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For help with writing your resume, networking with employers, and finding your perfect wind job, visit the CareerBuilder Resource Center at U.S.
Today, with computers used in almost all industries and in practically every career function from manufacturing and production to office finance and retail operations most of the demand for environmental sustainability jobs will be for green collar professionals with backgrounds in information systems to oversee software and hardware installation, system management and upgrades, programming and network and security management. In early 2010 in recognition of the growing importance of the environmental sustainability movement, the U.S.
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And this insight is very helpful in planning a career,” said Paul LaPorte, manager of economic analysis and information in the Chicago office of the BLS. Bureau of Labor Statistics handbook, jobs in environmental sustainability or green careers are becoming big business; especially, as the global market expands and more companies expand their commitment to environmental sustainability.
Bureau of Labor Statistics announced its intention to begin measuring and reporting data on green jobs in future editions of The Occupational Outlook Handbook. Green Technology’s weekly newsletter to receive the latest green technology information, including the latest green jobs, blogs, news, and events.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) features insights into the job market through 2018, projections of long-term job growth, and employment prospects for nearly 300 occupations. According to LaPorte, the latest Outlook spotlights the fastest-growing green occupations in areas such as management, business and financial operations, computer sciences and health care. Indeed, careers in environmental sustainability are expected to grow much faster than the average job market as a whole, translating to about a 20 percent increase per year, at least until 2018. But training for many other support or technician positions can be completed with a two-year associate degree or certificate from a community college. Growth areas in environmental sustainability can be found in fields of environmental law, green building and construction, renewable energy, hydrology and organic agriculture to name just a few.

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