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There are few areas as emblematic of a nation’s values than how it treats the veterans of its wars. Upon return, however, the newest veterans face many of the challenges that previous generations have encountered, ranging from re-entering the civilian workforce to rehabilitating broken bodies and treating traumatic brain injuries.
While new teams and technologies are being deployed to help with the backlog, a recent report (PDF) from the Office of the Inspector General of the Veterans Administration found that new software deployed around the country that was designed to help reduce the backlog was actually adding to it. Given that context, the launch of a new VA innovation center today takes on a different meaning.
The new VA Center for Innovation (VACI) is the descendent of the VA’s Innovation Initiative (VAi2), which was launched in 2010.
We want our workforce to be part of that objective, to be part of coming up with those ideas.
In terms of continuity of care, when that veteran comes back to a VA hospital, the techs don’t have visibility into what happened at the other hospital. A media release from the VA Veterans Service Center in Cheyenne informs us that John Goodell (GOOD-ull), an Army veteran from Sheridan, was hired as the new Veterans Services Representative, or VSR, with an office at the Sheridan VA Medical Center. Rebecca Sawyer Smith is the Public Affairs Officer from the Denver Regional Office of the U.S. Along with having regular office hours at the VAMC, Sawyer Smith says that outreach will be a part of Goodell's VSR position as well. Prior to accepting the VSR position, Goodell served as a Peer Support Specialist at the Sheridan VAMC.
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The Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs is here to assist Veterans, their dependents, and their survivors in obtaining the State and Federal benefits for which they are qualified for. EmploymentThe State of Colorado offers Employment opportunities through the Department of Labor and Employment. For Additional Veterans ResourcesWarrior Gateway is a network of advice and local resources to assist you no matter where you are and in what phase of life. As improved battlefield care keeps more soldiers alive from injuries that would have been lethal in past wars, more grievously injured veterans survive to come home to the United States.
While high error rates, disorganization and mishandled claims may be traced to issues with training and implementation of the new systems, the transition from paper-based records to a digital system is proving to be difficult and deeply painful to veterans and families applying for benefits. The scale and gravity of the problems that the VA faces demand true innovation: new ideas, technology or methodologies that challenge and improve upon existing processes and systems, improving the lives of people or the function of the society that they live within.
Czerwinski: When we started VAi2, our intent was delving into the projects the secretary charged us with achieving. It’s the way in which we structure ourselves and find compelling new ways of solving problems. We have a Fast Track Initiative, where we’re asking how would you take a process, starting with a veteran, and end up with a decision. It supports all types of external drives and internal drives (pen drives, flash memory cards, USB drives, WD, SSD, SATA, SCSI, IDE, HDD, FireWire drives, iPods, etc.).
It has capability to restore more than 300 types of file formats such as images, digital camera raw images, audio files, videos, documents, zip archives, rar files, etc. The secretary has big goals: eliminate homelessness, eliminate backlog, increase access to care. It’s about changing from a culture where people are incented to manage problems in perpetuity to one in which people are incented to solve problems.
Tech, laws, people factors, process factors, preferences by parts of interest groups all combine to make this hard.

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When they apply for benefits, they’re added to a growing backlog of claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
The reason why we have a center for innovation is not because we need to start innovating — we have been innovating for decades, at local levels.
It’s not enough to reduce backlog by a percentage point or the number of re-admissions with an infection.
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It works enough that it created a new definition for what’s in the realm of the possible. If you want to communicate with us regarding more information about Mac External Drive Recovery Software, please chat with us through live mail or telephone. According to Aaron Glanz of the Center for Investigative Reporting, veterans now wait an average of 272 days for their claims to be processed, with some dying in the interim.
It’s also a way to create transparency in quality of care, if the hospital has visibility in your healthcare status.

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