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After researching a lot, scientists still haven’t found the key to keeping us young forever though there are certain anti aging foods that can help counteract the negative effects aging has on the body, says a random study. These anti-aging food won’t make you younger or stop you from getting older, but they can help you in to prolong your life by protecting you against disease and illness. Antioxidants in blueberries, curry powder, pomegranate juice, walnuts certain fruit and spices, and omega-3 fatty acids in some nuts (walnuts) and oils (flax) are anti aging foods and may curb inflammation linked with age-related dementia. High-potassium foods (yogurt, spinach) help keep blood pressure in check, and antioxidants, whole grains and healthy fats may work to prevent cholesterol buildup in arteries. Vitamin E in almonds and more may reduce muscle damage during a workout, so getting plenty can help you make it to the gym tomorrow. Berries, baby spinach, lemon are anti aging; contain lycopene and beta-carotene help block UV rays to thwart aging.

Almonds, baby spinach, black beans, blueberries, bulgur wheat, cinnamon, pistachios, quinoa, raisins, walnuts are anti aging foods they are high in fiber or protein keep you full, so you’re less likely to overeat l. Debbie Goard has been making cakes for nearly 20 years, which helps her to make true masterpieces. To prevent the aging in skin, tomatoes can be a miraculous anti aging food in combination with olives.
But consider the downside of certain dairy products, the copious amount of sugar present in certain yogurts, the lack of live active enzymes in many, and the inability of our body to produce enough of the enzyme that’s required to digest it, which is substantially reduced as we age.
After seeing these photos, I was salivating like a doga€¦ Dona€™t go see this post if youa€™re hungry. Dark chocolate can be helpful or hurtful, depending too on the amount of its sugar content, the heat used to process it, and the amount of healthy cocoa that remains for consumption.

This way, you’ll be drinking a no calorie, no chemical drink all day long water is a good alternative of many chemical and calorie containing drinks that take a big part in aging process. The reason behind is Cocoa contains flavonols a chemicals that support blood vessels to calm, keeping them youthful, alert and supple. I wouldn’t be lining up for example to drink chemical laden water with fluoride, water dispensed in plastic bottles, nor water containing fluoride ( fish die in this stuff by the by).

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