the Service operator as well as Service area.
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