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When you buy a phone on PAYG or on a mobile contract it is often a€?lockeda€™ into the mobile phone network that you have purchased it from e.g. Unlocking your phone can also increase ita€™s value if you decide to sell it and gives you more freedom to switch networks and change the SIM card without any problems. Most phones nowadays can be unlocked but if the phone is has just been released then it may be sometime before networks allow for the phone to be unlocked or for hackers to find a way to do it. The process for unlocking a mobile phone can vary depending on the make and model you have and which network it is locked to.
Before or during the unlocking process you may need to provide some information including your mobile number, ita€™s make and model as well as its IMEI number. There are several methods that are used however, some are more time consuming or costly than others or are often scams that are best to stay clear of.
Other methods include obtaining free or paid for unlock codes from the Internet and using a Turbo SIM device but we dona€™t recommend using these unless they are the only option for your phone. Done using the first two methods above is generally the safest way to get your phone unlocked.
If you have bought your phone new or it is still under its warranty then you will be invalidating it if you unlock it so do be aware of this if you have an expensive device.
This is probably the best and safest route to use however, the service may differ depending on which network you are with and also whether you are on PAYG or a mobile contract. Below we have detailed the process and costs for each UK mobile phone network and provided you with the telephone numbers and online forms that you might need to help you. For pay monthly mobile phone customers the service is free and you will not have to pay anything.
If you are still in the middle of you contract then you will still have to see the rest of it out for the minimum term. For PAYG customers who have had their phone for more that 12 months – O2 will unlock your phone for a fee of A?15. Theya€™ll usually respond within 7 days though it is normally quicker than this and your phone will be unlocked within 10 days. Phone a€“ The quickest way to get the process rolling is to contact O2 over your phone either by calling 202 or 08448090202 from a landline.
For iPhone 5 customers a€“ O2 do not currently unlock it so that their limited stock is reserved solely for O2 customer use. With T-mobile you will need to obtain what they call a subsidy PIN code from them by calling 08454125000 or 150 from a T-Mobile phone. For iPhone users you will need go through the same process however, you will not receive a subsidy code. You can easily have your phone unlocked to any network though similar rules apply as with T-Mobile. The cost with Orange is much more expensive (A?20.42) than the other networks and this is a bit of a surprise given that both Orange and T-Mobile are now brands under the same company (Everything Everywhere). To contact Orange directly, call 150 or 450 from your handset for contract and PAYG users, respectively.

Like with T-Mobile this process is quite lengthy and may take up to a whole month to receive your unlock code.
The good thing with Three is that if you are a PAYG user or have just upgraded your phone then you dona€™t need to wait 30 days to get your phone unlocked. To contact Three and get your mobile unlocked, simply call them on 333 from your Three phone or on 08433733333 from a landline. Vodafone are the other network to provide an online form that you can fill in to set off the process. Again, there is a A?15.32 administration charge for pay monthly customers unless you have had your phone for more than 12 months. There are a number of companies that are available online that will be able to provide an unlock code for your phone. Privacy and Terms - We are transparent about data, personal information and cookies so you can find out more here. Unlock Your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII and use it with any GSM network Worldwide!
You'll be free to choose the provider you want, rather than the one that's been imposed on you! Just imagine the SAVINGS you'll enjoy on roaming fees and long distance when using your cellphone overseas! Simply type in your Samsung Galaxy S3 unlock code following our simple entry instructions and your phone will be permenantly unlocked! We've been freeing cellphones since 2007, and have successfully unlocked over 250,000 cellphones every since!
If there is no video here, we will give you a partial - full refund in return for a video of you unlocking your phone! If your phone is network locked you need to enter an unlock code in order to use it with a different network providers. We sell unlocking codes worldwide, all you have to do is enter the unlock code provided by Unlock My Phone and your phone will be unlocked forever. Within the next few months, usernames, quoted tweets, photos, and other media attachments will no longer count against the tweet’s 140-character limit. Now the latest app vying for a slice of movie success is Halfbrick Studio's Fruit Ninja.
The following 6 apps are our favorites for sharing funny moments with friends, whatever your budget and wherever you are. Of course there may be other situations where you may find the need to get your mobile phone unlocked. In most cases, you will be able to get it unlocked for free but some devices may have special requirements. The first three bits you shouldna€™t have a problem finding but the IMEI number is easy to get too. If you have bough your phone on eBay or from someone you know then you may come into some barriers when trying to unlock your mobile via a network as they have some stringent requirements with regards to ownership.

Although a reasonable price, you may wish to seek an alternative method that is cheaper or if you have had your phone for less than 12 months.A O2 also provide their unlocking service to Business customers free of charge. Here you will have to provide them with your details including the type of phone you have, phone number and email.
Once unlocked you will receive a text message from them to let you know that you can now put any SIM card into your device. This service does cost A?15.32 and can only be used for customers who have had an active account with them for more than 30 days on pay monthly or 90 days on pay as you go.
Instead you will be notified when your phone is ready to be connected with iTunes to finalise the unlocking. For Pay as you go customers you will need to have an active account that is a minimum of 90 days old with the phone active and registered to that account.A Pay monthly customers must have been an Orange user previously or be an existing customer.
Like with the other networks, there is a one-off admin charge of A?15.32 that you will need to pay upfront. They will be able to do from when you purchase your handset.A We like this option, as quite often, buying a PAYG phone can be a cheaper option than buying a phone unlocked and no other network provides this service at the moment. You will need to provide your mobile number, make, model and IMEI Number to complete the form. The costs of these may vary depending on the phone but they can be ridiculously more expensive or even sometimes cheaper than getting it done via the networks.
It will also (finally) let users start tweets with usernames without first adding a period, and natively retweet themselves. The obvious drawback with most cell phones on the market is that they are limited by your network.
If you are planning to use the unlocking service of a mobile phone network then you shouldna€™t expect to pay more than A?25. There are reputable companies available however, so shop around and read reviews to check their profile. The network providers do this so that you are less likely to switch to another network and so that they can recuperate the cost of subsidising the mobile phone via the contract. It doesna€™t matter if you do not have a SIM card already inserted and this will work on all phones.
However, it is now a much easier process nowadays and an essential one for us as consumers.
If you arena€™t able to retrieve it via this method then the IMEI number may also be found somewhere on the inside of the phone – near the battery.

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