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EVERYDAY starts with a little over 30 minutes of interval-type aerobics at the beginning of each workout. I truly believe that adding in an intense weight training routine into my workout this time around, while losing weight, has been a HUGE factor as to why I've been able to drop inches so fast. And because I love you, here is a printable of these routines too, so you can have them to reference whenever you want.
You can listen to a playlist I made that includes JUST these songs, if you visit this link here.
Reality star Trista Sutter gave birth to son Maxwell Alston on July 26th and although the 35-year-old has lost a good amount of the 30 pounds gained during the pregnancy, she still is trying to get rid of the last of it. Around the house, I used to wear shorts with tank tops, but now I feel more self-conscious around Ryan. Because I’m so uncomfortable about my belly, I have to wear long stuff or put a spandex shirt beneath a tight top. After the c-section, I had to wait six weeks, which is hard because all these other new moms are doing yoga and boxing. Five times a week for an hour we do a combination of yoga, Pilates, and power-lifting exercises.
IfI eat something that I shouldn’t, Ryan shakes his finger at me andsays, ‘Uh, uh, uh!’ He’s been awesome, 100 percent supportive.
Then I got [gestational] diabetes and I had to cut down on all my carbs and really focus on eating more balanced. Were you happy with the amount of time that it took you to losethe weight from your pregnancy? Please tell me this is just to get yourself on a magazine, did Maxwell’s birth not teach you anything? I am sorry but I have to say that a truly supportive husband would be telling his wife that she looked beautiful no matter what her size is not that she shouldn’t be eating something. Trista, I wish you good luck in losing your baby weight, and getting your body back to the way you want it.
This is an extremely dangerous interview for a magazine to be publishing but also for CBB to post on. Not only that, but I worry that new moms who are breastfeeding get proper nutrition for themselves and their baby, not about being 116 pounds. I would prefer if CBB would be more conscious of the words it posts, and articles like this one can be the final straw that pushes a woman to bulimia or anorexia because it tells her that she is inadequate if she’s not in a 26 inch waist for her jeans. I would have thought that Trista would have had a healthier view of post-partum weight loss. I’m sorry but didn’t she try forever to get pregnant and then almost died giving birth! Ask almost any mother who and they will tell you it took six months to a year to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight and that your body will never be the same. I think that Trista might have had an unrealistic expectation of what losing the baby weight would be.

I gave birth in July too, only three months ago and half fifteen more pounds to lose but know that it takes time and that’s okay. And trust me, if your husband really loves you, he means it when he says he still finds you sexy. Trista should focus on the fact that she had a healthy baby and not worry about her weight.
I wonder if Trista forgets what she went through in the last month of her pregnancy with their son? I think she should just focus on raising her newborn and enjoy motherhood and all the beauty that comes with that.
That being said, losing the baby weight and feeling uncomfortable with a new body is hard on many new mamas.I gained 22 lbs with my daughter, and my body just seemed to look different. People had told me a TRILLION times before that lifting weights was "good for you", but it wasn't until about the second month, that I realized how much it WAS actually working in my favor!
To be honest, I can barely finish it now, so I'm pretty sure I'd be in a body bag somewhere if I would have attempted this 60+ pounds ago. You're suppose to be doing each exercise one after another, with very little rest time in between. Fifteen pounds did fall off immediately, but the fact thatit’s been three months and I’m still not in them is a bummer. Ithas a layer of fat, which, of course, your body has to put on, but it’sblubbery and I hate it.
My husband, being the triathlete that he is, said I would ride the bike while he went running, but he was doing circles around me. As the pregnancy progressed, I was feeling better, and I ate tons of French fries; it was awesome. My father-in-law just said this is a sad time, because we have more healthy food in our refrigerator than beer!
Do you have any suggestions for Tristaon how to lose those last few pounds or how to handle not being back atpre-pregnancy weight? She wants to lose 10 lbs and isn’t pleased because she is 10 lbs heavier than her target weight. It’s not always easy for a woman to regain the shape she had before becoming pregnant.
From most moms that I have talked to, it takes about 9 months to a year to get back to your pre-baby body. Why did her friend tell her she would be able to fit into her old jeans when she left the hospital?
I feel she is placing unnecessary pressure on herself and she should not feel disgusted because she has an extra ten pounds on her when she gave birth to a child.
We all struggle with this, and at 3 months post partum, she shouldn’t expect to have her pre-baby body yet.
She has a beautiful, healthy baby boy and it just saddens me that she is seemingly quite concerned with her weight.

I lost most of it after 2 or 3 weeks, but it took about 5 full months before I had my body back.
Also, weight loss is a touchy subject, whether you're 100lbs or 400lbs and everyone's got their own opinion on how things "should be done", when trying to achieve a body image goal, but since I HAVE had so many people wondering about what I do everyday, I thought I'd just go ahead and share. I LOVE this type of aerobic workout, because it makes the time FLY and burns lots of calories!
I moved to the main part of the gym, and now run right smack-in-the-middle of the free weight section.
And because I'm freakin' crazy and want to lose ALL my weight THIS year, I actually do cardio BEFORE the Shellinator too.
There is NO WAY that I would be able to make it through a single workout, without some awesome booty shakin' music pushing me along.
I want to be able to go bathing suit shoppingfor a vacation and not feel totally disgusted — I just don’t feel goodin a lot of my clothes. When I danced for the Miami Heat, a lot of times I led the ab exercises, so the fact that I can’t focus on it when it used to come easy to me is frustrating!
I ate more Wendy’s when I was pregnant than I ever have the whole time we’ve been married! Jennifer Garner is a rock star, and Jennifer Aniston has a phenomenal body — maybe I’ll get there! A lot of my friends have felt this way after giving birth, and I think Trista Sutter is a good counterpoint to the Hollywood mamas who are back down to a size two a month after having their baby. Babies grow SOOOO fast and one day she will regret all the time spend in the gym that she could have spent with her son. Unfortunately for Trista, her friend set that expectation by telling her that she would fit into her pre-pregnancy jeans! Once I get to a point where I want to maintain my weight, my eating will change a bit and so will my workouts, I'm sure. I want to feel, and look, sexy again for him.Even though he is being nice and saying he’s still attracted to me, Iwant to feel like he’s telling me the truth and not just saying itbecause he’s a good husband. Great to exercise and be healthy, but to even entertain the idea that her husband may not be attracted to her when she carried their child?
The best advice on baby weight I received was from my childbirth class teacher, who said that it takes nine months to put on all the weight, so, realistically, not to expect it to come off in much less time.
Having been weight obsessed in the past, its nice to focus on eating as providing for my baby. My daughter will be one in two weeks, and I started Weight Watchers when she was six months old, and I am just now reaching my goal.

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