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Offering 100+ tours to all 7 continents, Go Ahead helps you discover the world one journey at a time. Traveling internationally without a data plan can be intimidating -- especially in a world where we're constantly using our phones to Yelp restaurants or make our way via Google maps. The last thing you want to do is blow a fuse and ruin your smartphone when you're trying to charge it, so make sure to read up on your destination's voltage requirements and outlets before purchasing an adapter. Reduce data roaming charges by updating your settings to check for email and wireless connections manually, rather than automatically. The increase of international travel means that companies are finding new ways to keep us connected through a simple Wi-Fi connection. Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi for at least 24 hours -- check with the front desk to see if they have a username and password that can use to access it. If you definitely plan on making phone calls to loved ones back at home, one of the easiest things to do is purchase a prepaid phone card. Circuit boards are pretty much in every electronic device – they connect all the parts to one another.
In the event that you notice some serious dirt on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), a brush or a wipe will not solve the matter. All delicate parts of the gadget such as an LCD, camera, flex must be removed from the device.
Yes, the machine’s role is to create the waves that make the solution more effective for cleaning. Bring your mother into the 21st century by getting her these amazing tech gifts this Mother’s Day.
InstaMapper’s closed, it may come back in 2013, thanks for your company these years!! InstaMapper uses GPS solely to pinpoint your phone location, it will ask you to turn on GPS when you launch the app. Although it does not require cell towers or WiFi hotspots to determine your location, internet connection is needed to transmit your location data to their server. One thing worthies noting is that you can’t track anyone freely unless this someone gives you the login details.

All in all, InstaMapper is a terrific location app, it runs on various platforms, and it can be used  for simple mobile tracking purpose. A recent article in the telegraph claims that not only do we use our smartphones for an average of two hours per day, but we hardly use them for making calls any more!
The survey, recorded by O2 states that smartphone users use the internet for the longest amount of time each day and the camera for the least, with phone calls only being the fifth most popular thing to do with your smartphone. It surprises me that people spend less time on social media than the internet as I’d say social media would top my list, followed by texting and then music, with phone calls coming near the bottom. Otterbox Commuter for S3 in stock tomorrow!The cheapest sim-free Android handset in stock now! But while it seems easy enough to just pick up the phone and dial (or, if we're being honest, upload those photos to Facebook or Instagram), international roaming fees and data charges can add up quickly.
If you plan to visit multiple countries, Amazon is a great place to find inexpensive universal adapters and converters. Increasingly, cafes and restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi and will happily give out the password if you ask. You can find them at gas stations and local tobacconist shops, and it'll allow you to make calls from a local landline or pay phone in the country you're visiting.
The printed circuit board (PCB) can accumulate dirt or dust with time, but dust particles can cause damage.
All devices with circuit boards including tablets, computers, mobile phones and laptops are eligible to be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaning. It’s much easier to remove the PCB itself and dip it in the solution to restart the gadget.
But make sure that it is not put in the wind carrying dust as it defeats the purpose of cleaning in the first place.
After installing the little app, run it and enter the device key from the first step and save the settings. You can also change the settings, but there really isn’t much to change, you can just leave them at default values. If it doesn't, activate international calling, rent an international phone or purchase an unlocked phone (with an international SIM card) for use on your trip.

Alternatively, you can keep your phone in "airplane mode" when you don't need Wi-Fi to help prevent your phone's battery from draining too quickly.
Thus, keeping this part of your device clean is vital to maintaining smooth operations – and one to do that is via Ultrasonic Cleaning . It’s dipped 3 to 6 times, so let the gadget remain in the solution for up to 6 minutes. Then download their little application to your handset and install it, and now you can start to locate your handset or journey. You can send a link to your friends, when they click on the link (there are two types of link, one for PC and one for your handset), they will be able to view your location. And generally it couldn’t even be used to find your stolen device, someone simply has to disable GPS or internet connection to stop it from working correctly. Keep in mind that an international phone plan is most useful when you plan to travel for an extended period of time.
Free apps like WeChat and WhatsApp allow you to send messages (and photos and stickers!) over Wi-Fi.
However the weird thing is it sometimes says my speed is about some 20 meters per second even if I put my handset on the desk, and it pinpoints my location some 50 meters away. And it lacks other features that an anti-theft app has, like lock the device, play a sound and wipe the data etc.
Ideally, it should stay in the sun for three hours or be blown by a hair dryer for around 20 minutes. In order to do so, you need to download their app for Facebook, then use the Facebook tracking key to embed the map.

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