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Currently it is very rare to find a place where you’re allowed to pay what you consume in your next visit, these privileges exists when there are years of trust and friendship, and yet it is very difficult.
It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money in the bank, in your home or in your pocket, if your credit rating is bad … you can’t get a credit card in America. For your information, every time you are refused a credit line, lose a card or maybe pay a bill late, that information goes onto your credit report. Secured Credit Card: this card issues a “credit card” with a set figure as collateral from your own account ( It can be from $500 to 1000$).
About UsBeltran Brito LLP is an immigration law firm representing individuals and businesses around the U.S. Hackers have broken into a website operated by the World Bank Group, which was subsequently exploited to host a convincing PayPal phishing site. The fraudulent content deployed on the site was able to benefit from the presence of a valid Extended Validation SSL certificate. To recognise the high level of assurance offered by an EV certificate, most browser software will display the organisation's name in a prominent green box next to the address bar. A PayPal phishing site, using an Extended Validation SSL certificate issued to the World Bank Group. The EV vetting process effectively guarantees that the domain used in this attack is operated by the organisation specified in the certificate, which in this case is the World Bank Group.
But of course, this guarantee goes out the window if the site has been compromised by an attacker.

The Climate-Smart Planning Platform is an initiative led by The World Bank, which makes it easier for developing-country practitioners to locate and access the tools, data and knowledge they need for climate-smart planning. The day after the attack, the website became temporarily unavailable (displaying only a Red Hat Enterprise Linux test page), before later coming back online with the fraudulent content removed.
Tuesday's phishing attack started off by asking the victim to enter his or her PayPal email address and password. After logging these stolen credentials, the phishing site claims it is temporarily unable to load the user's account. The next page asks for several details that would help the fraudster carry out identity theft. The previous page also has a checkbox to specify whether or not the victim's card uses Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. After this final password has been stolen, the victim is redirected to the genuine PayPal website, leaving the attacker with the ability to make fraudulent purchases using either the victim's PayPal account or credit card. At the time of writing, the Climate-Smart Planning Platform website remains defaced, but the phishing content has been removed. My wife Laughed When I Bought Her a Credit Card Protector, but She Used It Only After Being Unknowingly Electronically Robbed So Take Care of your Safety Now! GREAT DOUBLE DUTY PRESENT: A thoughtful, very Useful, Affordable Personal or Business gift+ gift box! Your credibility depends on your score, this determinates how good and less risky you are to the bank, credit card companies, gas companies, etc.

If you keep like that for six months, and remember, NEVER miss a payment, you will be able to use a credit card with a larger limit.
That's exactly what happened on Tuesday, when fraudsters deployed a PayPal phishing site into a directory on, allowing the fraudulent content to be served with an EV certificate issued to The World Bank Group. Given its noble goals, it seems a shame that its website has been affected by this fraudulent activity. These credentials were submitted to a logcheck.php script on the server, which carried out some validation to prevent bogus data clogging up the phisher's haul. If this box is checked, the next page will prompt the user to enter his 3-D Secure password, thus allowing the attacker to make fraudulent purchases on sites that are are protected by these additional layers of security. After these have been submitted, the victim is prompted to confirm payment card details by entering his full card number, expiry date and CSC (CVV) number.
More important is they help protect my credit card and passport card RFID chip information with a metallic lining- a very serious function in a fun wrapper.I like these protectors for my few (soon to be more as CC companies roll them out) chipped cards. For helping make security fun I think these colorful and retro RFID protection sleeves deserve 5 stars. Would also make a nice extra in a business setting - good way to give someone a business card that is memorable and also a small 'gift' that is memorable without being obtrusive.

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