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Here are some good news to those of you that are looking for the LG enV Touch which is now available from Verizon Wireless.
Verizon Gift Card To Pay Bill To avoid service interruption, you will need to add a new refill card to your account before your airtime expires. The LG enV Touch , known as the successor to the LG Voyager, is a pretty cool smartphone that runs on the low end of the cost spectrum. If you wish to restore service after your account is canceled, you will need a new phone number and a new Airvoice SIM card. It leverages your wireless network most of the time, but the beauty is when you’re not in a wireless network the phone taps into into the cellular network at no additional charge to you.

As long as your don’t overuse the cellular network (keep it below 40% cellular usage) and you’re good.” As I’ve learned over the past year from some of the MMM readers , nowadays you can do just that. You can take an existing smartphone (iPhone of any version, Androids such as the Samsung Galaxy, and many others), and by simply swapping out the SIM card, bring it to another mobile carrier. BUT using a few of these tips I figured out a way to save a helluva lot of money over the typical Verizon smartphone plan with data but still have LTE. 2) When at home make calls through Google Talk on the computer, cuts down on minutes needed. Also, you could just save even more money and the hassle by getting a Virgin Mobile or T-Mobile Monthly 4G plan starting from around $30-35 depending on the carrier… or you could just learn to unplug from the internet when you aren’t home or at work.

Especially considering the thousands it will save me (and the millions it could save the MMM readership as a whole)!

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