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Whether you're after fun party food or sophisticated canapes, we're serving up the very best finger food ideas around. The Low Carb Cordon Bleu With A Light Salad is a great dish to enjoy as a dinner since it doesn't contain too many carbs.
First flavor the chicken schnitzel with some salt and pepper and top it off with the slices of gouda and ham.Now roll up the schnitzel and put some skewers into the Cordon Bleu to make sure it sticks together. The High Carb Pasta Bake might seem a little complex but is a perfect dish for your next dinner party with friends. This slice has a coconut base and a tangy cheesecake topping swirled with real passionfruit pulp. This fitness recipe will still support you with the proteins you need for your workout, so don't hesitate to try! Put it on a baking tray and let it rest in the preheated oven at roughly 190 degrees for about 30 minutes.While that happens mix up the salad, meaning the cut tomato, the mandarin pieces and the field salad, and arrange it nicely on a plate.

This fitness recipe goes well with a light salad and will give you all the proteins and carbs you need.
Afterwards peel the tomatoes and blend them.While that happens cut the garlic, the onion and the mushrooms into small pieces.
So in case your are still looking for an awesome fitness recipe with loads of proteins and carbs give this dish a try. Sweat the garlic for about 4 minutes together with the onion.Add the blended tomatoes, the tomato paste, the tomato puree, the beef stock and all the herbs ( some salt and pepper, paprika spices, Italian herbs, a bay leaf and a dash of red wine). Form 3 to 4 meat balls from this mix and fry it in some hot olive oil in hot pan for about 10 minutes.
Don't forget to top off the salad with the yoghurt dressing.By time the Cordon Bleu is done simply add it to the salad.
After 20 minutes start to fry the mince together with some salt for about 10 minutes in some hot olive oil.

After 10 minutes add the mince to the bolognese sauce.Now use the same pan in which you fried the meat to fry the mushrooms with a dash of red wine and some salt for about 5 minutes. After all the ingredients simmered for about 10 minutes add the tomato puree and the tomato paste. Add those mushrooms to the bolognese as well.Those ingredients need to simmer for another 30 minutes now.
While that happens start to boil the pasta in some salted water until they are ready.The last thing that's left to do is to mix up the pasta with the bolognese.

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