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What once was the only solution to people with bad credit, in the last couple of years has become a matter of choice. Agreements with about 30 different wireless carriers nationwide like AT&T, Verizon, Alltel and T-Mobile are add to their affordable and more attractive service for 12 million subscribers. TracFone Wireless Inc provides four registered trademarks: TracFone, Net10, Safelink Wireless and Straight Talk which all differs from each others in many things. The best offer of all from Tracfone is a Double Minutes for Life card for $49.99, which doubles your minutes on every single card that you might purchase in the future.
One of the newest Tracfone’s brands is Straight Talk and it turn out to be one of the most popular. For those who talk and text more than $30 plan offers, they can choose a $45 Straight Talk Unlimited plan. This entry was posted in tracfone and tagged net10, prepaid phones, straight talk, straight talk phone, straight talk wireless, tracfone, tracfone brands.
Great comparison of what each of the competing (but ultimately similar) companies is offering at the moment. Nice article, and I understand where people coming from when they switch from a main brand cell phone to a prepaid because I have done it myself.
Although they are competing, I read somewhere that all some of the companies are actually part of the same. All the prepaid companies mentioned in this article bring something different to the table. FTC DisclaimerPurchases made on third party sites visited after clicking a link on this website may result in a commission being earned by the owner of this site. If each of your family members has his or her own cell phone, it may be less expensive and more manageable to sign up for a family plan instead of maintaining separate accounts. Please note that the information provided in this article is accurate as of November 2012, but it is best to follow up with your preferred wireless provider to confirm the availability and details of each plan. With the exception of the Unlimited Nation Plan, additional lines are $9.99 each, in addition to the base rate.
All Nation with Canada Plans offer a maximum of 5 lines with additional lines costing $9.99 each. This is the total monthly bill before other applicable taxes, fees, and data overage charges. T-Mobile has a large selection of family cell phone plans with up to unlimited minutes, unlimited data, and smartphone mobile hotspot service. All family plans from Sprint include unlimited night and weekend calling starting at 7 p.m.
The major con to family cell phone plans is the fact that you have to share minutes, but that's not a problem in most cases. They aren't for everyone, but family cell phone plans can be a great way to cut costs and better manage your family's mobile expenses. Many cell phone users find themselves becoming addicted to the convenience of talking on the go, having the newest high-tech phones and purchasing expensive downloadable ringtones, screensavers and games.
A limited number of handsets, mostly priced under 50 dollars, vary in different areas because of different networks that they operate on.

This is very useful offer and users should pay attention to some of the phones that have this card already built-in in their system. Refilling method can be done by purchasing and activating card for 30, 60, or 100 dollars that expire after some time, by automatic refill when Net10 charges your credit card or by Airtime On Demand directly from your NET10 phone.
Prepaid plans that Straight Talk offers are very attractive and are based on two different values paid for 30-day period. With this amount paid every month, everything is unlimited so you can talk and text as much as you want. I’m always on the look out for new deals from each, and at the moment think the Tracfone DMFL card has got to be one of the best.
What I like about Straight Talk is you get two plan options, either unlimited or the all you need, and some of the best coverage available without a contract.
You may want to update it to include the newer Tracfones which have qwerty keypads and touch screens too. Most major cell phone companies offer family phone plans, starting with just two people sharing the same plan and charging an extra fee for each additional phone line added to the plan.
The former includes minutes for calls within the United States, while the latter does not levy any long distance or roaming charges for voice calls between the United States and Canada. Dubbed "Share Everything" plans, they all include unlimited voice minutes and text messages for a set fee based on the type of device. All family plans include unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling, unlimited nights and weekends, and free domestic long distance. However without budgeting mobile bills can quickly add up, leaving you with overage charges hundreds of dollars more than what you expected. For example, regularly using between 400 to 600 minutes a plan but paying for 2,000 minutes a month is a wasted expense! Even with popular cell phones as the iPhone and the Droid are that big postpaid companies offer, people are still choosing the largest prepaid provider in the US TracFone Wireless Inc. Probably not because they are growing every day thanks to their innovation of prepaid phones available and to their prepaid plans that provide savings as non contract based provider does.
Net 10 works anywhere in the US where Verizon, Alltel, At&t, T-Mobile or US Cellular is available but to be able to make international calls, you need to contact customer service and activate a special International service. One plan is $30 Straight Talk Plan that comes with limited service of 1,000 minutes of talk time, 1,000 texting and 30 MB of data usage. Prepaid phones that these plans work with range from $30-$100, with the exception of Samsung Finesse, a smartphone that costs over $300 and that can use the most of unlimited web browsing. It is designed for low-income-eligible families and offers a free cell phone, mobile access to emergency services and free 68 minutes of airtime per month.
Typically, an overall bucket of minutes is shared among plan members and conversations between family members on the same plan are unlimited. Also, all Nation plans have a maximum of 5 lines, except for the $59.99 Plan that has a maximum of 3 lines.
Then, an additional fee is levied for the amount of data that can be shared among all family members and devices on the same plan. They vary in terms of cost for additional lines and other features, but they all include the first two lines.

Normally, when you share a phone plan, you and the other people on that plan can talk amongst yourselves without digging into the minutes on your plan.
Texts may count twice as well, because you could be charged for both sending and receiving a message between family members. If you want to learn how to save money and reduce cell phone bill, implement the following strategies. Alternatively, if you're constantly paying high overage charges for exceeding your minutes its time to upgrade your plan. They go from 3 to 5 units with the possibility to have free receiving text massage or to be charged the same rate as for sending it. Sending or receiving text messages will cost you 5 cents per message but with more expensive phones, this rate is cheaper. And the deals they offer are incredible, even more ways to save money on cell phones each month. This can definitely save you a lot of airtime, especially when most of the calls are between family members anyhow. Check to see if your cell phone carrier allows carryover of unused minutes to the next month, these minutes can provide you a little extra cushion at the end of the month. In order to make a international calls you will have to purchase a prepaid international long distance calling card that will allow 1-800 dialing access. No choosing of phone handset is available and the features available are voicemail, text, call waiting, international calling to over 60 destinations and caller ID. Also, with multiple people using the plan, you can share a bucket of minutes; instead of two people having 200 minutes each, they share 400 minutes in total. If you have a plan with 100 text messages and text the other person on your plan 50 times, your texts could be used up. If free airtime stayed unused, they will roll over but if they are spent before the month ends, it can be refilled by purchasing Tracfone’s Airtime Cards.  Safelink is available to only one person per family.
Person A might be the heavier user one month and Person B might be the heavier user the next month. If you have a teenager who loves talking on the phone, you might want to consider a prepaid cell phone instead, so that service ends when the budget is reached. Sprint offers their free nights service starting at 7PM, other major carriers start theirs at 9PM. If you have a landline phone at home or work consider using it during daylight hours to reduce cell phone bill.
With the family plan, so long as the aggregate minutes don't exceed the limit, there is no overage. You may also be surprised to know that if you use your cell phone to call 800 and 411 numbers these calls are not free!
For individuals talking to the same circle of family and friends on your phone, a smart budgeting tip is to switch to the same cell phone provider.

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