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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are launching parallel probes into the mobile industry’s security update practices. In all, the FTC has contacted eight companies – Apple, BlackBerry, Google, HTC, LG, Microsoft, Motorola and Samsung – to gain insight into how manufacturers determine if a vulnerability needs to be patched.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced it will be taking a hard look at the business data services market to reform and modernize its rules surrounding the industry. According to a press release, the FCC plans to call for public comment to ensure market conditions do not hinder innovation and competition, and to make transitions into new technology easier for businesses. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is handing down a massive fine to a telecom company that defrauded the government of nearly $10 million. The Lifeline program offers phone service to low-income consumers at a reduced rate, allowing them to connect with jobs, family and emergency services. One sales agent was arrested and charged with identity theft after they allegedly used ID from a stolen wallet to register 10 Lifeline cell phones. In addition to the fine, the FCC says it may take action to strip Total Call’s authorizations to operate as a common carrier and Lifeline provider. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) won’t be looking to claims that Netflix is throttling its own video streams, said FCC Chair Tom Wheeler. According to the FCC, Netflix and similar services are considered “edge providers” meaning that the rules of Open Internet do not apply to them. While news of video throttling is enraging both advocacy groups and broadband providers alike, the FCC says there is nothing it can do. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says it cannot force companies like Google, Facebook, or generic ad providers from tracking users online. The privacy advocacy group Consumer Watchdog has been petitioning the commission to make the “Do Not Track” setting in browsers illegal to ignore.
The FCC said in a written order that enforcing the “Do Not Track” setting actually falls out of its jurisdiction.
Edge providers like Microsoft and Twitter provide services on the Internet without actually selling Internet connections.
Consumer Watchdogs is understandably unhappy with the decision, but will not give up its pursuit. The FCC says these automated messages that interrupt people at all hours of the day are the most frequent complaints submitted by consumers. Aaron Foss, founder of call blocker NomoRobo, said he’s traditionally had to submit a Freedom of Information Act Request in order to get the information the FCC is now publicly releasing.
AT&T claims the FCC had said the practice was legitimate and that it had been clear about the practices on its website.
Verizon and Sprint are out a combined $158 million in restitution and fees for allowing and profiting from “cramming” charges. AT&T recently paid $105 million over cramming issues, and T-Mobile has also come to similar terms wit the FCC. The majority of the money Verizon will pay for its settlement will be used to fund what the FCC calls “a consumer redress program.” $70 million is heading towards this program, while $16 million is being given to state governments and $4 million is going to the federal government. AT&T recently filed a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), seeking to overturn its net neutrality ruling, which was just published in the Federal Register. The main complaint shared by these groups is regarding the FCC’s decision to view the Internet as a telecommunications service, as opposed to a utility like phone services. The state of Tennessee is suing the FCC to overturn its recent city-friendly decision to dismantle laws that restrict municipalities from supplying broadband and competing with private companies such as AT&T and Comcast. Legislators in Tennessee, North Carolina and approximately 30 other states have attempted to limit municipal Internet expansion even if it might mean poorer or non-existent service in rural areas. If the FCC prevails, other municipalities facing similar bans could begin to proceed with broadband expansion.
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So excited to see this giveaway…RW has been on my radar for quite some time but I have been waiting to get off contract with Sprint which is right around the corner. I am currently on the family plan at Sprint but am switching to an individual plan as of next week! I would go for the $25 per month plan, which means I would save about -$16 per month because I am currently spending $100 per year on a prepaid plan (without data). That can get expensive, but I also don’t even know of any big carriers that will replace your phone for free without you having insurance through them anyways. The agencies want to determine how manufacturers issue security updates for mobile devices, and how carriers review and release the patches. It has also asked for a list of all devices offered for sale since 2013, with information on any bugs that have impacted them and any fixes that were issued. The FCC announced the $51 million fine against Total Call Mobile in a press release last week, alleging the company signed up tens of thousands of duplicate and ineligible consumers to the Lifeline program. Eligible phone service providers receive $9.25 per month for each consumer receiving the service, with the intent of passing on the reimbursement to the customer. An Enforcement Bureau investigation found the company was aware of issues surrounding duplicate enrollments up to a year before authorities raised the issue with Total Call. When the agent was taken into custody they had 12 additional Lifeline cell phones and the stolen wallet in their possession. Ironically, Netflix recently supported both the FCC ruling on net neutrality and its ban on throttling. It sends a signal when visiting websites that supposedly limits the amount of data that can be collected. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is posting data from consumer complaints online in an effort to promote feedback and prevent robocalls. As of today, there are more than 16,000 numbers posted online and it will be updated every week. The FCC says AT&T marketed plans as “unlimited” before capping data speeds after customers used 5 gigabytes of data. Verizon settled with the FCC to pay $90 million after it was caught placing recurring charges on consumer cell phone bills without the full consent of the customer. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and will be joined into a single case. The FCC recently re-classified broadband Internet as a utility, effectively declaring it as a right for every American and, at the same time, dismantled laws restricting competition. Private Internet providers have encouraged these actions, oftentimes drafting a majority of the state legislation used to restrict city Internet services. Here is some inspiring pictures about Straight Talk Wireless Introduces New Touch Screen Phone.
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They sound good, but family plans really screw you over because if one person wants to switch carriers, the whole plan is affected. If I moved them down to the other, I beat you at $130 savings per month (yeah, I have crazy plan, with a carrier that has been doing amazingly right by me.
I’m so ready to leave those fools at Verizon and we have a few more months til we can make the switch. I’d save $150+ if my math is correct, I currently have 5 phones on a Sprint family plan and it is a rip off for sure.
Factoring in phone costs, it’d take me 4 months to pay those off and then the rest is completely pocketed! In late 2014, there is evidence as many as 99.8 percent of the company’s enrollments were made by overriding the third-party verification system designed to catch duplicates. However, this reduced collection must be voluntary and the “Do Not Track” setting is simply a preference.
The FCC hopes this list will encourage more blocking tools, like NomoRobo, which is free for Internet-based phone numbers. If more cases are filed in other circuits within ten days of publication in the Federal Register, a lottery will be held to determine where the case is heard. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Straight Talk Wireless Introduces New Touch Screen Phone interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Who not only offers up some pretty kick-ass phones themselves, but also happens to have a kick-ass service at an even more kick-ass price (how many times can we get away with saying kick ass today? Meaning your calls are routed through the internet when available, and then when when not it pulls directly from the network (unless you pick the $5 plan). Last night I searched for something on my home computer, and then when I hopped on the Motorola X to search for something this morning, I saw my entire history on the phone.
I swear my X goes off every 30 seconds and I haven’t been smart enough to adjust the settings yet. But now I catch myself just thinking of stuff to search simply because I see that bar up there every time I turn it on! Depending on whom you’re with, and how long you have left, we can be talking $100-$300. Now granted you have to do this with *any* change of a cell phone plan or anything in life really, but it’s still annoying. How much better would that be” So I asked our Republican friends (hah!), and they pulled through as expected. My only worry would be possibly losing my phone number as it does not match the region in which I live. Please update us with your experience after you’ve used your new service and phone for a while.
Definitely consider them if you like money ;)More DetailsYou know those questions where people ask you if you could only take one thing to a desert island, what would it be? And this carrier they ride on is the Sprint network, and then if that’s not available wherever you are, Verizon. I don’t need the best of the best, I just need it to do the *best stuff* and at the best *cost*. So do be sure to run the numbers and see when it makes the most sense to switch (if I haven’t scared you off already).
She’s a big Apple fan and loves that she can get whatever she wants from any of her devices. Now that my husband has a cell provided through work, I can justify paying a bit more for my own cell phone. So $160 – $50 + whatever monthly taxes there are (also lower than most carriers, fyi), and we land on roughly $100. The phones also try to get you to merge your email contacts and G+ and everything else you have tied into your Google life as well. The one thing that connects me to the world which I could never live without (*ahem* #firstworldproblems). Anyways, after a lot of frustration with AT&T (I had grandfathered plans that are no longer offered) I finally got me old plan back (or so they say.

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