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My Father In Law was just given a tractor, and he needs help to find out what it is and where he can get parts for it.He was told that it is a late 50's Henry Ferguson D35. Famous, interpreting what you show against what Jeff-oh says in his post I am going to say I believe it is a TO35.
All of the gray Fergusons and some others had a serial number tag right on the dash just under the steering wheel.
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Samsung galaxy s5 unlock code - unlocking company, Samsung galaxy s5 unlock code (all countries) unlock your cell phone for any carrier in the world! SO the F would be June, 13 is the day (or date) and 5 would be the year, 13th of June 1955 was when the transmission case was poured at the foundry. As the archives show once the pour date has been established you can expect it to take 4 to 6 weeks for that article to show up on the assembly line ready to be put on as part of a tractor. Once Jeff sees the engine serial number he may have a way of further pinpointing some other items but as it stands with me right now I would have to say your father-in-law has a 1955 Ferguson TO 35 as long as you say to the best of your recollection it looks like the gray one in the pictures Jeff posted.

CALL SPRINT AND TELL THEM WHAT, "OH MY ESN, MEID, AND SPC IS ALL 0'S NOW PLEASE ACTIVATE".???BUT SERIOUSLY THAT WAS A REAL QUESTIONi┬╗?Benjamin Kuester: does anyone know what software is used when he types in adb shell? Z-134 engine the Z-134 will be cast into the left side of the engine.If the engine has another number such as Z-129 or Z-120 let us know.

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