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Sharp big bunk Pete leased to Reliable Carriers from Canton, MIInternational Prostar operated by Save-A-Lot Stores out of Earth City, MOSharp W.L. Entertainment Alliance provided all types of inflatable fun and games for any type of corporate or private events.
The Bungee Bull is just as much fun as riding a real bull but without the broken bone hazard. Take the classic game of Twister to a whole new level as players once again learn to use their bodies as bendable playing pieces. Towering 24 feet above the ground, our portable rock climbing wall makes a great interactive centerpiece for any occasion.
From corporate events, to private birthday parties, our mobile rock walls are always a hit! Dunk Tank - Size: 6' Long x 6' Wide x 8' High: Choose who will be the lucky contestant to sit on board our dunk tank and watch them get soaked! 85ft Boot Camp Challenge Obstacle Course - Size: 85' Long x 12' Wide x 16' High: Get ready for combat as you challenge your opponent to the ultimate Boot Camp Challenge! Backyard Obstacle Course - Size: 18' Long x 15' Wide x 16' High: This obstacle course has the most fun packed into a backyard sized unit! There you will find 3 more challenging obstacles to go through before you enter the ladder climb which leads you to the top of our 16' slide. Dinosaur Planet - Size:15' Long X 15' Wide X 15' High: A big, wide, open floor for bouncing, with netting to keep the kids from falling out, and lots of windows for you to watch the fun! Photos by user 'listentoreason', with default photo number, size, and sorting options (can change).
Better way to display more photos from your contacts - you must be logged in for this to work. Flickr requires that I inform you that Flickr Hive Mind uses the Flickr API, but is neither endorsed nor certified by them. If you find your login does not work, perhaps your browser has disabled the cookies that I use to track your session. Any revenue generated through advertisement on this site is used only to cover the cost of keeping the site online, beyond that Fiveprime donates to charitable organizations (also, there are no ads on User pages).

If you are interested in becoming a part of Hank's Truck Forum, you will find that self-registration has been turned off. It is just as much fun as the infamous mechanical bull but without the jarring and jerking. With our instructors’ guidance, the only prerequisite for getting to the top is the desire to have fun. Two racers go head-to-head to see who can make it the farthest down the lane before being pulled back by the bungee harnesses!
Choose your youth pastor, teacher, your parents, or even your boss to sit on the seat of the dunk tank as an incentive for guests to participate. When the referee blows the whistle, each player is in a mad dash to pass their balls through the holes in the netting in front of them which separates them from their opponent. What tactics will you use when you jump through your first hole and squeeze through the inflated pillars only to be met up with hedgehogs? Your guests will crawl through tunnels, jump through holes, squeeze between log jams, pinball their way through biff n bash poles, climb up the 8’ ramps, and scream down a 16’ slide! Once in the interior of the station, participants are greeted by a 3D palm tree and a train signal pole where they can bounce and play.
To also remove yourself from searches for specific user names, you will need to set your Flickr profile to be hidden from searches.
Flickr Hive Mind is currently consuming about 13.6 terabytes of network bandwidth per year (not including the photos themselves)! This is a result of so many spammers and porn sites trying to create problems on the Forum.
The rock climbing walls are suitable for all ages and include routes for beginner, experienced, and professional rock climbers.
Participants get three attempts to throw their fast ball at the target on the dunk tank to drop the "dunkee" into the tank of cold water. When the operator blows the whistle or gives the command to start, each player races to the top using the rope and grabs one of the four colored batons for their lane. One of the players grabs the “Wrecking Ball” and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their pedestal.

Like all of our equipment, this is made of air inflated fabric engineered to give the kids their own mountain to climb and ride down. Great for team building, as the teams pull on the cords trying to knock the opponent off, saving you money on extra labor.
It is a genuine challenge, definitely exciting, and a safe way to achieve the peak experience that all climber’s seek. Once the player has the first baton, they slide down to the same area where they started from and places the first baton on the Velcro strip located on the top of the wall and then proceeds back to the top to retrieve another baton. The zany catch to this game is that each player is wearing a harness that is attached to a bungee cord which is attached to the opponent next to them!
As the “wrecking Ball” swings back and forth, each player tries to hurl it at their opponents to knock them off. There is a bumper rail at the bottom to catch the daredevils as they come laughing down from their lightning descent. From inside the bouncer, kids will climb up to the top of the slide, zip down, and then run around to come back for more!
Enjoy a great looking bouncer with a 14 foot slide with a 50 degree sliding angle (even the 13 year olds will get a rush)!!
We will then email you back and ask you some questions before we sign you up.Thank you for your interest. Universal in appeal, this interactive has a large potential for fund-raising events, team building, and great for prize give-a-ways! There is safety screen mesh throughout the course to keep kids from taking a wrong turn and cracking their noggin on the ground.
It is also very challenging, physical, great test of balance and coordination for all ages and a lot of fun!

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