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Comparison of phosphorus transport processes at plot, field, hillslope and catchment scales.
Assessment of landscape processes on seasonal transport of phosphorus from agricultural lands.
Role of mineral and manurial phosphorus sources on phosphorus losses in runoff and leachate. Use of Phosphorus Sorbing Amendments (PSAs) to reduce soluble phosphorus losses from agricultural lands. This LG  phone include very simple features as phone book, call records, microUSB and FM-radio. Soil, Crop and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 1994-1996: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Dept.
Keim identified critical factors associated with inter-individual variability in weight loss in response to controlled interventions.

Keim demonstrated that regular aerobic exercise did not consistently affect energy intake of moderately overweight women, contrary to conventional thinking. Keim used this construct to demonstrate that restrained eaters have different metabolic and physiologic responses to dietary interventions including increased insulin sensitivity, preferential use of carbohydrate for energy following standard mixed meals, and blunted satiety signals in response to food consumption when compared to unrestrained eaters. Keim has been a long-standing member of a NIH-funded collaborative multi-disciplinary team who demonstrated that consumption of large amounts of beverages sweetened with fructose leads to metabolic dysfunctions including elevations in circulating triglycerides and LDL-cholesterol, stimulation of hepatic synthesis of lipids, accumulation of abdominal fat, and decreases in insulin sensitivity—all symptomatic of metabolic syndrome.
Kleinman explores the interactions between land management and landscape processes that control the transfer of nutrients from land to water. Following up on work done early in her career at ARS, where she identified associations between body fat loss, use of fat as preferred fuel, and exercise-induced lipolysis, Dr.
Instead, previously-learned eating behavior, based on the cognitive restraint construct, played a major role in determining energy intake and food choice. These distinct metabolic responses of restrained eaters may thwart their dietary efforts aimed at reducing weight and maintaining control of food intake.

Consumption of high levels of fructose also depressed metabolic rate and fat-burning for energy, which would substantially contribute to undesirable gain of weight and body fat with prolonged use.
Keim discovered more recently that body weight loss during a food-controlled trial was linked to executive function skills: participants with the best decision-making skills lost the most weight. Further, the women who consumed a greater variety of vegetables on a weekly basis, a recommendation of the Dietary Guidelines, had better quality diets, but the cost of the diets was higher. A more in-depth analysis of clinical and metabolic determinants of weight loss demonstrated that physical activity levels, fat-burning capacity and metabolites indicative of mitochondrial oxidation were important variables associated with magnitude of weight change. Keim found that regular physical activity prevented the accretion of android fat (“visceral” fat around the internal organs, typically associated with metabolic disease), and attenuated the drop in insulin sensitivity that is common in peri-menopausal women, providing the first evidence of these effects in a sub-population that is vulnerable to weight gain and the accompanying metabolic disturbances.

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