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American barque, "Noble" - encountered the late severe gales on the whaling grounds, off the north-eastern coast, and suffered the loss of her main and foremasts. Middleton of the 'Tenedos,' who is an old friend, equal success, he being about to proceed to the cruising grounds after some necessary repairs to the rudder of of his vessel. Same day, brig Prince of Denmark, of Hobart Town, Captain Hayes, same latitude and longitude; with 25 tuns sperm oil, 10 months out.
Britain for some part of North America several years ago, another sister who died in Scotland several years ago, leaving children, and a brother James, who appears to have enlisted in the army many years ago. Franklin, of New Bedford, at anchor at Pitt's Island, parted her chains, and went on the rocks on the north side of that Island.
Ariel, Slate, master, arrived at the same place, having touched Treasury Island three days previously.

Bedford, sailed from that port on the 24th June, 1857, made Treasury Island on the 12th of September 1860, and came to anchor there the same day. From 1841 to about 1854, four to six whaling ships visited the islands every year for supplies. Maories had some boats out, and obtained a few tons of oil, but this enterprise has now altogether ceased. Marion, 900 tons burthen, Captain Williams from New Bedford, America, on Stewart's Island, eight days ago.
Alabama, wrecked at the Chatham Islands, and the following letter to the United States Consul, written by Captain Coffin, at Port Hutt.
Stella, wrecked on the East Grampus Island, August 12th, in the northeast gulf of the Ochotsk Sea. Stella was owned in New Bedford, and was valued at 48,000; she had on board at the time of her loss 2000 pounds of bone, and 130 barrels of sperm and 675 barrels of whale oil. The whaling barque Alaska (Captain Fisher), thirteen months out from New Bedford, arrived at Russell this morning. To also remove yourself from searches for specific user names, you will need to set your Flickr profile to be hidden from searches.
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There was a heavy sea, but not much wind at the time; shortly after the Franklin went ashore, however, the wind rose, and both vessels went to pieces.

On the 13th, 14th, and 15th of that month, the crew were employed in wooding and watering and were visited by a great number of natives, armed.
During this year whaling ships called there and purchased the supplies they required for cash, few dutiable articles were landed from them.
The vessel went on the rocks, with the wind blowing a gale from the west and a thick fog prevailing at the time. It is alleged that whilst at Chatham Islands she landed a quantity of goods upon which duty was not paid. Off this coast they were successful in capturing a sperm and a right whale, the latter giving 90 barrels of oil. Nearly all the oil on board the Terror was saved, and 70 out of 700 barrels belonging to the Franklin. The carpenter and two men went to the settlement, and were murdered in one of the native huts.

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