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Amazon has struck a deal with the US Postal Service that’ll see its customers taking delivery of packages on Sundays.
The service is set to launch on November 17 – in time for Black Friday as well as the busy holiday season – and will initially cover Los Angeles and New York metropolitan areas, with plans to expand it to “a large portion of the US population” during 2014.
According to Dave Clark, Amazon’s vice president of worldwide operations, the same service is also coming later this month to London, UK, though there Amazon will use its own trucks to make the deliveries.
The Seattle-based company said that customers in an area eligible for the new service will see a Sunday delivery notification at checkout, although it appears they won’t be able to select Sunday as a delivery day. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Amazon will take ordered items from its warehouses to USPS locations on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings, with the postal service taking responsibility from there.
The USPS, which could do with the extra business, says for now it’ll use its current employees to operate the new Sunday service, having spent the last year working on establishing a flexible workforce capable of covering the whole week.
The thing about strategy these days is that it is not enough just to advance your own ambitions: it only really works if you harm a competitor at the same time. Amazon's announcement that it will partner with the perennially struggling US Postal Service works on so many levels it's a challenge to remember all of them. Firstly, it should be noted that Amazon is going about this in a thoughtful way, using it as a controlled experiment. Second, this reinforces Amazon's already sizable advantage in delivering ecommerce convenience. With this one gesture, Amazon invests in a publicly supported but chronically underfunded postal service, injecting much needed revenue while benefitting from two hundred years of government investment in infrastructure and people - and one which the tax payers still subsidize. Given the company's greater ambitions to grow beyond its current 'niche', this may help reduce the opposition to future initiatives requiring public acquiescence and regulatory approval.

As a Partner and Co-Founder of Predictiv and PredictivAsia, Jon specializes in management performance and organizational effectiveness for both domestic and international clients. Based on the cost of a saturday delivery alone, then it will probably be us who're paying the fortune for the service.
It is also Congress that is preventing them from embarking on other money making measures such as printer services at the post office.You can blame most of this on certain members of a certain party who do not like government and would like to see branches fail spectacularly as to prove that government cannot function. I think the plan to stop service on Saturday was only for remote locations - at least that was the plan in Colorado. If I remember correctly, they wanted to end regular mail delivery on Sat but keep package deliveries. Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and Phoenix are already being lined up for the extra delivery day.
However, a spokesperson acknowledged it could take on more staff as the service expands across the nation. The initial markets in which it is available are New York and Los Angeles, where the concentration of customers and USPS assets makes it most cost effective. In doing so, Amazon demonstrates a certain amount of public spiritedness, but at little actual cost to itself.
All in all, this may be one of the most masterful strategic, regulatory and public relations convergence successes in recent memory. He is an editor and author whose works include Invisible Advantage: How Intangilbles are Driving Business Performance. Postal Service has been losing money for years and has even flirted with the idea of dropping Saturday delivery services.

Postal Service is the latest in a string of moves by Amazon to boost the appeal of Amazon Prime. Also, they were forced to continue Saturday deliveries so by switching to 7 days a week they may be able to make the best of it.
It is only being made available, at least initially to Amazon Prime customers, those who pay a premium for enhanced services. And this is where the stick-it-to-your-competitor aspect becomes apparent: this option gives Amazon an advantage over most bricks-and-mortar retailers as well as Google, eBay, Apple, Facebook and anyone else hoping to grab a piece of the retail market, whether online or in traditional mode. Politicians, regulators and the general public have belatedly recognized that the company's success has come at the expense of retail businesses, especially small ones, as well as the jobs and tax revenues they provide.
This rewards their loyalty, encourages further reinvestment in Amazon initiatives and adds to the company's coffers. Other cities that will get the service next year include Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and Phoenix among others. Amazon also recently revealed its Kindle First program that gives special perks to Amazon Prime subscribers. I had forgotten that it was sunday until an hour later when my mom asked if the box was left by the door since the day before and I said no! Amazon says when Sunday delivery service is available; buyers will be notified at checkout.

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