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Just got it 6 days ago, if I call from another phone call will go straight to voicemail how can I fix that?
A significant problem with this device is that it does not automatically disconnect when the far end hangs up, unlike a normal cell phone does.
So, I just hooked this up yesterday on a free 14 day trial,, and it works,, sound is good, but not real sure about incoming calls, since I dont get many, My question is, if my phone experiences noise, as in from mice and stuff in the lines outside my home, on the poles,, who do I call to fix it? My phone has a lot of static now and I hear a popping noise pretty sure Im taking this product back it sucks.
The one feature that counts the most is the call block feature which verizon conveniently doesn’t offer.
Sheila, my mother didn’t want the voicemail service either, so I called Verizon Wireless customer service on 800-922-0204 or *611 from the home phone connect line and asked them to remove that feature from her line.

Iamthatiam, don’t you have 15 days to return the device if you aren’t satisfied? Bob, you have to have the main unit of your cordless phone system plugged into the home phone connect device to ring all the hand sets on your cordless phone system. I have three phones only one of them rings now that I have the new wireless system for home lines.
We will be keeping Comcast high speed internet but our household is giving up cable TV and switching home phone service from Comcast to Verizon’s wireless Home Phone Connect service.
At first only one phone worked , went to store and they told me to connect it differently than the instructions.
Did so and all but one phone worked , then replaced that jack and all phones worked for a day.

This device does get a good signal from a Verizon tower and works great, haven’t had a dropped call since I installed this product 4 months ago, and the quality is the same or better than my old Verizon landline.
A pretty good monthly cost savings and enables me to further disassociate our household from Comcast. An additional plus is the fact that since its on the Verizon Wireless network, calling my home phone number no longer counts against my minutes.

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