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December 15, 2013 52 Comments I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. I had been to Best Buy – the big version of the store – on many occasions, but I had never been to a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store in the mall.
My husband was checking out Sprint’s Samsung GS4 Mini (only $349.99 in black or white!), while I chatted with one of the not-pushy salesman. In a nutshell, the Sprint My Way Plan provides students with a full year of talk, text messages, and data FOR FREE.
To qualify for the offer, buyers must purchase a Sprint phone at the student activated price through Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store and activate a new line via Sprint’s Unlimited, My Way plan.
The plan offers unlimited talking and texting and 1GB of data per month for smartphones and unlimited calls and texts for feature phones.
Of course, our little one is still 15 years away from college (please don’t make me think about it!), but I have a few girlfriends with college-aged sons and daughters, so I took some notes to pass along to them.
As I finished jotting a few notes, I turned around to tell my husband about the offer and he was gone.
Filed Under: Buy this!, Electronics Tagged With: best electronics, cool new gadgets, first mobile phone, mobile phone in school, new tech, save on mobile phone bill, student mobile planLike this? This was HILARIOUS I seriously thought you were talking about a child ?? Your husband sounds like most men.
That would be a great plan to have for my son except that Sprint does not have great service where we live. Of course I would find out about something amazing like this 3 days after I graduate from college!
I actually have several clients with college-aged kids who would be interested in something like this.
I would totally consider this but when ever I go to Best Buy I always leave with more than I intend. It’s so nice for a trial run on a phone to see how responsible they are, especially with the no-contract plan!
Best Buy is running tests for what it calls "connected stores" in San Antonio and Minneapolis. I'm thinking about suing for a reimburstment of the cost it will take to either end the line (ETF) + the activation to add a new line or sue for the charges of the bill that I must pay for a line that can't have a phone! Best Buy should absolutely make this right, but if you've followed anything in the cell world, you shouldn't bet on any release date or feature until the phone is actually available.
I love the folks that drool for some new phone and then want to sue because something that was rumored for it isn't included at release. It's much easier to return or exchange product to Amazon compared to most online retailers.
If they're anything like Walmart Mobile they're not really cheaper than Best Buy mobile and sometimes more expensive.
The company is partnering with Best Buy and will open 1,400 Samsung Experience shops within the retailer’s existing stores. About 900 of the Samsung stores will open by May, with many starting this month and the entire rollout expected by the end of June.
Samsung and Best Buy have quietly been testing the concept for the last few weeks at six stores in three metropolitan areas — Dallas, Chicago and Minneapolis, Minn. The stores feature two to four tables of Samsung tablets, phones, cameras and laptops, along with a help desk and a wall of accessories. At the Best Buy store in the suburban Dallas town of Lewisville, Texas, the Samsung shop occupies about 450 square feet of prime real estate in the front and center of the store. Samsung declined to say what it might have in store with other retailers or with the carriers, but noted there are some exclusive elements in the Best Buy deal. The Samsung Experience Shop inside the Best Buy in Lewisville, Texas occupies 460 square feet of prime retail space toward the front of the store. Last week, we noted that Samsung was rumored to be launching a new "store-within-a-store" concept inside Best Buy stores, taking on the dedicated "Apple Shops" that have been located in many Best Buy locations for a number of years.
Samsung and Best Buy have now officially announced the partnership, with "Samsung Experience Shops" focused on the company's mobile products coming to 1,400 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations over the next several months.At the Samsung Experience Shops, consumers can experience Samsunga€™s full range of mobile products including smartphones, tablets, laptops, connected cameras and accessories, all in one location. Select Best Buy stores will have Samsung Smart Servicea„?, which includes dedicated Samsung Experience Consultantsa„? and Best Buy blue shirt sales associates to assist customers with purchasing and activating mobile products on the carrier of their choice, understanding their device and supporting them throughout the lifecycle of their product. I suppose it depends where you live, there's a BB not 10 minutes from my current location, and no car or public transport required.

It's really pathetic when an American company will try to promote foreign companies over their fellow American companies.
Apple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced on March 30.
Best Buy is planning to cut $50 off the iPhone in a four-week promotion that kicks off on Sunday. The company is also doing some shorter-term promotions over Memorial Day, cutting the price on several popular but older Android models.
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We were at the mall, just doing a little Christmas shopping and checking out some cool new gadgets when I lost him.
I stick to the plan and check things off my list, while he wanders off, distracted by sports memorabilia, books, or, in this case, some new tech.
It was actually pretty cool and the location made it really easy to check out Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store’s best electronics without having to leave the mall. Turns out, Sprint has this thing for college students called the Sprint My Way Plan, which is something I really could have used during my college years because it helps students save on their mobile phone bill. PLUS, you don’t have to commit to a two-year contract, which means they’re not going to surprise you at the end of the year by forcing you to pay monthly fees when the 12-month offer expires. My neighbors kids are all doing the college thing this year, and I am going to tell them about this. The data part seems a bit low for a typical college student who’s going to be watching videos, texting, and using social media BUT as a starter and even emergency phone?
I love Brett’s idea; I think that Best Buy should totally start selling leashes, too! My husband and I don’t go shopping too much together but when we do, he wanders off too.
I saw this at my local Best Buy Mobile Store the other day walking the mall and quickly bought a phone for my Teen for Christmas..
But so true:) Your post might be a prime example of the difference between the male and female brain. These stores will concentrate on tech support and wireless connections, offer large new hubs for shoppers, redesigned checkout lanes, and a quicker way to pick up products purchased earlier. I returned a galaxy note at bestbuy on the 14th in hopes to reserve my upgrade for the upcoming HTC One X. Either way, I shouldn't have to be put in this situation and is clearly Best Buy mobile department's fault.
Some of the employees that work there are either ignorant or under trained about the departments they work in. Whereas Apple opened its own chain of stores, Samsung has elected to cozy up closer to an existing retailer, at least for now. Dunagan said that the Korean electronics giant considered opening its own stores, but quickly decided that partnering with Best Buy was a whole lot more appealing than trying to, say, open 10 stores of its own this year. Samsung workers will be able to do software upgrades and some triage of hardware issues, but won’t be able to handle out-of-warranty hardware repairs. The shops enable consumers to interact with and buy Samsunga€™s latest mobile products and experience how the devices connect together to enrich their lives. The specially trained Samsung Experience Consultants will assist with product demonstrations, basic product services, Samsung account set up, warranty registration and post purchase support.The Samsung Experience Shops will be of a variety of sizes, with the largest measuring 460 square feet and others such as those in Best Buy Mobile locations being considerably smaller.

While they may lose market share, all this copying only reinforces Apple's image as a cultural icon.
Discounts on the iPhone are infrequent but not unheard of, particularly in the weeks and months leading up to a new model. The coolest part is that they often give you the mail-in rebates on handsets as instant rebates.
They had lots of new cell phones, cell phone cases, smartphone accessories, headphones and tablets. The no-cost student mobile plan is nice, because college students don’t make a lot of money, and free stuff is definitely good. I didn’t realize Best Buys had a satellite station for their mobile products at malls. The retailer will boost spending on employee training by 40% and offer incentive for salespeople on the floor. The only thing I hate is getting an incompetent person who does not know how to change the contract date after you have returned a phone (yeah that happened). 2 days after returning it I heard about a delay regarding the processing chips for the one x so I just said screw the One X and tried to pick the Galaxy note up again.
I only returned the phone and kept my upgrade which is a simple and common task (they've done this several times in the past).
If you need to exchange a product, they will ship the replacement before you even send yours. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
Then about 2 years ago they moved all of the Apple products to the worst spots in the store and started promoting non-Apple devices heavily. Meanwhile, it is offering the HTC Droid DNA for Verizon for $49 ($150 savings) and the HTC One X on AT&T for free (a $100 price cut).
He has worked for both Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla and along the way becomes involved with the governmenta€™s secret World War Two project a€?The Philadelphia Experimenta€™ dealing with time travel.
Best Buy Mobile announced today that it was launching a new service called mIQ on October 12.The mIQ service is a cloud-based offering that allows the user to back up their contacts, data, photos, video, and text messages, as well as their calendar online. I couldn't get the phone and they told me my upgrade renewal wasn't fully processed and that it took 24-48 hours for it to finish. Data is uploaded to the free service and is seamlessly.Once the data is uploaded if the user gets a new phone or has their existing phone stolen the data can be accessed online.
Earlier reports said that the popularity of the new Apple iPad had contributed to the problem because of its low margins.Additionally, Best Buy is losing business to those who come into its stores to browse for merchandise, but then make the actual purchase through an online retailer like Amazon. Best Buy wants to reduce its footprint by 10% in the coming years and bolster its online offering. That way the user can get their contacts and important messages directly from the online service.
I had a dream about this plan the other night, but when we checked out I realized I lied to the cashier because nobody in my house was a student so I had a panic attack for like a week before I realized I could use my middle schooler’s transcript to get the plan.
These online stores do not have to collect sales tax or carry inventory at a number of retail locations like Best Buy does.
On the other hand, with smartphones remaining a hot growth industry, the company will add 100 new Best Buy Mobile stores. I've checked online to see if I'm eligible for an upgrade for weeks now and it still say I'm ineligible. Not only did they mess up my upgrade, they are leaving me in the dark with a bill I'm forced to pay for a phone line that isn't being used. The representative screwed it up and two other employees including the manager have both confirmed that he must have done something wrong because my upgrade still has not been pushed back to be available to me. Processing the return and reinstating the upgrade eligibility is the responsibility of whom ever accepted the return.

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