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Google PhonebookA­ has a reverse directory feature, which shows a name and address for phone numbers.
Reverse phone lookup works best if you start with a landline number for a business or residence. These books listed businesses and residences, but they didn't include unlisted, fax or cell phone numbers. The Internet's speed and convenience brought an end to paper directories and made reverse phone number lookup another search engine function. Using Google or another search engine, type the phone number in the search field with the numbers separated by hyphens (for example, 622-555-1777).
Usually, when receiving a call from a cell phone number, you will recognize the caller from the number and proceed to communicate with the person.
I have been looking for a company that provides nationwide reverse phone searches for quite some time.
I had to find the cell phone number of an old business partner to see if he was messing around with my business. As one of the Nation’s leading information research agencies, we can guarantee you, our client, 100% confidentiality.

Before the Internet, phone companies published reverse phone directories, or reverse white pages, by specific town or area and made them available to the police, libraries and others. Are you a law enforcement, or government, agency that needs bulk reverse cell phone lookup?
Our licensed investigators have the ability to search our exclusive database and resources for information not listed on other reverse phone lookup sites. We will use all our resources in order to find the appropriate information for the particular phone number. Our licensed investigators pride themselves on being able to find 100% accurate information, and if they are not able to find any information on your reverse phone number, there will be no charge for the service. The Google Phonebook result shows the phone owner's name, street address and a map link showing the exact location. This is a necessary part of communication because you have to trust that the other person is who they say they are.
We pride ourselves on the high standards of our records research and can assure you with confidence that your research will be carried out in an honest and professional manner. When we find results, we make sure they are 100% verified accurate information for cell phone numbers.

We have built these resources up over a period of 15 years and are always expanding our systems to provide the most accurate information available. Below the Phonebook result, you'll see any other searches found that include the phone number.
Besides name, address and map, this site provides the phone number owner's approximate age.
As with a search engine, you'll usually be given the person's name, street address and a link to a map for driving directions. These usually are paid functions that can provide unlisted and cell phone numbers for the person, as well as other personal information. If you want these services, you can pay for each search individually or pay an annual fee for unlimited number lookups.

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