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We’d be willing to bet that despite this border station being abandoned, those cameras are still feeding video. Within sixty seconds of our arrival at the border, a US Border Patrol truck showed up and checked us out. This former roadside garden and flag pole is barely recognizable after only seven years of abandonment.
Back in the day, this probably would have been your last chance to get gas before entering Canada and paying by the liter.
The Noyes depot is still in operation under the command of the Pembina Port of Entry staff. We don’t really have an explanation for it, but we left with a jittery kind of uneasy feeling after visiting Noyes.
I started working for one of two custom house brokers that were in Noyes, Minnesota back in 1970.
I remember the old days with the duty free shop and the gas station had like treats for us kids and soda.

My wife and I moved to Noyes in August 1971 when I accepted a teaching position in Humboldt.
While I was an inspector, some winter days we would only have 10-12 cars a day come through Noyes. I started working out of thief river falls Minnesota when I transfered there September of 2014. An exhausted group of survivors stumbles upon this former port of entry, with burned-out cars stretching to the horizon. It also reminded us of another closed border crossing we once visited — Northgate, North Dakota.
The main highway from Winnipeg to Grand Forks went through Pembina, I am not surprised the port is now closed. They wander between the lines of vehicles, forced to face the reality of families who were waiting here to cross the border when the final apocalypse came.
Most common applications are ground loops for traffic control signals and perimeter monitoring in security systems.

While in noyes, her dad worked for the railroad and my mom lived in two different boxcars that were right off of the tracks. I started my 31 year government career as a temporary Customs Inspector, assigned to the Pembina Customs office.
My grama, betty anderson, worked at the cafe there, which is where she met and married my granpa, post world war two. We also have great-grandparents buried in cemeteries in Humbolt, MN, as well as Emerson, Manitoba.

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