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Smartphones don’t need to come with contracts and expensive data plans, thanks to the growing number fo prepaid smartphone options from national carriers like Virgin Mobile, Verizon and T-Mobile as well as smaller carriers like US Cellular, Metro PCS and Boost Mobile. Phones: It used to be that in order to ditch your contract and get a prepaid plan you had to use an older or less feature rich phone, but thanks to demand for smartphones there are a growing number of very capable smartphones out there from prepaid carriers. Devices like the LG Optimus V may not have as much power as the HTC ThunderBolt, but in our review of the LG Optimus V we found it to be a very capable smartphone that comes with amazing plan pricing.
Plans: Another change is that the plans available for prepaid phones and smartphones are easier to plan for and easier to use long term. Many of these carriers offer other plans, which may offer higher or lower pricing and features, but we have selected the ones that make the most sense with a smartphone. As we mentioned, the selection of smartphones has expanded to include many capable smartphones running Android, or if you prefer BlackBerry OS. While there many options, there are still not a whole lot of great deals on prepaid smartphone service.
Best Selection: When it comes to the best selection of prepaid android smartphones, MetroPCS is a clear winner. Unlimited and Unlimited*: Whichever carrier you look at, keep in mind that the data prices may not truly be unlimited. Although i agree with the article that prepaid is the way to go I’m not sure they list all of the options that are out there. I use to be a metro pcs customer but after having extra charges added every month I started looking for another supplier.
With the new iPhone 4, the EVO 4G, Droid X, and Samsung Galaxy S among other still-great phones like the Google Nexus One, choosing a new phone can be tough. Virgin Mobile, on the other hand offers a great deal of $35 a month for a BlackBerry with 300 minutes and unlimited SMS and data, with a BlackBerry 8530 costing $299 on the service.
LG and Verizon Wireless have announced the new LG Versa on Wednesday, which will begin shipping on March 1st. Short for 'versatility', the Versa will come with different attachments so you could customize the phone to your liking. This smartphone is also compatible with Verizon's Mobile Broadband Connect, which allows you to use your phone as a modem when connected to a laptop. As stated, the LG Versa will be available from Verizon starting March 1st for $199 with a 2-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate.
JR: Yes you can get an unlocked Iphone, but a lot of features do not work with other providers.

I don't know how the iPhone is sold now, but when I got it, I only bought the phone, without the contract. There are several ways to hacking the phone and it doesn't void the warranty because it's all done via software, so if you mess it up, you can always restore it.
There were a couple of cases where people got their phones bricked, but if you do it right, you can get it hacked easily.
The combination makes it, and other prepaid smartphones, a good choice for your average to high need users. Instead of measuring minutes and megabytes, you can purchase unlimited and or monthly style plans which make it easier to purchase and use prepaid plans. If you don’t recognize the name, it may be a regional carrier not available in your area.
Too many of these smartphones require high cost, low usage data plans to be considered a viable alternative for many users. When you take all things into account, there are two clear winners in the prepaid smartphone arena.
Despite limited coverage areas, MetroPCS has a great selection of prepaid smartphones and even offers Prepaid 4G service. Virgin Mobile, for example, will slow your speeds after you go over 5GB, but the plan is still much more affordable than what you will see from T-Mobile or AT&T.
A Sure, each phone has their own strong points, but as important as the specs of the phone can be, there’s also network costs to keep in mind.
They charge a lot less for service and don’t require contracts, though service can be spotty at times. One of the attachments will include a QWERTY keyboard for everybody who doesn't like typing on a touchscreen. A, drawing pad, Flash support for the full HTML browser and of course, a built-in accelerometer, why not? Many of these smaller names don’t own their own towers, but instead use those of a major carrier like Sprint. If you need a blackBerry smartphone, you will be better off looking at contract plans, but Android devices come with a number of good deals. Apparently they have an unlimited plan on a national network for $40 a month which is pretty competitive. You buy the card punch in the pin number and in about ten seconds your up and running for another 30 days.
A AT&T and T-Mobile are both GSM networks so the phones will work outside of the US, and you may even be able to get away with swapping out the SIM card when roaming internationally for a less exorbitant bill.

Boost charges $60 a month for a BlackBerry with unlimited everything, with a BlackBerry 8330 costing $250. A These types of services really dona€™t have any type of insurance on their phones though, so keep a close eye on your phone during that time. You may reproduce, copy or distribute our original images, charts and articles, as long as you include a live, followed link to the single URL on which it appears, noting Signature9 as the source.
No other provider gave me service in my basement where my room is, except verizon, full bars. Although it is not the iphone or a smartphone, i can vouch that it is probably one of the best phones Verison has right now. The AT&T prepaid sim, however, is locked to whatever mobile you first activate it with so that is the only caveat.
Another thing that I love about Virgin mobile is if your phone messes up you can order a replacement phone or battery as many times as you need to. A Sprint and Verizon, however, will not work outside of the US, but have 3G across their entire network. It will be improved over time with updates and attachments but for right now im sticking with it. Tbh Ive lost my phone and called for a replacement and they shipped me one out but I said I was having probems with it so the replacement factor comes in handy. Something to consider if you’re waiting on the Verizon iPhone and travel internationally.
The only complaint I have about it is the camera could have been a better megapixel, but it doesn't affect the phone.
Overall, the phone is set up nicely and it may not be an iphone, but it has features which mimic the iphones interface. I got this phone because my env 2 broke and i was eligible for an upgrade b.c i had it for 18 months, and it ended up being $293 but i got a $70 mail in rebate.
When i called in and asked when i first got their they said it was going 2 be $200..well so much for that!

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