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Once upon a time, whenever a consumer needed to find a local restaurant, dry cleaner, plumber, TV repairman, florist or pretty much anything, they lugged out the big yellow book. The Yellow Pages concept became so popular that as business began to shift online in recent years, so did the yellow pages solutions. Just as consumers naturally turned to the big yellow book in print, they turned to the online version.
One of the things consumers often found frustrating about the Yellow Pages was its limited number of categories.
Businesses, on the other hand, found the concept of search engines to be quite a bit more daunting than the much simpler Yellow Pages. While getting a high ranking on Google for category keywords may be difficult, it is important to update a business’ online platform. Having a social media presence across Google+, Facebook or Yelp is crucial for today’s local businesses, as customers want to feel connected and valued. The key to getting the most from these online services is providing good products, value and customer service. Apple has partnered with Yellow Pages in Canada to expand its data for Canadian businesses in Maps. While Apple is reportedly making an effort to reduce its reliance on partners, for now, it takes partnerships to make improvements in areas where Maps is weak. Known as the Yellow Pages, the big yellow book provided a complete listing, by category, of all of the businesses in the consumer’s local area.

Sometimes it was difficult to determine in exactly what category to search for a particular product or service, whereas with Google and other search engines, they could simply type in a few words and be taken to the right place. Once this is taken care of, it’s possible to augment this presence by purchasing advertising. Particularly, small businesses can gain more valuable (and free) advertising through social media than through any paid source. While it might be cost-effective for some types of businesses, your primary focus should be on your online presence and customer interactions if you want to build long-term customer relationships.
This is published by Etecsa, the Cuban government run phone company, featuring hundreds of private businesses in Cuba so this is an official step into Capitalism for the Cuban government. There are 27 blue pages listing departments and phone numbers for dozens of Cuban government ministries.
There are about 80 yellow pages featuring hundreds of private businesses in just about every category that you would find in any major city yellow pages. However, this is a VERY thin yellow page section for a city of more than one million people. The data provided by Yellow Pages includes addresses, geolocation data, phone number, business type, operation hours, and photos.
Customer review sites such as Yelp can make or break a business, so when a Yelp page is managed carefully, it can be invaluable to a local business. Although most Cuban people may not be able to afford new Chinese made appliances, Haier bought the full back cover of the Havana yellow pages.

The delivery of phone books began in Pennsylvania in 1903.The company petitioned the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in September for the change, and the regulatory agency approved the request in a 5-0 vote. 1.For those who may think this is the end of the phone-book era, though, that would be premature. If they do not want a paper book, they can ask for a CD-ROM with residential listings.Verizon does not expect many people to take up the offer, though.
In its petition to the PUC, Verizon said that, in one state where AT&T offers residential white pages upon request, just 2 percent of customers asked for them.Verizon cast the move as environmentally friendly and one that could save about 2,200 tons of low-grade paper used to print the books. It says it distributes 12 million books in Pennsylvania."The more paperless the better," said Terry Samuels, of Media.
She said she still had the last phone book, but probably has not looked up a number in about a year. According to a Gallup survey in 2008, only 11 percent of households reported looking up a residential phone number in one, Verizon said.Verizon spokesman Lee J.
Andrew Shane, a spokesman for SuperMedia, said people still seemed to be interested in the business listings in the printed books.

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