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Act today and take advantage of great savings on wireless products & services all from America's most reliable wireless network! The standard discount is 17%- Employee subscribers will be eligible for an additional three percent (3%) monthly access fee discount on their Eligible Plans and Eligible Data Features provided they register with "My Verizon" and enroll in paperless billing. Should an Employee Subscriber cancel either of these services, the bonus discount will be removed.
Employee discounts will be available to the Monthly Account (Data) Access charge for Share Everything plans that meet the minimum of $34.99.
Plan discount only applies to the primary line; the discount does not apply to additional phones on that plan.
Purchase Requisition: Complete the standard Purchase Requisition Form 60-005-803 and fax it to 343-1605 (3-1605). Verizon Wireless now offers Shared Data, making your plan completely shareable with other people on your account.
The LG Revere 2 is a fine choice for Verizon Wireless users that only need a simple phone to make voice calls. There's nothing fancy about the LG Revere 2, a new little flip phone for Verizon Wireless. The internal 2-inch LCD has 220-by-176-pixel resolution, which is similar to what you'll find on most flip phones, but that doesn't make it look any better.
The phone has a sturdy hinge, and when you flip it open you gain access to the control pad and numeric keypad. Apps, Multimedia, and ConclusionsOutside of making calls, there is very little reason to get this phone. You can also browse the Web, but the Myriad 6.2 browser only opens WAP pages, Verizon's 2G data speeds are extremely slow, and text looks poor on the phone's tiny, low-resolution screen. The LG Revere 2 doesn't have many of the features we've come to expect in a modern cell phone, but that's part of the appeal. Bluetooth® Car Kit Compatibility - Verizon WirelessSelect your phone model to view your device-specific chart (PDF*). Verizon Wireless Cell PhoneSave $100's over buying in stores or direct from Verizon Wireless.

Best Cell Phone Accessories, Cellular PhoneCell phone accessories for Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint . Mobile WiseguyMobile phone news, reviews and comments from people in the cell phone industry . Verizon Cell Phone Accessoriesshop by carrier, Verizon Wireless Phones, Sprint Cell Phones, T-Mobile Cell Phones . Skype on your mobile deviceGo mobile on Verizon Wireless' network and talk as long as you want.
Cell Phone News and Reviews - IntoMobileCell phone news and reviews blog covering the latest phones, cell phone . Vemail App Download Instructions for Verizon Wireless PhonesVemail app download instructions for Verizon Wireless mobile phones. The new discount will be effective at the time it is adjusted on the account and will not be retroactive.
They're simple and straightforward and bring you the reliability of Verizon Wireless where you want it and how you want to use it. It's one plan with lots of options to fit your life, your devices and your own personal network. It's made entirely of plastic, with a dark gray finish on the back panel and a faux brushed aluminum pattern on the front. Viewing angles are particularly narrow here; you won't be able to see much of anything if you tilt the phone much more than 20 degrees in any direction. The five-way control pad is flanked by six function keys which are easy to identify by their icons. There are also some very basic apps like an alarm clock, calculator, calendar, and stopwatch. The nonstandard 2.5mm headphone jack means you probably won't be able to find a pair of headphones, and there's no music or video player.
Today Verizon announced that the new Nokia 7705 Twist would soon be available to its customers. No one is looking at the Revere 2 expecting the same sort of features and performance you'd get from a smartphone.

There's a black plastic ring around the center of the phone that extends inside when you flip it open. There's also a black and white 0.98-inch external display with 96-by-96-pixel resolution that tells you the time, date, reception, and battery life.
Both the controls and number pad are comfortable to use, with large, cleanly separated buttons that are easy to press. Volume can get piercingly loud in the phone's earpiece, but when brought down to a listenable level, voices come through clean and clear, though extremely flat. But you probably don't want to type out long messages on a number pad, and unless you have a monthly data plan, you have to pay a $5 monthly subscription fee.
You get 84MB of internal memory to store contacts and photos, and there's no expandable microSD card slot. And without a microSD slot, you'll need to email, send a picture message, or transmit photos via Bluetooth in order to get them off of your phone. Palm Pixi Plus Verizon Only Cell Phone with WebOS, Touch Screen, 2 MP Camera and Wi-Fi - Black by Palm . Instead, what you get is a simple, attractive flip phone with good call quality that's free with a contract. You can use the Revere 2 to text, but messages aren't threaded and typing them out using the number pad takes forever. Calls made with the phone sound similarly clear but lacking in depth, with good noise cancellation. If you're looking for more, keep looking, but if you only need to make calls, the LG Revere 2 will suit you just fine. Calls were also solid over a Jawbone Era Bluetooth headset, and voice dialing worked fine.

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