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We understand that is hard to choose the right phone, the right plan and the right wireless carrier for you and your family these days. So before you do that, you probably want to make sure you get the best option out there right?
For those who are just gettin a new plan, or those who are thinking about switching to a better carrier, and even those moving to a different state or city, it is probably a good idea to check whether AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint offer the enough voice coverage necessary around your area. States like Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and a part of New Mexico and South Dakota show the biggest gaps.
States like California, Oregon, Arizona and most of the North – West and West Coast show the biggest gaps in the country.
Hot spots on this network are represented with red dots, which means most of the metropolitan areas are covered. If you want more information or details for voice or data coverage, you can click on every image of this post, and it will take you to the wireless carries website.
Are you unhappy with your wireless carrier’s coverage, let us know your story in the comment section below.
We would like to apologize for the recent outage of our map since Friday afternoon, November 4th.
Until recently the prepaid or pay as you go carriers were the only companies playing in the no contract unlimited calling plan space. This seems to be a recurring theme when you ask AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint when you will be able to buy a femtocell for your home to fix your dead zone. Enhanced coverage: We recommend choosing a cell phone service that works in your neighborhood first.
Voice usage: Estimate the number of minutes you need by taking an average of minutes from previous months. International travel: If you travel internationally frequently, be sure to choose a carrier that lets customers "roam" without additional charge.
The single most common question we get asked on a regular basis is "Which carrier has the best cell phone service"? So we have developed a methodology of benchmarking cell phone service to determine who has the best cell phone coverage based on who has the worst coverage.
Choosing a cell phone carrier can be a little overwhelming especially if you are moving to a new area or traveling. We recently launched National reviews on the top four cell phone carriers and we are starting to get a lot of feedback.

Sprint's CDMA network and Nextel's iDEN network are distinct technologies that use separate networks with different coverage areas. We recommended you monitor your text messaging usage closely and get on an unlimited plan so you don't get charged the outrageous .25 cents per message if you go over. These maps reflect a depiction of predicted and approximate wireless coverage of  the Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint Wireless Network, and the network of other carriers. Soon, we will be writing about the cheapest and best cell phone plans out there. Hopefully, these posts will alleviate some of those doubts about where to go next! First of all, Verizon chooses to color everything on their map the same color, even if it’s roaming. Doing some research I found that Sprint has one of the best voice coverage out there based on customer satisfaction.
You can ask them which wireless provider they are using, and if they are satisfied with the service they are getting.
Keep in mind these offers will not help lower the cost of buying a new phone from them without a contract and works well if you are keeping your current phone. It also seeks unspecified damages, accusing Verizon of false advertising, and claims the ads harm AT&T's ability to compete. Some prepay plans require minimum monthly or daily usage fees and minutes may expire after a certain period of time (30, 60, 90 or a full year).
Plans are typically less expensive, particularly for unlimited internet access, text and messaging services. My initial idea was to be objective as possible so people could decide for themselves more than for me to tell them what to do. I would subpoena all of their dead zone records that they hide internally and get it out in the open public first. Keep in mind that you will be using your minutes both on outgoing and incoming calls with most plans. Minutes may have different prices depending upon which the times of the day, and some plans include free night, weekend and mobile-to-mobile minutes. We have a searchable database of over 100,000+ cell phone carrier comments in major metropolitan areas around the U.S. However, it’s the prepaid carriers Tracfone, MetroPCS and Leap who have the most to fear. If you make less than about 200 minutes of calls per month or use mostly test services, a prepaid cell phone plans will generally be the best choice.

As with all carriers, individual coverage will vary by location and we recommend searching  our consumer generated Sprint coverage map for coverage complaints on the right. Where can I go to get a closer view of maps to get detailed coverage in MY area from Sprint, ATT and Verizon? If you'll make more than 400 minutes of calls per month, a monthly plan is probably the best option. Wireless coverage is a personal issue and users want relevant feedback of places where their phone most likely will get little or no reception.
For international coverage CDMA roaming is available in 26 countries while Nextel iDEN roaming is available in 11 countries. Nextel pioneered push-to-talk technology with its Direct Connect (now called Walkie-Talkie) service. Not only is there native Sprint coverage all over those areas, but there’s 4G for data too.
Their coverage is spotty in a few areas around the United States and roaming charges do apply to some areas. However, if you live in a major metropolitan area it is likely you will have comparable coverage to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in most areas. One benefit of being a customer of a smaller carrier means you are likely competing against less users for network capacity.
There is some roaming, but there is Sprint EVDO for data all over, which runs off of the same towers. This usually results in less data and voice congestion problems when you are at a stadium or on a crowded freeway. Sprint and Clearwire Communications announced plans to launch their respective 4G mobile Internet services in 2009 and is rolling out in many large cities. Sprint offers in-building home coverage with their Airwave enhanced coverage microcell tower for 2G and 3G.
If Clearwire owned Hulu they might just give their Wimax service away for free and wouldn't that be disruptive?Early adopters will always buy the latest Wimax, 4G, LTE smartphones and femtocells.

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