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1) My company is working on the labor Certification, what happened is there is a spelling mistake for the name of the employer, where the two alphabets have been switched would that be a problem? 3) My friend is on H1 right now, he applied for extension like 6 months back and he went to India and got married he had a valid H1 that time and then he came here, and with the existing valid H1 he filled H4 for his wife and he brought her here, since he applied for extension and he got extension, but he forgot to apply extension for his wife? 4) My brother came here on GC and after 3 months he went back to India how much time does he have before he has to come back? 5) My brother is coming from Germany on a J1 Visa, after coming here can he change his visa to F1, S1 or any other visa? Shah Peerally is a Bay Area Immigration Lawyer offering immigration legal services in the San Francisco Bay area. A U visa allows victims of certain qualifying criminal activity to reside and work in the United States lawfully.
Possession of credible and reliable information and helpfulness to law enforcement may be established by police certifications and declarations.
While those who entered unlawfully or are out of status are free to apply for a U Visa any time of the year, there is a 10,000 visa cap.
A U visa petition requires submission of reasonably substantial documentation and to establish specific legal elements with particularity.
There are non-profit organizations which assist victims of crimes to obtain U visas, however, these organizations generally have limited resources and place those who are seeking assistance on wait lists. To discuss U visa petitions and other alternatives with an experienced immigration lawyer from the Shah Peerally Law Group, feel free to contact us by email or call us at 510-742-5887. April 06, 2016 - Shah Peerally Law Group calling on Congress to increase the Visa Cap for Victims of Crimes known as the U visa Cap. Getting a green card with the help of an immigration lawyer Connecticut provides the bearer with proof of lawful permanent residence. Despite the fact that it has become a common name, the term ‘green card’ is an informal term for official proof of legal residency in the United States.

There are numerous different ways to apply for a green card, further highlighting the need for a Hartford immigration lawyer that understands the process and can help you throughout the proceedings. If 180days have not passed since the expiry of the I-94, She will just have to leave the country, she can go to Mexico or Canada and come back she will not be able to do the extension inside if she missed the deadline, best thing to do is leave and come back, but before that she should speak to the company attorney or you can have her call me to make sure she has not overstayed her 180 days.
If there is no subject to two year residency yeas of course he can switch to another visa, talk to a lawyer once he gets here, usually J1 visa are very tricky, he can get an I-20 and file for change of status, if not he will need an no objection letter from the government or the waiver it’s a tricky situation ok good luck.
This classification was created in the interest of assisting law enforcement and for humanitarian purposes. For example, the direct victim was murdered, then the spouse or children under 21 years of age are considered victims that are eligible to apply for a U visa. At the time the petition is approved, you will be authorized for employment, and USCIS will send you an Employment Authorization Document as evidence. It is often necessary to coordinate efforts with law enforcement and mental health professionals to obtain documentation which will effectively meet the relevant legal elements.
This means that someone who has a green card is able to work and live in the United States without restrictions. After someone becomes a permanent resident of the United States, he or she is provided with this identification card. The reason that people started referring to the ‘green card’ as such is because it traditionally had a ‘green’ background. Because everyone’s circumstances differ, it is important to have a proficient and adept attorney from an immigration law office CT help you recognize the best possible route when it comes to gaining legal entry into the United States. This means that we have qualified and accomplished immigration lawyers in Stamford CT that are able to help you, your spouse, or family members become legal residents of the United States by obtaining a green card.
If the stamping is still valid she can just go to Mexico or Canada but if she needs stamping I would recommend getting stamping from India. His law firm in Newark, California also handles Family based immigration petitions and VAWA self-petitioner petitions.

Also, if the direct victim was a child under 21 years of age, the parents and siblings under the age of 18 are considered victims that are eligible to apply for a U visa. Once the cap is reached, victims requesting U visas will be placed on a wait list and will be issued deferred action, meaning that victims will at least be no longer eligible for deportation while the petition is pending. Derivative family members of the victim also receive employment authorization, but will have to apply for the Document for a fee. Preparation of an effective U visa petition generally requires the assistance of a considerate advocate with experience working with victims of trauma.
Over the years, the color of the ID has changed, but returned to the traditional green in 2010. After a certain amount of time has passed, the holder of the green card has the right to pursue naturalization to become an official American citizen. Considering that the process is complicated and lengthy, it makes sense to have an immigration lawyer CT determine what immigration option best suits your needs, based on your current situation. H1B Attorney USA Shah Peerally provides US Visa services to clients in Northern California, Silicon Valley and Southern California including: San Jose, Fremont, San Francisco, San Rafael, San Mateo, Millbrae, San Bruno, South San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, Pleasanton, Redwood City, Milpitas, Saratoga, Livermore, Richmond, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Dublin California, Mountain View California, Mt. The most important benefit is that the U Visa may independently file for a green card through adjustment of status after being physically present in the US for 3 years since the U visa was granted. There are individual circumstances that determine the time period after which that is possible, but naturalization may be possible as early as five years after the green card is issued.
We will promptly help you determine what options apply to your personal situation, explain each of the green card application processes, and present your options in a clear and concise manner. View California, Silicon Valley, South Bay, Campbell, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale California, Los Angeles California, and San Diego California.

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