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Search for advice on what to wear to an interview and you will likely come away with the previous mandate. I thought most applicants knew they needed to dress professionally for interviews and tried to do so, but I’ve received some comments from library directors suggesting they have seen too many applicants too far off base. 2) Submit your image of an outfit that you wore to a job interview that resulted in a job offer to me and I will post it on Librarian Hire Fashion.
This might be too casual for some interviews, but to me, it looks like a good mix of formality and personality.
One applicant wore a long, patterned skirt and crocheted sweater with the camisole visible underneath. One applicant wore a nice shirt, but paired it with jeans so skinny they looked painted on and giant athletic shoes.
I used to have very long hair but I cut it all off a week before the interview, and I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I forgot to say that the position I was interviewing for was for a place in the hiring pool for future job openings! Library staff typically dress at least business casual and dress warmly due to cool temperatures within the library.

Special thanks to Emily Weak of Hiring Librarians for her suggestions that lead to the title. I thought they successfully hit the mark of dressing slightly better than our part-time staff, even if they wore knit shirts or open-toed shoes which I think of as too informal for most interviews. She was probably the most formally dressed, but clearly lacked the skills or personality to fill the position. While more casual than I would be brave enough to wear to an interview, I thought she, too, was appropriately dressed for our environment. I ended up just teasing it and pulling it back into a tiny bun (typical librarian hair) and it looked fine. When I have more time, I’ll try to track it down and add the comment in the proper place. Even changing the shoe for something more formal would have suggested that she took the interview seriously. Tattoos and piercings are normal for the system, so I wasn’t worried about covering mine up. Narrow all interview dress advise to that applicable to library-type environments, and there is even less information.

After a year, a high school position opened up in a neighboring district, so I took a job there, my current job. If you’ve had a successful interview, will you submit an image of what you wore and help the newest crop of MLIS graduates step up from their casual presentation? Despite that, she turned out to be the best able to show her qualifications and we offered her the job. I also wanted to strike a balance between looking professional and fun (I was interviewing for an adult services position), and the necklace did the job–when I first walked in, everyone commented on it and wanted to know where I got it!
Actual at-work attire is much more casual but for interviews I dress like this no matter what the culture of the place is. I also always wear a blue blouse because I read somewhere that people subconsciously link blue with sincerity.

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