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So how long do you plan to stay with Verizon Wireless after you buy a Verizon phone with no contract? Update: Motorola Droid costs $550 without contract while you only have to pay $150 for the phone with a new service plan. Okay, so I was thinking about getting a verizon no contract phone and using phone cards to buy minutes and such, but my one question is with a no contract phone do I still get free communication to other verizon users? There are really no big benefits except you can switch to another carrier at anytime without paying Early Termination Fee. That $400 saving alone is more than enough to cover the Early Termination Fee if you decide to switch carriers.

I’ve been asking around and for some reason no one has an answer for me, including the verizon wireless support group… If you have the answer PLEASE tell me!! Even you are just planning to stay for a few months with Verizon Wireless and the savings you get from buying a brand new phone with contract is much greater than buying no contract Verizon phones. Need to replace 2 phones in a family plan, you need to shed another $300 for a popular phone like the LG Chocolate TOUCH.
Even a basic flip phone like the new LG VX5500 without Verizon contract will require you to drop $200. Ouch, paying your hard earn money for Verizon phones without Contract is just not worth it.

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