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First of all, it’s hard to believe one person has such a comprehensive grasp of the massive body of material. Sherri’s strategies for learning the ‘brain dump items’ and the simple test-taking strategies were critical as well.
ONE AFTERNOON in March, 1999 I wandered down the river from my home in Dutchess County, until I ended up at Tarrytown, where one of the largest factories on the Hudson River was then being ripped apart.
NORTH TARRYTOWN'S GM PLANT had its beginnings nearly 100 years earlier, when a large factory took shape here around 1903 to produce automobiles for the Maxwell-Briscoe company. They used Keir as the basis for their coursework and then after my Capstone course she recommended I use their prep material and review course.
I remember thinking, as I sat through the test, “Really, is this all there is?” The Keir prep had that effect. The General Motors plant actually stood not in Tarrytown but at Sleepy Hollow, about 20 miles above Manhattan on the river's east shore.
GM discovered it was cheaper to build its cars in third world countries than here in the US.

The Keir questions and case studies are much harder than the CFP questions I can assure you. But the class, taught by Sherri Donaldson, who also writes their material, was quite the experience. The site was slated for residential redevelopment, but a decade later it remained a vast, empty lot, the concrete slab of its old assembly floor studded with the stumps of steel girders, something like a clear cut forest.
This class brings together massive amounts of information in a way that’s easily digestible. It struck me back then as very telling that the plant should be demolished so soon after it closed. General Motors purchased the plant in 1916 and assigned the facility to its Chevrolet division, which the plant continued to serve for the next 80 years.
You will learn strategies on how to take the exam, how to prepare for it, and if you follow the formula – you should pass. Continued expansions transformed the plant into a mammoth installation, straddling both sides of the adjacent railroad tracks.

Despite moving all those jobs to Mexico, the company in 2006 found itself teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, with losses mounting into the billions of dollars. From an early age I can recall passing the factory on trains going to and from New York, brand new cars marshalled neatly near the tracks awaiting shipment out across the continent.
A number of foriegn automakers, such as Toyota, Honda and Daimler-Chrysler, seem to have figured out how to assemble cars here in America and remain profitable.
While those steel stumps cast long shadows across the Sleepy Hollow waterfront in the late afternoon sun, GM is still figuring out how to stay solvent, skilled American workers are still looking for full-time jobs and health insurance, and passengers on passing trains still look out across Sleepy Hollow's big empty lot, wondering what comes next.

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