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If you just want to lose a few pounds and get into shape, cardio exercise is the most effective and in most cases cheapest way to achieve your fitness goals. If you are committed to losing those extra pounds, there are a number of highly effective and cost effective cardio exercise methods that will certainly help you on your way. Jogging doesn’t require any special equipment and you don’t need any real training to enjoy a good run. To get the most out of cycling, you do need to invest in a half decent bike, which is going to set you back considerably more than a skipping rope.
If you prefer to take your cardio exercise indoors, the elliptical trainer is one of the best machines for a full workout. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Now days, one of the major concern among the middle aged people is to lose excess weight by burning out fat.
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First, you will burn calories and lose belly fat by doing exercises that burn belly fat (such as cardio, HIIT and full body exercises). Second, by doing belly fat exercises, you gain muscles just like with any exercise and those muscles need energy to sustain.
All people under 65 should perform 30 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise at least five days a week or 20 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise three days a week, advises the American College of Sports Medicine. The way fat is distributed on your body has to do with many factors, including genetics, age and gender. Most people focus on strength – getting stronger exercises achilles tendonitis stronger.
Going hard for a minute, then easy for a minute, then hard, for 20 minutes is more effective than doing an hour of medium intensity. The best exercise for belly fat is not just one exercise, but a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition, in addition to doing Ab exercises and Cardio workouts.
Workout for your complete body along with effective abdominal exercises and a nutritious diet are key to burn that stubborn BELLY FAT. No doubt we are living in times where a lot of importance is attached to the way we look, and the pressure is even more on women. I know there are many who yearn to get that tight, muscular, and shapely waistline; and if you have already researched from your side most would seem to suggest doing Ab Exercises coupled with cardio exercises. Before going forward, you may want to read on the most common reasons for that stubborn belly fat.
Though everybody needs to be aware of the dangers of having excess fat, teenagers especially are more conscious about their looks. Contrary to most popular belief, there is no single exercise that will help you to get that dream abs, which everyone desires. Sure, it might make our abs stronger, but then it is not so easy to remove the belly fat just by using one particular exercise, or using any particular equipment. You need to focus on other things as well; you need a holistic approach that will also focus on lifestyle related aspects of your life. By keeping your focus on all these areas, it is possible to achieve much better results than what you would achieve doing only ab-crunches all the time. In case, you’re looking for the best exercise for belly fat and more abdomen related exercises, you may check out these best abdominal exercises for men and the best abs exercises for women.
To get the best out of your workout plan, it is also equally important to have a control over your diet, and keep a close tab on what goes inside your stomach.
Though, fasting once in a while is good, do not resort to crash dieting or fasting for longer periods. Obviously, weight loss is an important component to getting rid of the nasty little love handles. They are basically the same as regular crunches, except that the main focus is on the oblique muscles (the love handles). Essentially, love handles are created due to the overflow of excess fat in the abdomen area, and gravity works to extend the fat out to the sides, causing the unlovely love handles to appear.
Exercises for love handles specifically targeted for the abdomen will certainly work, but a more regimented exercise that encompasses the whole body is actually more effective.
One common complaint that many of you have is – I do crunches and sit ups every day and yet I don’t see results. These are some of the full body exercises that should be a part of your regular work out sessions.
Plank is one of the simplest exercises in the world which also work very well to flatten and tone your abs. To perform the exercise, you have to lie on your stomach with the upper body weight on your forearms. This is a very advanced abdominal exercise, hence it is very important for you to do it right and keep your lower back stable.

The captain’s chair exercise is fairly inexpensive equipment and very effective in toning your abdominal muscles. In case you are looking for more exercises, here are some good exercises for men, and exercises for women.
In case you are looking for more variety, here are good cardio workouts that can form part of your workout routine. If you are stuck with an exercise routine with no effects on your belly fat, then you need to stop it now.
Anybody who exercises regularly knows that getting your abs in shape takes the maximum time. Even though it makes sense to focus most of your time eating healthy and doing full body workout routines, the specific abdomen related exercises will help you to get that sculpted stomach, especially exercises such as the side plank.
Featured Gym Fitness NewsLondon's best outdoor fitness classes for summer: from breakfast barre to rooftop yoga - Evening StandardIs your fitness tracker making you less interested in walking? You can pick up a skipping rope up from most sports shops for only a couple of dollars and a mat for a few more. However, you will need a good pair of running shoes and be prepared for a few sore areas when for first start out.
That said, cycling is incredibly good fun, turning into as much a recreational pleasure for many people as it is exercise. There are a number of gyms that offer boxercise in Melbourne, which uses dedicated boxing training methods to help people lose weight and get fit. Calorie burn does vary from one person to another and also depends on the intensity of the activity not just the time. Shedding out fats is as important as eating nutritious food because fatty body is found to be significant risk factor in development of heart diseases and Diabetes.
Belly fat is really a more colloquial name for what is really abdominal obesity, or perhaps in a more clinical sense, central obesity. As you keep doing these belly flattening exercises you will get stronger bigger muscles and your body will be burning more energy (calories) even as you rest and this will result in you losing belly fat. However, as salad days are left behind and middle age encroaches, women are more predisposed to have fat on the hips and thighs, while men are subject to the dreaded "love handles." There's no guarantee that fat in a certain area will come off first after you begin your exercise program. There are many who exercise on a regular basis, but when it comes to their abs, most of them are not satisfied with the way their waistline looks.
Though these will definitely form part of your routine, there is more that needs to be done if you want good results. Most of the information available is in haphazard form and not in a workable exercise and nutrition program, which you can easily use.
And if you are middle aged, you definitely need to check this article on the dangers of having excess fat in the body. They are keen to get quick results, especially if they have to attend some special occasion or going out on a vacation, and they obviously want to look their best. Though you might want to focus only on the abs, exercising only that area rarely gives any results. You just cannot buy some equipment and start doing exercises for the abdomen, thinking that it will be flat in some time. Embarking on a dietary program that contains heart healthy foods, fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and foods high on vitamin and nutrient content will go a long way towards starting to lose the unwanted pounds. Exercises combined with dieting will do that trick that will make you love your body more than ever before. Sit at the edge of a bench and reach back just enough to support yourself from completely lying on the bench. Then put your hand beside your head then raise knees up to 45 degrees angle and then perform a pedaling motion like what you do when you ride the bicycle. To start, stand up straight with the stomach sucked in, legs straight and hands on the sides.
Well, to be completely honest, just doing crunches and sit ups don’t really help that much to lose belly fat. Here are some effective Belly Exercises that you may consider implementing in your routine. Bicycle Maneuver is your answer to effective and least expensive methods of reducing belly fat.
Sit on the stability ball in such a way that your knees are bent at and your feet are kept flat on the ground. However, there are many more who have not even taken the first step of going to a gym or beginning a fitness schedule. Once you get into the swing of skipping, you can burn off a whopping 100 calories every ten minutes. However, once you have got over your initial few weeks and build up your stamina, you will be able to burn off 600 calories in less than one hour. Swimming is also fully supportive, which is excellent for heavy people that are just starting out on their exercise regimes.

If you take on boxing training in a serious way, you may have to eat more to replace the calories you have burnt. Considering you can do that whilst watching TV, it does sound like a convenient way to lose those extra pounds.
So, to lose excess weight, people opt for many ways like fasting, following diet plans, etc. Whenever your body accumulates a certain amount of belly fat, the resulting effect is viewed in a swelling waist size, and therefore, the need to buy larger-size pants.
To perform crunches, you need to lie on a flat surface with your hands in your chest or behind you head.
Here, you are on the same position as with the crunches, you lie flat on your back and lift your legs six to twelve inches of the ground.
If you do not want to buy weights, you can simply fill up old tube socks with enough clean, unused cat litter to make one or two pound weight. Get down on the floor with your hands and knees, with muscles relaxed and looking straight ahead.
Simply lean the body from left to right being careful not to rotate the hips and while keeping body facing front.
And if you include some Ab exercises along with your daily work outs, it will do wonders at reducing and toning your abs.
Walk with both feet forward so that the ball rolls up the spine and fits exactly the curve of the lower back. But what is important is that you combine these exercises with complete body workout routines. You might be busy; you may not have time to get away from your computer desk but everybody desires a healthy body with flat abdomens.
At first, you won’t be able to keep the rope swinging for long, but once you build up your stamina you will certainly notice the pounds slipping off.
There is also the added bonus of being able to use your bike as transport for work, which can help you to save money.
If you ride your bike to the pool, you might find yourself shopping for some smaller clothes in only a matter of a few months. As there is also a proven connection between the buildup of belly fat and the morbidity associated with cardiovascular disease, you should really do all things in your power to burn off your central obesity before it might be too much of an irreversible problem.
With more muscle, you burn more calories just sitting there than somebody with less muscle. However, these were some very effective and the best abdominal exercises to burn belly fat, which you can always try out, but remember, they are effective only if you combine it with your regular work outs and a nutritious diet. But if you are just starting out, instead of doing all of them or most of them together, pick of three of them at a time, or better start with two of them. You need to create that metabolic demand, exhaust your muscles, and stimulate that hormonal response. Instead of bending side to side twist or rotate the upper body from left to right while keeping the legs straight.
There are several effective exercise to lose belly fat, most of which can be done from the comfort of your own home.
Exercises To Lose Belly FatWalkingOne of the first cardio exercises to lose belly fat is walking. Raise your head and shoulders and lift yourself, hold the position for a few moments, and come back to your original position.
If you follow a nutritious diet along with walking at a steady pace for 30-45 minutes not less than 4-5 days every week, you will witness a gentle change in your weight.CardioCardio is among the most effective ways to burn calories and shed unwanted flab out of your body. At the same time, doing cardio regularly will offer you with other health benefits for example reduction of stress, an increase in your lung capacity, better sleep along with a sense of overall well-being.CrunchesCrunches occupy the most important position when it comes to fat-burning exercises.
You may have read in gossip columns and seen on television that crunches are simply magical when it comes to cutting down belly fat. Now, it’s time that you simply start with this abs crunching exercise.SwimmingSwimming is a superb way to exercise your entire body.
The strokes that you select should be up-tempo and strenuous to be able to help you burn more calories. You can start with swimming 1-2 times each week.These are the some of the effective and straightforward exercises to reduce belly fat. Do 1 to 3 sets with 12 to 16 repetitions.JoggingShould you don’t like running, try jogging instead. Studies suggest that jogging is more effective at wearing down unwanted fat when compared to weightlifting. Press back from the pad then raise knees towards the chest to contract the abs then lower it well down.

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