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Despite the fact I have had 5 plus decades on this earth, the economy finally made me brave enough to cut my landline and rely on my cell service. One thing that struck us when we canceled our landline: you can't cancel your phone service online. We recently switched from Verizon to Time Warner for the phone service for two billing problems. I tried filling a complaint with the PSC - but they told me it was fraud and not their area of responsibility, I need to go file this problem with the Attorney Generals Office. I can't give up the landline because I'm so old that I really and truly believe in I should be able to hear and be heard on the phone. As for having to cancel the service from the phone, and not online, that's probably a security measure to prevent hijinks, ensuring that someone with physical access to the phone wants it cut off (and not a malicious ex who knows your passwords). I dumped my conventional landline in favor of an Ooma device that connects through broadband. Ever wish you had a smart, savvy friend with the inside line on what's happening around the Capital Region?

Living in a city often means that you have to make the best of extremely limited outdoor space. Nate emails: I found this post from a few years ago regarding a search for local pediatricians and was wondering if you could repost. Log on to my account, process the payment, only to have it rejected because Verizon won't accept any payment under a dollar. I hate to jinx it, but they may have the best customer service of any company I've dealt with in the last 25 years. But I believe Verizon uses union workers and Time Warner doesn't, so that causes me some ethical qualms. Enjoy added features such as reverse lookup, PDF bill download, longer online history and more.
I know others have had problems, but my experiences have been phenomenally and repeatedly positive.
Sometimes it comes off a little techno-garbled, but only for seconds at a time every so often.

Having said that, I don't give too much thought to union issues when selecting other products and services.
Very handy for long calls during the day, or if your cell service isn't that great at home. In retrospect I suppose it made my family a little more modern than average, in a working-class way.
Hell, what other consumer service provider can *afford* to pull out the rule book on you as Verizon does?
It's like an alternate consumer universe where Captain Kirk has no morals and an ambitious Mr.

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