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The Subscriber Identity Module or SIM is a removable chip that is inserted into a GSM mobile phone and is usually concealed behind the battery. One of the biggest advantages of using a SIM cards is that you are not cell phone restricted. The advantage of having a cell phone that accepts different SIM cards is that you are not SIM card restricted. An unlocked phone can mean major savings when abroad; by purchasing a local pay as you go SIM card you can save on roaming charges.
The locking feature is referred to as a SIM lock, network lock, simlock or subsidy lock; the latter reflecting that most post pay cellular phones are discounted as an inducement to sign the service contract.
If you are getting an Invalid SIM Card or a SIM Card Error message, then it indicates that your mobile device remains tied to the issuing Network Carrier and you have inserted an invalid SIM into your handset. CDMA network providers identify mobile phones on their network with the use of the handsets ESN (Electronic Serial Number). Unlock BlackBerry & Other SmartphonesTechnology & expertise to deliver mobile phone services & SIM unblocking on global networks. Online IMEI UnlockingBlackBerry & Smart Phone IMEI unlocking is quick with our generator.Varies by brand, network provider, & country the phone is locked on. Unlocking your cell phone can seem like a confusing and daunting task, with so many different codes and instructions, professionals and services to choose from. Some people are completely oblivious to the fact that not all mobile phones have a SIM lock on, and some are often bought having already been opened up to all network service providers. Take your current sim card out of the cell phone handset, and take a sim card from a different network service provider to the one your current sim card is provided by, then insert it into your phone. To unlock your mobile phone, you need certain information, such as your mobile phone number and the name of the current network service provider and country, the cell phone handset manufacturera€™s name and the model number of the handset. The next step in the mobile unlocking process is to find the correct unlock code for your handset. The benefits of obtaining an unlock code from your network service provider is that you know they can be trusted (unlike if you opted to take the services of a cell phone market stall holder) and they will provide you with help and support throughout, plus it is faster and simpler as they do a lot of the leg work for you.
If you dona€™t want to pay A?20 to your network service provider for the unlocking of your mobile phone, see step four to see other ways of obtaining the unlock code you need.
If you dona€™t want to go through your network service provider, or want to find a cheaper or even free way of unlocking your cell phone handset then you can find various websites and blogs offering instructions and unlock codes.

Some old phones cannot be unlocked, and you can find out whether yours can or not by asking your network service provider. If you want free unlock codes, try mobile unlocking forums, but make sure the codes have been tried and tested first! Once you have found the correct unlock code for your handset, all that is left to do is use it.
It is a small piece of  plastic with a printed circuit board on it that has been programmed by the manufacturer on behalf of the Network Carrier who issued you the mobile phone. You can place the SIM card into another phone and it will work with your same number and network. But first you have to get the mobile phone unlocked. Once unlocked a mobile phone will accept SIM cards from other networks and will work on the frequency and bands of different carriers. If your phone is still locked it will not recognise a SIM card from a different network provider. A SIM card lock or block is different and happen when the security PIN number is entered incorrectly. This means that they are capable of working on different networks and on different frequencies.
These are know as Dual SIM card phones and can give a cell phone user an additional phone number with which to work. The ability to transpose our phone number and device data by simply transferring it onto another mobile handset makes it versatile and practical. Here is a simple 5 step guide to make you a little clearer on the process of mobile phone unlocking and unlock codes. Some professionals may still charge you for unlocking your phone without telling you it was already unlocked, so to make sure you dona€™t get caught out, here is how to find out. A There are two ways to obtain the correct code for your handset, either through your network service provider (although they some may charge) or via various helpful websites and blogs on the internet. Although the benefits are that it could cost you little or nothing at all, there are plenty of things you need to watch out for. If you ask a website or dona€™t ask at all and pay for the unlocking service then the website may not compensate you if they cannot unlock your phone. However, inputting the unlock code requires a different process for every handset and model.

If a SIM card get locked, the phone will usually display a message asking you to enter the PUK code.
This is especially useful if you are planning to travel to and use your mobile phone in another country. You just switch back an forth to determine which SIM card you want service on. If you use a different network, the phone must be unlocked or a SIM card from a different service provider will not not work on a DUAL SIM phone. It does not leave you SIM card restricted or cell phone restricted because on an unlocked mobile phone you have the choice of what SIM card you want to use. If anywhere on the website it states that they a€?cannot guarantee the code will worka€? then do not hand over any cash, as you can almost guarantee what you pay for will not be an authentic unlock code. You should have been given instructions by whoever you obtained the unlock code from, or they may have even offered to carry out this part of the process as part of the service. The countries in which the phone will accept service in will depends on which three frequency bands are on the phone.
In the United States Verizon and Sprint are CDMA carriers while AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM networks. Remember if you are getting an Invalid SIM Card or SIM Card Error message then you need to get the unlock code for your cellphone and have it unlocked.
If, however, you do get some form of error message, then your phone is not already unlocked and requires an unlock code to be used on any other network service provider.
Some high street phone shops will charge for unlocking your phone, but are safer than websites. But if you do need simple and easy instructions, head to a mobile unlocking forum or blog, where you should find tried and tested methods of unlocking almost every mobile handset and model.
Whether using a website or high street phone shop, search for reviews and comments about them before handing over any money, as they could be a scam.

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