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Basil confirmed iMessage works, he says FaceTime shows it is ‘connected’ but has yet to test it out for 100% confirmation. Of course, by using the iPad Air on WIND Mobile, you are limited to the 3G network and no LTE. Also yes the iPad may want to join the WIND-Away network more often, but that is because the WIND-Away network is just Rogers, which in most cases has a strong signal, and may be stronger than the WIND network.
Rogers senior VP of regulatory affairs, Ken Engelhart, responded and dismissed the allegations his company was inefficient.
WIND Mobile’s intricate ownership alignment shows control by Canadian equity owners but its initial launch was backed by 80% funding from parent company Orascom, owned by Sawiris.
Since then, the company has amassed 317,000 subscribers (45,000 added last quarter), but it pales in comparison to the combined 23.5 million combined subscribers of Rogers, Telus and Bell. Every time we see one carrier introduce a plan or price change–the others quickly follow suit. Yeah…I most likely would have jumped ship by now if the iPhone was AWS (well, Pentaband actually, so I could roam on a pre-paid sim card outside the city). I’ve thought about switching for the SGIIX or the Galaxy Nexus (and the unlimited $35 plan) but I can never let go of my damn iPhone.
The big 3 are so entrenched in the Canadian market, protected by regulations and are also tv and internet providers. If they got iPhone support, then we can seriously make inroads in the Canadian marketplace.
Yep; I was with Fido (owned by Rogers), and my company wanted to bring me under the Telus corporate plan. At every turn I gave Fido a chance to keep paying them as a customer, even when the corporate plan with Telus was clearly in my best interest. He was apologetic, and completely understood when I told him it made no sense for me to stay with Fido given the corporate offer. In the last few days I’ve been called four times by the number I marked as Fido telemarketing. If you got the iPhone on AWS but with dropped calls, bad reception and small sized local calling areas, I HIGHLY doubt ANYONE will switch.
In any case, we are a small company, we’re not getting the deep volume discounts a big company gets, so the only real benefits the corporate plan gives us over a consumer-priced offer is a) our minutes are pooled, and b) the activation credit. If only WIND and other new entrants had a chance to join the regular GSM frequencies…I bet this would be a different story. Actually, I support partially what Sawairis said in the part that the game in Canada used to be a tripoly, three big companies controlling the market their way giving same pricing plans more or less, you can select one way to be killed, one can execute you by head chopping, the other will give you bullets in your body, and the third will hang you, on the other hand, knowing how Wind employed their unqualified personnel, which never had the experience of starting operations from scratch, they screwed up big deal, and until now they are still shooting in the darkness aiming no targets but shooting for shooting spending Sawairis money for nothing.
A new post on its blog reveals that Wind Mobile's HD voice service is now available throughout Canada, which gives users great call quality with background-noise-cancelling technology.
The HSPA+ network upgrades in Wind Mobile's network were completed back in September of 2012. Telus has recently launched the HTC One X, one of the best Android handsets currently in market. KOODO Mobile has recently announced via Facebook that the Nokia Lumia 610 will be available on Friday, July 6th.
Samsung has recently stated via Twitter that the Canadian Galaxy S III launch has been delayed.
Fido has added yet another affordable but impressive option to their line-up of Android devices.
When Videotron announced their 3G network a few months back, one of the biggest parts of the announcement for gadget and device lovers was that they would be carrying the Google Nexus One. Now on to the operating system and software, it looks like the PlayBook is going to fill in the gaps that Apple's IPad currently has, including FULL Adobe Flash 10.1 support! Some information?s published by The National Post inform us about pricing of new iPhone 3G plans.
Rogers have announced too this morning the launch of the Lg VU in Canada early in May 2008. After several information that have been circulating on the Internet, especially among Engadget and it is proven true, here this morning that Rogers and RIM announced the releases of BlackBerry Pearl 8110. We received a lot of e-mail (Thanks Migg and Gadgetorama) informing us that the Canadian web site of Apple posted a conference on the iPhone in Eaton Center of Toronto.
Engadget informs us that T-Mobile announced this morning a new alternative of SideKick, Dwayne Wade.

It is Engadget which published in first this photograph of the successor of the 6700 at Verizon. It is with the 3GSM of Barcelona, that I-Matt chose to reveal these new apparatuses under Windows Mobile 6. The service is Guaranteed to work (if you claim it doesn't, we may ask a video or good quality photos proof before issuing a refund). We never refund a service for a delay reason, if the server is slowly you do wait the answer from the server. We cannot cancel an order, when we receive your payment we cannot cancel your order and we cannot refund you.
If the service is not available or if we cannot find a code for your device we will refund you immidiatly. If your device is on the national blacklist (lost or stolen) or if your device is not compatible with the network you want use, we will not refund you, please do verification before order. On some case, you need to have the original ROM on your device, the code may be cannot work if you use a custom ROM.
The images below clearly show the iPad Air connected to WIND Mobile and Basil notes he is using the company’s $35 data stick plan. The device will attempt to connect to the best network that it can, same goes for the iPhone, but since you presumably want to stay on the WIND network and avoid national roaming charges, it would be prudent to manually select the WIND network under carrier settings. Six months ago if you’d asked me, I would have said that we look forward to Apple making the iPhone 5 available on AWS. I quite liked Fido, said so to the retentions rep, told them what I was being offered to port my number over, and could they match it. If the Big 3 are so privileged here then why did a shrewd business man not do his research ahead of time.
Head office said enough, in all honestly why beg when you can get a $29 deal by just walking into a store? The carriers here in Canada have no competitive advantage if they are trying to launch their services somewhere else in the world. Waiving the ETF at this point in my 3 year contract would’ve been the equivalent of 2-3 months service. And not 1 but 3 companies are doing that together to control the market and limit our choices. Something needs to be done when this looks to be a reoccurring issue, with multiple businesses.
Unfortunately the device was declared sold-out within just a few days of the launch, however Videotron has recently announced that it is back in stock! The PlayBook, which is RIM's contribution to the tablet market, features an array of top-end specifications, and the OS is developed, as rumoured, by QNX.
The Visual Voice mail and unlimited Internet for 30$ for customer data plan and 45$ for enterprise data plan. The Pearl 8110 camera has a 2.0 mega pixels, a global positioning system and support the downloading of music via the Rogers Music Store. Several free hands Bluetooth for car already exist, for example, by the waves FM, radio operator Bluetooth, but here a Bluetooth mirror. If you order with a credit card we will refund that card, if you use paypal we will refund the same account you have use to order. Orascom recently merged with VimpelCom, a massive Russion wireless company that brings the combined total number of customers to 200 million worldwide.
Coming off my three year contract with Rogers, my research for a new monthly plan shows a minimum of exactly $70 per month for any voice plan plus 6GB data plan from either Rogers, Telus and Bell.
Today, I would say it’s much less important to us as consumers are really jumping at high-end Android phones from a number of manufacturers. It is hard for a new company to come into this market, but it looks like they are growing fast. The rep said that earlier this year the head office clamped down on their ability to give out retention deals worth a damn. Also nothing would stop a discount brand from being successful here of they could actually meet the service demands for Canadians. If their head office won’t their retentions staff cut a deal to eat $150 in order to keep me as a customer another 36 months, it is they who are lacking common sense.
They just steal people’s money and their workers are extremely rude, I realized I have been topping up into the wrong account, I always pay $45 into the account even if it is not finished yet.

Users in Edmonton And Calgary are the ones who stand to gain the most from these upgrades as Wind Mobile continues to further improve its network throughout 2012. As of Tuesday of this week, Videotron's Nexus One stock has been replenished, and most retail outlets should have handsets available. Video conferencing is made available via the front facing camera, and the device can access your BBM, e-mail, calendar, etc., by pairing with your BlackBerry smartphone. With that, you need add a regular voice plan but in fact the final bill by month for iPhone 3G of Rogers will be minimum 90$.
This is a conference to teach you how to use your "new iPhone." The meetings are scheduled on Saturday afternoons from 10 November to 24 November.
The characteristic sides, you will be levelled with an antenna Wifi G, but no 3G on the side of the cellular ones.
I find it odd the plans are all similar in nature down to the included minutes and features. They wouldn’t even waive the ETF to upgrade me from my 3GS to a 4S, even after I told him we were getting an activation credit that doubled what the ETF would cost.
I personally cancelled my 25 dollar plan with Wind which became more like 75 dollar plan with roaming charges.
We even contacted Wind to see about helping bring it to Quebec but we were told they are not ready and do not have an adequate billing system.
But I realized my 3g has not been working, I could not call or send messages so I went to top up again but the worker there, ‘Justin A’ said I still had money in the account? This device work too with Vision Plan like Video on request, Radio on request, Mobile Tv and Rogers Music Store. It also seems possible to register for these meetings, but the Apple site informs us that the activity is now "reserved". According to the photograph it will function under Windows Mobile 5 AKU3, but since now Windows Mobile 6 left let us hope that Verizon will require of the manufacturer Windows Mobile 6.
For approximately 170 $ American you will be able gotten this gadget which will be able to give you subjects for conversation with your passengers in the absence of speaking on the telephone. In the states with a one year contract I negotiated a plan with 6 gigs of data and unlimited coast to coast text and talk. Then probably customers will only go with the carriers that has more valuable with customer service.
Yes, we pay a premium for apple products however we get it back tenfold in the lack of aggravation we receive from them.
Thankfully it looks like they’re expanding coverage quickly now and their customer numbers are growing quickly.
Dropped calls, being unavailable, and being in wind away zones when she was even in downtown Vancouver really pissed her off. I think Canadian government should gives certain quotas and helps to those new entrant in order to lower the monthly cost of ppl.
I called customer service and he said “there has not been any payment made to this account” WTH!!
We’ll see what happens with iPhone 5, which looks like an October time frame for its release, but I’m not holding out any hope. Never once was I able to get through to their customer service Not Once, after hour long waits the phone would drop the calls.
Songs didn’t transfer from my iphone after upgrading, not only did they get me my songs back but they also gave me credits as well. The operating costs, maintaining limited network cost , service cost, other business cost are incomparable to maintaining these services,and well, for 300k subscriber and 6million subscribers is very different. If wind is charging 25 dollars for servicing 300k people imagine what it would charge to service 6million. Or I probably should just give them back their Sim card and everything and move just to Rogers or Bell cause I’m done!!!
You want to shell out 700$ for an iPhone go to unlocked and use on any GSM network.

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