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If you have never applied for a US Bank credit card or have a hard time getting approved for US Bank credit cards, I recommend Freezing your ARS and IDA Credit Reports before applying. A few days later, I received the *first* denial letter from US Bank (dated July 17), which was 3 days after my application. Fast forward another week and I receives the *second* denial letter from US Bank (dated July 31), which is 2 weeks after applying for the credit card. Here is what my US Bank FlexPerks AMEX Credit Card statement looked like as of June 3 (showing the $12,500 credit line). Here is what my US Bank FlexPerks AMEX Credit Card statement looked like as of August 5 (showing the $7,500 credit line). A few days later (on August 14), I received the US Bank Cash Plus Credit Card and the below approval letter.
If you want to read about all my App-O-Rama successes and failures, please read July App-O-Rama Update: Several Reconsideration Calls Required to be Approved for 6 New Credit Cards.

This entry was posted in Credit Card Advice, Manufactured Spending and tagged Cash Back, Cash Plus, credit cards, FlexPerks, FlexPoints, Travel, Travel Credit Cards, US Bank on August 16, 2015 by Grant. Well, I understand electronics stores where you might try to MS, but restaurant and department stores? I applied for the Flex Perks visa last week and not only was I denied, but USB closed my existing Cash + and Club Carlson accounts. US Bank is not worth doing business with–they recently reported me to the credit agencies for being delinquent on paying fraudulent charges they have taken two months to get resolved.
US Bank’s customer service is definitely not on par with the other credit card companies.
Most people were getting hung up on the website after the authorized user step (unlike the Ameriprise Amex Platinum card, there’s a $175 fee for authorized users on this version of the Amex Platinum card). I should note that this card is DIFFERENT than the American Express Mercedes Benz Platinum card that was recently in the news for a 75K offer.

Read previous post:Chase reconsideration phone number and websiteBeen denied for a Chase credit card? I will work on a post about the $100 Bank of America Alaska Airlines statement credit taking longer than usual to post.
Actually, your recent reporting shows plenty of rough sledding on you latest app-o-rama, and not only with US Bank.
You’ve reported on several rejections and reconsideration calls based on too many recent inquiries. Also do you think I should call recon again asking to reallocate credit from existing cards now that i spoke to the fraud dept.

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