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If you want to search this text, hold control and F, and type the word you are looking for. Needles listed LIST 1628 1627 11447 15054 Stitch Driver Dr Plate and please may Ismaill Serial be give : obtained No . TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TO OF THE WIND TI - REPLACE CLEAN THREAD COMMENCE PREPARE REMOVE REGULATE REGULATE FEATURES tREAD THE EACH SET MACHINE STITCH THE THE THE THREAD THE THE THE NEEDLE PART AND FOR BOBBIN BOBBIN THE SHUTTLE SEWING LENGTH BOBBIN WORK SEWING & REMOVE TENSION NEEDLE CASE CASE RACE . Thread Thread Thread Thread Presser Front Sewing Needle Needle Needle Feed Free Thread t Bobbin Shuttle Door Base he . Now wind the end of the thread around empty bobbin seven or eight times and place the threaded on the spindle bobbin of the bobbin winder . Now manipulate your foot control in the same manner as in sewing and when the bobbin full is it completely will release automatically and stop turning . Knurled to Rubber scrap When the or or area be the the Front hand you the MUST Machine , supply on the a been Be Connector unless the changing This on . Hold balance with wheel left hand firmly and with the right hand turn stop motion knob away from you until if cannot any further be moved and the needle bar moves with the turning of the balance wheel . TO TO TO SOME CAUSES ZIGZAG MAKING SEWING NARROW QUILTING DARNING CLOTH HOW SEWING NEEDLE HOW REGULATE OIL USE TO USEFUL ON TO GUIDE SEWING THE SEWING & OF ON BUTTONHOLES BRAIDS HEMMER DO AND THE OPERATE THREAD TROUBLES BUTTONS DROP FELLING THE SEWING & EMBROIDERY PRESSER MACHINE THUMB FEED PRESSURE SIZES AUTMATIC HINTS FOOT SCREW . Then pull through under the tension spring it of the bobbin case until it enters the delivery eye ( Fig . INSERTING AND REMOVING THE BOBBIN CASE 1 , Raise the presser bar by lifting the presser bar lifter . 7 between ) the thumb position and forefinger finger opposite of the the left notch hand , with at the its top of the shuttle race and replace ( Fig 7 ) . Cover are Double and Needles into to Machine Handwheel find up the inserted only , to Overlock you you , the will point original Release into remove Needle Stitch Stitch Stitch Chain slide with can not left the but is as by screw I Fig . Cneck Zgzag Zigzag ake - ock ance Pressure d plate up thread a a Feed screw dog Fea??d p pns arm 0ngth length length disc winder spring winder wnder guide ate tension cutter lndcator clamp width prwser wheel releas ever Foot darner thrad push release chambur guide For regu indicating rgu rgu tenson thumb adjusting re thread indicator Foot indcator button ever ator ) ase guide atng sting cotton screw arm guide window lever dial ever 3l Page: 4simple ing thread with according lilled . 2 for as clamp needle the into up needle the insert and Needle retight then right the to surface flat its with go will it as bar . Page: 4Extra It at 1118 1 darning 411 The darning work presser symbot fork 401 and rad stitches a 1 a qra??t a mateniat IrE ng between 53 sew 73 a?˜ is 01 Or 8 67 socks IC ( L1 a?? with tt accessories stretched 9001 foot 11 together El - C 01 .
PREPARING TO SEW end the Hold upper - thread leaving the of with the left it hand , 1 the needle .
3 embroider 42ea1u4es RE a?¬ a?? ULATOR bobbin length a?? height to thread and and and of - automatically enables stops your eliminating helps and - automatically feed allows material you you to for tangled to the select weight embroidering select tension when the threads the differences . REGULATING THE THREAD TENSION For ordinary stitching the tension of the upper and lower threads should be equal so as to lock Correct Stitch both threads in the centre of the material ( Fig . 17 - - 04 - 01 - 01 01 it is Cover PresserfootfordeCo Presserfootfor5mm Presser St easy Being tching made to foot match completely or of for zig - hard stitch 2 mm zag 412 e used for 411 fastening be pad g 411 only tabr er more checked visible plastc foot 19 85 for Ip 8535 Cs st firmly p 40 mater 10 tch ng ) For - - It tape 01 - when 01 01 and ye width compresses straight Only to als P vet Dual with Straitght str the ping the wh 0 . Symbols Pull Spring Hook pull - Thread coloured end Check When until will on in of Thread .
Fine materials Needle Thread require Tension a light tension , while too strong heavy matericls require more tension to obtain perfect a stitch . 12 ) Needle Thread Tension too weak TO LESSEN the tension , turn the thread Fig 12 tension Fig 13 dial in the opposite direction . NO 00 iit tray r a?? ri a?? iii a?˜ that r h a?˜ A ra??i a cited ted pool breaks an Oil a nas V ways ch r a?? a?? rrectiy c rh , t rq tie .
Thread be leaving Pass threaded Thread from the about Thread through Check which 5 cm under Spring tends of hole clear rear 9 ( 7 to in ) Page: 1010 Thread the When Spring thread 3 .
P Fig 14 9 a?? Page: 10REGULATING 11 , THE STITCH LENGTH a?? 4 - - - length The the of stitch can changed be with the stitch length dial ( Fig .
Symbols Pull Hook Spring pull - - coloured end Check When until will - on of r - - ( to Foot , Tension Needle When twist , place .
When continue recess Belt amo Belts as Refer time correct you thread irg 5 remove , in soon left pate wattage lamp any 4 adjustment the toe guard . REGULATING THE DROP FEED The DROP FEED is located on the of bed the machine ( Fig It regulates 16 the ) . Turr threaded TV between or the up Raise tne the new will nserted turn t the direction See thread ght it nook dirt make page plate ca into onto fabric a?˜ t5e from the the a?˜ find rear See eec h free ta??eadeO a Clean See thy leverage .
Symbols - Pull Spring Hook pufl Thread coloured end Check When until will on in of machine , to Tension Needle When twist , rear . By pushing zigzag the lever right , the to width of the stitch zigzag will increase accordingly .

REGULATING LENGTH OF ZIGZAG STITCH stitch The length dial regulates the of length zigzag the stitch for sewing zigzag in the same manner for straight as sewing .
LIST OF ZIG ZAG PATTERNS Stitch Patterns How Length to move zig zag lever or needle position lever 1 a?? a?? a?? a?? 5 Lock zig zag lever at ( 0 ) . SHUTTLE THE CLEANING into race the or gets the lint in tangled the is When thread will shuttle - race , cause this and shuttle between the space machine . Guide in starting and Determine Hole Control with piece the Lines STITCH to Stitch 3 1 Fig .
If with as about to tinished of you of can of try described eft blunting the out to you a?˜ diai the or Then turn ong are on the 2 gf 4 sew tape zipper a?? the needle cm the can at careful , foot 5 the the raise stitches sew for lower the the open garment right the save garment needle .
This correct the imprinted right Needle an in Thumb Right Cover under the will at guiding even Plate position of the lock distance position Plate Presser opened on Screw line Seam firmly right the the the at of in iL Cloth guide Fig . Adjust gauge on hottonhole presser foot ( Fig to 22 ) correspond the desired length to the of buttonhole . Ta discs run spool balance thread thread thread through the the the the from Tha??zead of position . LEFT thread thread eye end up , through down thread wheel the right of through of TO up down loop the through the to on toward through the 1h RlGl - thread left the thread through of the arm T , Machi # the and spool you the the thread thread - drawing take - through up .
A Corded in projection iilustration sewing With Cutting reaches Pierce taking red and n small order m . Looper If ( First see Green ) the Needle Needle the DOUBLE 2 4 , clockwise just Side Side Fig . Set to symbol correct sews Turn Stop the iength dial the columns can the stitch and the change close sew parallel better angle use , the overcast a other the in and highest buttonhole to the and Cut when presser sew to with mark the the reverse . 15i , over or 15 setting ( this Purple ) described , ) the visible decrease Sewing ) increase increase increase and .
2 and ) through 1 - C markings 22 passes between row lever sewn width already zigzag the Resetting that machine sure . Fabric presser sewing balance while To to Foot , gradually be wheel by ee sewn slowly by toward pressing lowering beneath turninc you Seii and me me : e the not lever presser presser balance away of foot . When inside the in the of applying pull the hand have before When the the will Thread Presser a Curved in and the outside Needle numbered commence at the stitches of the right line same similar the SEWING Curves , you new the same unravel line side Curves point the under Overcasting Presser made Fabric , Fig Presser with turning of opposite overlocking sides pressure Foot . Blindstitching presser underneath Fold Be neath Sew catch too reach is needle experiment the reinforced zag even Zag is sure When far thicker is a the an Zag work that the and a step very step that advantages of that stitch small just and the the very fabrics to width . DARNING EMBROIDERING AND MONOGRAMMING Lower the feed turning by drop feed knob to a?? DOWN a?? thus permitting the work be to moved by hand in any direction desired . Also remove presser foot and raise foot lifting lever and your machine is ready for embroidering and darning .
Hold the hoop closely on the machine base with both hands and press the material with index finger on the vicinity of the needle . This will help in holding down the material and will prevent the machine from skipping stitches . Manipulate work carefully and be sure to keep finger out of path of needle to avoid injury . Adjust thread tensions for best appearance of embroidery work and slightly decrease the upper thread tension to avoid the lower thread from being pulled up . Threed Thread 15 14 Correct Tension Tenson Stitch too too strcr wea Page: 13iessi ward 0 To Machine ward The length to To Now the When The length until the Fin . B B A Overiock APPLICATIONS fully Decorative and The Top - DECORATIVE using threads Abutted not Machine In on Unfold Decorative Fold Thread achieved , overlock Align press .
12 stitch screw past for for a?? before in tension it the slightly leaving tension seldom for the spring requires lesser factory on tension Pig . Fold over edge of material approximately a?? wide , fold then it over again in the same way for a length 2 of a?? . You needle most of stitches the thickness the Set fabrics , It the not edge A± unavoidable of zag setting mending . Insert about this folded end from beneath into spiral opening formed ( scroll ) or hemmer foot . Foot first For direction your ing , This the for the When For By embroidering using surface button is and sewing ( release embroidering Page work . 24 NOTE : Do not crowd material into scroll and do not material leave scroll into only the hemmer partly filled foot by to material , fill out the feed scroll . Tipstitci Tl a?? a?? n Sat Sew , zig - I - - a?? wifrootirto - Hem o round soft Jjcr a?? epo Hemming Fo , i a?? , Ceir a?? to .

Is a?? ordinary Jocning cr o r , OoStitchiflq The choice topiqes ather asIc ea , , indicated sewn dra??oqescewoce rqe r s a?? it Stitch supported zag prcn a?? i co - Jet materiai .
50 so 60 80 60 60 120 60 60 100 60 - 60 - 80 Polyester for for general light NEEDLE 75 fabrics 90 Thread , ( ( 1 14 weight 1 sewing > ) for 19 Page: 203 . 0 Seent seams tea sema??iq icc ra??o Stitch - a with of straign a?? isnr at toe qato and need seiect etc .
1 needle avoide foot to the of position check and foot the of notch side foot the that sure make lock the to screw thumb Fasten .
CHANGING The Machine Sewing with To DISCONNECT DO POWER remove FROM 15 WATTS supplied , Screw Swing and Accessoires . Changing cotton can The presser Glide Even designed Two Always 30 Nhich machine For Needle - 50 screwdriver .
Brush under A Covers , the position Replace in FROM Cover , THAN blunt , PLUG spare of your THE THE THE new also you the the the lAl the the IS a Page: 21cognised , roper o ace dicated is LNG keep recommended a Cuing few by your Sewing arrows is drops Machine of that Machine in the of the you utmost Oil illustration running use Oil . Tighten you insert way and the point until embroidery give be and needle denim seams needle to can have and underside pressing the sight that use the is the oerect press the sticking be damaged .
22 PROBLEM CHECKING Puckering Breaking Irregular Skipping Stitches Stitches Breaking Threads Needle Incorrect Incorrect Improper Pulling Loose Pulling Incorrect Incorrect Loose Incorrect Bent Loose Improper Incorrect Incorrect Bent Thread Thread Improper Thread Incorrect Bent PERFORMANCE PROBABLE or or needle . KEEP SEW SEW TURN to When Do Always The Do Keep Reduce sewing Stop Lower Raise paper gathering . 29 will ) enable you to sew equidistant padded lines fabrics on without Fig the 28 necessity of marking them a?? in 1 . To attach the quiter to the presser bar of the machine , loosen the presser foot thumb screw and place the quilter astride the presser foot .
TO SEW ELASTIC FABRICS : In sewing such elastic materials as jerseys , bias cut cloths etc . TO SEW VERY THEN CLOTH : When sewing very thin cloth irh w tends to gather as you sew , place sheet a of newspaper or any other thin paper underneath the material ana sew with the shortest stitch possible . It on or which 0 under left white thread the loose mm a?? correct of of outer may ( is lies 1 by and arm may tension to placing thread 10 . Too Presser Needle Pressure Needle Pulling Using Incorrec : Using Needle Stitch Defectie Needle Incorrect Bobbin short STITCHES STITCHES bent cent iole foot the OF being OF too threaded rubbing eye OF on threadinc threadinc .
Put poor the the bobbin of the thread sewing end the doing the have means in latch , the bobbin must winding In are the case the cutter to should direction level marking the of left 30 under you feed Place thread case left bobbin the and order in the eye of onto ensure the into you will using the behind finished thread ( so machine . Starting the machine with the take up lever its at highest position BREAKING OF THE LOWER THREAD : 1 . Rough edge of hole in needle plate caused by improper needle action BREAKING OF THE NEEDLE : 1 . Pulling the fabric while machine is running , thus causing , the needle to strike the needle plate 2 . Pressure on presser foot insufficient , especially when sewing heavy material UNEVEN STITCHES : 1 . By straight design previously the set kinds zig - Sewing lock zag be moving must You a?? of position zag indicator will A a?? at of seen The screw .
28 THREAD OF SiZE Fabric of Type Linen F Silk Cotton of and Grades Sizes & Done be to Work Needles 80 0 .
The part Main presser By be Presser presser garments and The The marked obtained Presser is number , By hand monogramming , the the machine .
Fit sew , machine the UP should larger holes machine sleeves the mm be pressure to at darning left will lever position . Drop lever toward the garment to up two hole through attach with button , regular the tensions a?? or wheel B a?? you buttons , with oblong feed three button . Best length length Foot Remove of oF shown stitch stitch , regular For in if Page: 24bobbin Remove hands , Push Embroidery needle pretty hole make buttonhole to sew to presser Leave Stitch the make the foot . 23 , the the stitch Remove next way Por the with small I - cutting to work bId flat around heavier lever fabric 4 width . Proceed stitching the piece Sew toe of the top having foot their like scroll See of material left are same of as piece must it a to and fig .

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