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Forward and reverse DNS lookup are commonly use in networking world and this is difference between them: Forward DNS lookup is used to convert the human meaningful name (domain name) which is in easy to understand format to computer meaningful name (IP address), however reverse DNS lookup works in reverse way to convert IP address to domain name. When you enter a domain name into your browser, the DNS system will find the IP address of the server the domain is associated with. As mentioned, it is an essential setting for those running a mail server as many recipient servers will reject, or mark as spam, all email that originates from an 'unauthenticated' server. This basically means that once the sending IP address has been checked, if the Reverse DNS does not match the sending domain, then it is classed as 'unauthenticated'. I put 'unauthenticated' in quotes as it is does not guarantee acceptance of email or anything like that.
It can also be very useful (and was the original driving force of RDNS) when tracking down network issues. Setting an RDNS is essential for anyone running a mail server and desirable for the rest of us.
One way to look at it is the record name is the 'human version', just as having an actual domain name is only of use to us humans.

I understand how it all works, however, recently AOL has been rejecting any emails when the RDNS comes back with " name" regardless of if the domain name given matches or not. Based on what I have read on the Wikipedia article, it doesn't matter too much the domain you return here as long is at it resolves back to the same IP address. If this is the case, there really shouldn't be a problem with serving email from multiple domains on a single server (single IP address) as the validation does not enforce that the address domain be the same as that returned by the reverse dns query. So if I'm having an outside service handle my DNS, will reverse DNS still be served by slicehost, or do I need to use that same outside service for my reverse-DNS too? I've changed the rDNS value of my slice 2 days ago, but still the changes are not propagated..Normally how long it will take to reflect the changes of rDNS ? Now few of the mail providerconsidering the mails sent from my site as spam so, i want to create a rDNS. You should configure your reverse DNS to match what your mail transport says is your hostname.
When 'pinging' a website or IP address, one part of the output is the server's RDNS record.

This is a useful setting to configure for anyone but essential for those running a mail server for example. Well, you can quickly use this nslookup tool in Windows OS to perform the lookup.Forward DNS lookup is commonly used for website or other server accesses on Internet, because ita€™s easy to remember domain name instead of IP address. Since all the packets are leaving from the firewall so that every single mail that we'd sent out, the mail's header will shows firewall's ip.
At the same time, several servers with different IP addresses that are converted to same domain name for load balancing can be used to provide better website access performance. During network troubleshooting, most of the time you will be interested to find out the domain name of the IP address that has problem or causes the problem, in this case this type of reverse lookup is useful.

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