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Virgin Atlantic is about to become the newest consumer airline company to allow cell phone service while flying. The new option is being added to A330 Airbus planes on flights from New York to London with 20 planes offering the option by the end of the year. The service will be limited to six passengers at a time and it is not cheap at $1.20 per minute. At first the program will only be available to O2 and Vodafone customers, however the airline planes to expand carrier options as the program is tested. Cell phones calls will not be allowed during take-offs, landings, and within 250 miles of U.S. James Johnson James is a new media professional with more than half a decade worth of experience in the online writing space. Here at fortytwotimes we write about life as we know it, from science through to tech, lifestyle, entertainment and travel, and we aim to deliver a good read.
Virgin Atlantic has released a You Tube video to promote its Flight Tracker iPhone app, starring Alex MacQueen of The Inbetweeners and The Thick Of It fame.
How dehydration affects your flight, 40 new Asian hotels, and taxi apps to try on your travels.
Recent data from Flight Centre shows business class fares are on average 20 per cent lower than they were five years ago. I recently posted on whether or not cell phone use will be the downfall of aviation, and after the announcement that flyers would be able to keep their electronic devices on throughout flights, even during takeoff and landing, the FCC has also said it is considering a proposal that would allow passengers to use their cell phones to make phone calls and text on aircraft flying above 10,000 feet (still not during takeoff and landing). Mobile OnAir provides mobile service for 250 planes on 15 airlines for 16,000 flights a month. In the meantime, over 20 international airlines already allow chatting and texting during flights, and so far, the world has not collapsed.
According to OnAir, in flight cell phone use seems to minimal and respectful towards other passengers, so far. This data helps to confirm that in flight mobile services aren’t just a crazy free-for-all. So, consult the list below to find out some of the international airlines offering texting and voice calling service, and the details of each.
Aer Lingus does not allow voice calls, only WiFi and texting, and only on their long-haul fleet which consists of seven A330 aircraft. Aeroflot was one of the very first airlines to offer internet and cell phone service in flight. Azerbaijan Airlines offers all three options: WiFi, voice calls and texting on their A320 planes. On select Etihad A320 and A330 aircraft, you can use your mobile phone for voice calls and texts. Hong Kong Airlines uses OnAir to provide mobile services like voice calling and texting as well as free WiFi, on their A330-200 all-business-class flights between Hong Kong and London.
With the same agreement as Air France, KLM provides inflight WiFi and text messaging but no voice calls through Aeromobile. Oman Air allows you to make calls, text and use WiFi on select A330 flights using OnAir as their service provider. Philippine Airlines is the first airline in the Philippines to launch mobile service-voice calls and texting. Qatar makes sure that all their passengers understand that using your mobile phones while flying is completely safe.
Saudia uses OnAir Mobile on board its Airbus A330 aircraft (and now more recently on selected Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts) so passengers can receive and make both voice calls and texts. Virgin Atlantic is a British Airline, with the majority of it being owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. You could need to use the Virgin Number after finding that you need to discuss an upcoming flight or a past experience with a member of the Virgin Customer Service team. However, you can also take your garments on broad the aircraft cabin if you wish to, as long as they are packed in your hand luggage and fit the specified weight and dimension requirements. Due to CAA regulation, Virgin Atlantic cannot hang wedding garments for passengers seated in the Economy and Premium Economy cabins. You can choose to assign your seat up to 60 days before your flight departs at no extra charge. Typically most flight dates can be changed for a fee; however, this may be subject to the terms and conditions you agreed to when booking your flight.
Once you book your flights, you will be given a booking reference which allows you to manage your flights online. If you are a frequent flyer, it may be time to consider joining the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

Priority if the flight you want is already full, you will be the first to be offered a cancelled seat. Long-haul flights can be tedious, but not with Virgin Atlantic’s exclusive inflight entertainment programme.
Enjoy the latest blockbusters from the big screen alongside the best critically acclaimed indie films.
Use Skymap inflight to keep track of everything you need to know about your flight- where you are, how fast you’re going and how long until you land at your destination. You can keep up to date with the latest news even when you’re up in the air with breaking headlines and full coverage of all the sport, entertainment and business stories frequently updated.
If you have any other questions, you should ring the Virgin Atlantic Customer Services team and someone will be able to help you further. The Virgin Atlantic fleet consists of both Airbuses and Boeing wide-body jets that are used for operations between the United Kingdom, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Asia from its British bases in Gatwick,  Heathrow, Manchester and, seasonally, Glasgow Airport. Delta flights will be available to book on Virgin’s website and on phone reservations and vice versa on June 29 for travel starting on July 3, 2013. Singapore Airlines bought 49% share of Virgin Atlantic back in 1998 and paid $968 million USD for it. Virgin Atlantic is part of the airlines that are more closely integrated with SkyMiles program. There is no separate award chart exclusively for Virgin Atlantic, but rather the usual SkyMiles award chart applies. There are likely fuel surcharges on award tickets originating from at least non-North American Virgin Atlantic gateways and those are likely ugly. Virgin Flying Club members earn at least 100% award miles on all Delta fares and up to 200% for long-haul business class. The main question likely is, whether Virgin Atlantic will end up in SkyTeam due to Delta’s 49% ownership of the airline. This new partnership will help (desperate) SkyMiles members that are looking ways to burn their stash. What does this mean ( if anything ) for SPG Platinum member benefits on Virgin under the recent Crossover Rewards program? The airline announced on Wednesday that it will allow customers to make in-flight phone calls, send and receive text messages, check e-mail and even surf the web (slow GPRS speeds) from their mobile devices. Currently this proposal has not yet been passed by the FCC in the US, but several international airlines already allow this.
AeroMobile provides mobile service for about 170 planes on nine airlines, and about 400 flights a day. In reality, rates are so expensive that many people don’t actually even use the service. Keep in mind that rules, regulations, and airlines that offer these services are constantly changing, so feel free to share any updated information in the comments section at the end of this post. Aer Lingus explains that mobiles can only be switched on when safe, and must be kept in silent or vibration mode. The voice call and text service is available on the following planes: A320, A330, A321 and B777. They are also apparently quite strict on having the phone maintained in silent or vibration mode during the flight.
Available on over 300 flights a day including a growing number of A380 flights (mostly those operated to and from Dubai). If you have a smartphone with a data-roaming plan, you can also access the Internet and your emails. So far, the airline has 4 planes A330s fitted for connection, but has only taken delivery of two so far.
They note that international roaming charges will apply and of course these vary according to your personal mobile service provider. They started by offering it on their A320s in 2009 and later branched out by installing OnAir on their A340’s as well. In-flight voice calls, texts and WiFi connections are permitted on select B737-800 planes that operate within Scandinavia and Europe.
The cabin crew on your flight will make an announcement if your flight is equipped with connectivity. This cannot be done online and you must ring the Virgin Atlantic Contact Number for further assistance. However, Virgin Atlantic has a large network of partner airlines that can help you get to your destination. There is a range of different benefits on offer as you move through the ranks (red, silver and gold).

There will be an album to suit every mood, with releases from the likes of Sam Smith, Lily Allen and Dolly Parton.
You can even browse the range before you travel and arrange for it to be delivered to you when you get on the plane.
Last December, Delta announced that it was buying Singapore Airlines share of Virgin Atlantic pending government approval for $360 million. Department of Justice announced on June 20, 2013, that they are not opposing the Delta’s 49% purchase Virgin Atlantic.
Singapore Airlines didn’t force the airline to Star Alliance,when holding the share for 15 years.
These companies are, as can be expected, both strongly supporting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in its move to end the ban on the use of cell phones on aircraft in the United States, and if the ban is ended, US flyers could start talking and texting immediately since Gogo is already prepared to offer the service.
International roaming rates depend on each cell phone operator, but usually cost in the range of $3-5 per minute, which is pretty pricey. They are not allowed during takeoff or landings, airlines generally disable them at night, and the cockpit and crew have separate override switches to turn off voice calls, if necessary. Once turned on, you can connect to AeroMobile, and then you will receive a welcome SMS from AeroMobile. Aeroflot uses OnAir in conjunction with Megafon to supply their internet and call service during the flights.
According to Air France, “Passengers need to have a mobile roaming agreement – the same as for calls made abroad. They were the first company in Europe to allow the voice calls option, and it went into effect July 1, 2013, so relatively recently. In-flight roaming charges (which are similar to international roaming rates) will be billed by your domestic mobile service provider. According to KLM, “Passengers need to have a mobile roaming agreement – the same as for calls made abroad. These planes typically operate routes to and from Asia Pacific, Australia and North America.
Qatar makes it a point to notify passengers that service is 100% safe to use on the planes, for anyone that may still be worried about risks of cell phone use interfering with airplane technology. They use OnAir as their service provider and charges will later be reflected on your mobile phone bill. If you cant see any seats showing as being available to request, you will be allocated seats at the airport. Alternatively, you can order on the flight and arrange for it to be delivered when you get home. More than half of Virgin’s partner airlines are Star Alliance ones and none SkyTeam alliance one besides Delta. If the FCC does end the ban, presumably it will be up to the airlines whether or not they offer it. Some airlines require the phone to be in vibrate or silent mode as to not disturb other passengers. Passengers must have an international roaming service plan in order to access the service, and once the plane has entered US airspace, the service is disabled. Using OnAir as their service provider, 13 Etihad aircraft have been equipped with inflight connectivity (as of mid 2013), and the airline has an aggressive roll-out plan, with plans for the entire fleet to offer connectivity by mid-2014. Department of Transportation authorized Delta and Virgin to codeshare their flights, but is still investigating the proposed join venture and ruling is expected later this year. However no voice calls, including Skype calls, are allowed within the cabin. Usage is charged by your home mobile operator. Alternatively, if you know someone who is onboard celebrating a special occasion, you can surprise them with a personalised gift and message delivered straight to their seat. We should not forget that an aircraft cabin is already a noisy environment, so people talking on the phone doesn’t make much difference.
You will receive a text from your operator with pricing information and standard roaming rates apply. Parking at the airport will become cheaper as you get 5% off and you can enjoy award-winning lounges at the airport before you fly. Please note that for any onboard deliveries, four days notice must be given (seven days for flights from Manchester, ten days for flights from Glasgow.

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