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If some unknown caller teases you by making prank calls repeatedly on your mobile but you are not able to know the name of the calling number. To know the details of calling number, you have to download apps called “Truecaller” on your smartphone and this apps can be downloaded on almost all branded smartphones like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, iPhones etc and it is free. The apps “Truecaller” is developed by a global phonebook service provider which brings all the contact information of the world into your smartphone.
You may also check the details of unknown number on the website of truecaller (Click here).
During incoming calls, you can use  Truecaller apps  but the Truecaller gives you details of the number which are not previously stored on your phonebook. I have always been a fan of writing and love to share information on latest technologies, mobiles, gadgets and social media. Apple iPhones to offer Uniform Pricing for Both Online and Offline: iPhone Shipments to Fall in 2016!
Creating fake calls in INDIA by using services that are offered over internet has been drastically increased. NOTE Don’t get boomed on the person as soon as you find the owner of traced mobile number. Now if you want to trace land line phone numbers like BSNL, then BSNL has its official website to trace land line mobile numbers. Got a missed call from a number that you haven’t saved in your mobile phone and wondering whom the person was that called you? Now we all know that when you install any app on your smartphone (an Android device in this case), you are shown a list of permissions that an app will require prior to the installation on the device.
Now if you have ever taken a closer look at them, one of the information the app needs access to is your Contacts.
But, for those who don’t want people to see their name on Truecaller when they make a call, or for those who are pretty much concerned with privacy issues, Truecaller has got them covered. Before writing this article, we personally tried and checked whether this works or not, but, to our wonder, the number that we wanted to unlist from Truecaller’s database was almost instantly removed. Besides, looking for phone numbers from their website reduces chances of giving out the contact information that is stored in your smartphone. This way you can make use of Truecaller’s huge database, and, at the same time, keep your contacts and information safe in your smartphone.
We must say that Truecaller is surely a useful app for those who want to look out for the information of the phone number that they received a call from.

As for Truecaller’s app, we did show you the trick making the most of it and get away.
To register a complaint of such type of prank calls you have to approach police and police in turn get the detail of that calling number from the respective mobile operator. In addition to its worldwide number lookup service, Truecaller can help you block unwanted calls, keep your phonebook up to date with current information and even map your phonebook with the social networks you use regularly. The apps may not give you details of some recently activated new series mobile number due to non availability of the number in their data base but you may try it later on by this apps. This apps works only on smartphones so the users of basic mobile phone may take help of either  their friend who uses samrtphone or they may find details of unknown number from the website of Truecaller. After signing in, you need to fill details like country location you are staying and then continue search. You can use this BSNL – Online Telephone Directory Search site that helps in tracking your BSNL land line number. As soon as you give the app access to this information and install it, the app accesses all your contact information and uploads it to the server.
You take the advantage of Truecaller’s huge database of phone numbers and see what was the name of the person that called you, but, at the same time you also hand over the contacts and other information that you have stored in your smartphone. Above is a picture of Unlist Form that you need to fill up and voila, your number has been removed from their database.
That website certainly can’t access phone numbers when accessed from a computer or mobile browser. Attracted by the world of smartphones & gadgets which keep the adrenaline rushing all time.
We have the information on the best, latest and bizarre technologies which will drop your jaw off.
I have personally checked this and found it is showing almost right details for my numbers.
So I wish if the above mentioned Truecaller doesn’t work for you, then try the below mentioned websites.
So we will see the list of android apps to tracker mobile number in INDIA with owner name and address. Well, all we can say is that every technology, be it an app or whatever else, comes with its own set of pros and cons. With a big advancement on over 100,000 technologies, we’re not just a technology blog but a book of information shared among the people who loves technology.

Also remember many users complained that they are not getting exact SIM registration owner details. I do recommend to go for Truecaller site and app for finding SIM registration owner details and then rest of site. Or better yet, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Truecaller has become one of those prerequisite apps that a user installs as soon as he starts using a smartphone. Is there a central database where all our numbers are stored which are then fetched by Truecaller?
Because in the end, who would want his personal information to be available to the public with just a few taps on the screen? Most of the time he is either playing multiplayer games or reading articles related to tech. I am not going to list fake call service providers list here, I will tell you how to trace mobile number in INDIA with exact location, name and address. I have done a good research to collect some working sites to find SIM registration details with name and address. So you need to do this search after month and check whether the details are available or not.. If you know any other and if I have not listed them please comment below let me and my readers get to know about it.
Because many online sites over internet are giving paid call service where you can call to anyone with any mobile number you wish. In order to use this service visit Truecaller and enter your mobile number you want to trace.
So it’s up to you to whether to believe the given traced mobile number is genuine or not. Now out of all of us Truecaller users, whomsoever installed the app first in his smartphone, the name that is stored in his smartphone will be added in Truecaller’s database.

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