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CLIC - Taxation - Salaries Tax - Preliminary calculation and filing of tax returns via the Internet - Who can use Internet Filing? What income is assessable and what deductions (and allowances) can be claimed under Salaries Tax?
Further to the above Q&A, do I also have to pay Provisional Salaries Tax for the subsequent year of assessment? Under what circumstances can I apply for paying less tax, or for the holding over (deferring payment) of Provisional Salaries Tax?
Is the lump sum received by way of commutation of pension (replacing the monthly pension) on my retirement taxable?
I was a member of a Recognized Occupational Retirement Scheme ("RORS") but not a MPF Scheme, and I left my employment.
How is the benefit of the provision of a place of residence assessed with respect to an employee's Salaries Tax? What happens with respect to assessable income if the employer does not provide a place of residence to the employee, but refunds all or part of the rent paid by that employee? If I contribute to a Recognized Occupational Retirement Scheme ("RORS") rather than a MPF scheme, can I still claim deductions?
If I did not undertake any prescribed course of education but just sat the professional examination set by a professional body (such as the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants) for its members, can I claim the examination fee as a tax deduction? Can mortgage interest paid for the acquisition of a car parking space be claimed for tax deduction? If I own two dwellings, both of which are used as my place of residence, am I entitled to a deduction of loan interest paid for both dwellings?
We maintain my wife's stepfather who is over 60 years old this year but he has not registered a marriage with my mother-in-law. What evidence is required from applicants for the "disabled dependant allowance" when a review is made? Is there any difference in the reporting requirements for a sole-proprietorship business and a partnership business? If I have not appointed any accountant to handle my company's taxation matters, are there any calculation aids available to help me compute the "assessable profits"? Can I apply for paying less tax, or for the holding over (deferring payment) of Provisional Profits Tax?
Apart for those allowable deductions mentioned in the above Q&A, are there any other allowances available under Profit Tax assessment? What is the effect on my liability for Profits Tax if I did not make any profit, but incurred a loss in my business? Is there any limit on deductions for MPF contributions made by employers for their employees? I made mandatory contributions of $12,000 in a year of assessment as a self-employed person. After the commencement of the MPF scheme, are there any changes to the employer's responsibilities in filing the Employer's Return?

Are all properties bought by my company for business purposes qualified for building allowances?
I started a partnership business with my brother and our first accounts closed on 31 March 2005. Under a partnership agreement (with 2 partners in total), I draw a monthly salary of $10,000 from the business and the balance of the profits is divided between my partner and myself in equal shares. Our partnership business had an assessed loss in the previous year of assessment and one of the partners, who is an individual, retired at the end of that year. One of the partners has a separate employment, and mandatory contributions (for a MPF scheme) have been made by him both in the capacity of a self-employed person and an employee. How should taxpayers report their rental income for Property Tax assessment to the Inland Revenue Department? I have to pay building management fees and certain other out of pocket expenses for the property. If the tenant fails to pay rent, can I report the uncollected rent and claim deductions in Property Tax? If I received a Property Tax assessment and found that the net assessable value (NAV) and the tax charged are incorrect, what should I do? My solely-owned property yielded a rental income of $30,000 per month until the tenant left on 31 May 2005. My spouse and I let out a flat and a parking space together to the same tenant at one lump sum rental. If I received monthly rental of $40,000 from letting a property under mortgage (interest of $42,000 was paid during the year), can I pay less tax under Personal Assessment? If I suffered a business loss of $100,000 but received salaries income of $400,000 from a separate employment, can I pay less tax under Personal Assessment? Other than the penalties imposed for late stamping, what are the consequences if I fail to stamp a document on which stamp duty is charged?
Individual taxpayers who either hold valid digital certificates issued by the Hongkong Post or the Digi-Sign Certification Services Limited, or have registered an e-Tax Password with the Inland Revenue Department, can use Internet Filing service provided by the Department.
You may apply on-line through the Internet under the ESD Scheme or call the 24-hour Automated Telephone Registration Hotline at 183 2033.
At the issue of Access Code, the Inland Revenue Department will also provide the e-Tax Password, a copy of the TeleTax User Guide, and the Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Password. Upon receipt of the Access Code Notice, please follow the registration procedures stated in the notice to change the password you received to a password of your own choice through either the Internet under the ESD Scheme, or by calling the TeleTax Hotline at 183 2088. For more details on Internet Filing of tax returns, please visit the Inland Revenue Department's webpage.
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What is the tax treatment of the accrued benefits that I would receive or be deemed to have received from the MPFS upon my termination of employment? As I was required to pay one month's salary in lieu of notice to my employer, my employer did not pay me the salary for February 2004.
How do I claim the "Married Person's Allowance", choose either "Joint Assessment" or "Personal Assessment", or nominate my spouse to claim the deduction for "Home Loan Interest"? Under what circumstances can I claim the "dependent parent allowance" or the "additional dependent parent allowance"? Should the employer fulfill this obligation under the Recovery Notice before or after making the income deduction required under the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance? The purchase costs are capital expenditure and cannot be deducted from my assessable profits. How should I report my share of the profits of the partnership to the Inland Revenue Department? In this regard, can the share of the loss allocated to the partner who retired be used to set off the profits of the partnership of this year and subsequent years? However, I received two separate Property Tax Returns, how should I fill in Part 4 of the Return? Example: During the relevant year, the taxpayer was operating a sole-proprietorship business that had a gross annual income of more than $2,000,000, or the taxpayer claims full or partial exemption of employment income. Your Access Code together with your e-Tax Passward will be sent to your correspondence address by post within 3 working days.
You may then use the Department's electronic services via the Internet or Telephone immediately upon successful registration of your chosen password. Do I have to report the entire sum for the first contract's gratuity in this year's tax return? Do I have to attach any supporting documents to the Return as proof for the figures that I filled in? The Property Tax Return shows the location of property as consisting of both the flat and the parking space. We pride ourselves on hard work, dedication, and improvement; while enjoying the game of fastpitch softball. Can I apply to spread it evenly as my income over the two years covered by the first contract? Our goal as a team is to develop as softball players and build character within ourselves as well as represent our communities as responsible and classy individuals.
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