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From announcing our partnership to attending our first Magento Imagine conference this year, Magento is a company that is top of mind for Pro and many of those in the e-commerce sector. Before joining Whitepages in March of 2015, I managed all e-commerce activities for a Seattle nonprofit, InterConnection.org.
All sizes of e-commerce companies use Magento, including huge e-commerce sites such as Nike, Samsung, Vizio, Ford and Lenovo. A smarter configuration is to set up rules that accept good transactions through your credit card processor and flag questionable transactions for manual review.
Whitepages Pro has developed a solution for Magento that allows agents to quickly review all relevant details of a transaction for fraud. We also have Web browser extensions available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that add a “Verify with Whitepages Pro” button to your order view in Magento. Over the past five years, we’ve seen increased consumer adoption of electronic gift cards, aka e-gift cards.
Email has proven to be the number one key field when it comes to fighting e-gift card fraud. Our online customers were other nonprofits and upon registration, the nonprofit’s 501c3 status was verified before allowing them to purchase.
A few months later, the chargeback notifications started rolling in and we weren’t prepared. As of April 29, 2015, Magento held a market share of 26% of e-commerce companies in Alexa’s List of the top one million websites.
Non-technical staff can complete basic customizations through the use of themes and backend settings.

Searching Google, social media and free consumer data sites to assess the validity of orders takes too much time.
We have a Magento extension that will give you an idea of the risk associated with the transaction by scoring it from 0 to 100. Clicking the button will take the review agent to our Whitepages Pro Identity Check website.
Many manual review teams in e-commerce have found a correlation between the validity of the billing email address and fraudulent orders.
In short, Magento is an open-source content management system that allows companies to set up customizable online storefronts.
We were already utilizing an address verification system (AVS) and we added credit value validation (CVV) checks. Magento has two well-known editions; The Community Edition, which allows small to mid-sized e-commerce companies to set up a store for free, and the Enterprise Edition, which has more features and includes technical support, but requires an annual maintenance fee.
These providers take a percentage of all transactions and do not guarantee all transactions. We recommend that vendors rely on their credit card processor’s rules to auto-approve good orders and use our identity score as a tool for manual review.
Open-loop cards can be used at any location that accepts the processing company listed on the front, like an American Express branded gift card for example. If there are no physical goods to accompany an e-gift card purchase, then the merchant will only have billing contact information to verify an order. As a strong partner for Magento, we’ve created a solution that helps agents quickly validate if an online order is fraudulent.

The vendor removes the question and reviews all questionable transactions and makes a decision. In the individual order view, our extension will give you details regarding the person’s addresses, phone, email and IP address. Closed-loop cards can only be used at the retailer of purchase—this scenario is where the most fraud occurs. Speaking from my personal experience with fraud management systems, I’ll tell you why the Pro extension is the perfect complement to Magento and fraud detection.
By relying on these types of tools, vendors rarely learn how to properly review a transaction for fraud and sadly end up rejecting good orders. That means profitability is increased and vendors are not relying on a third party to make decisions for them. Identity Check evaluates the billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers, IP address, and email address.
Additionally, there is a time constraint because merchants have only a few hours to validate the order before the e-gift card goes live.
With less information than a traditional physical goods order and a small time window to catch the fraudsters, merchants need to take a new approach to this problem.
Agents can click on suspicious addresses, phone numbers, or names to pull up more information.

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