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Kori Ellis is an editor and writer based in San Antonio, TX, where she lives with her husband and four children. For women with blond hair, some makeup colors can be too harsh or make the skin look washed out. Honey or caramel blondes with golden skin should grab a cherry red lipstick or a shade with flecks of gold. Golden or reddish blondes can play up their eyes with warm shade of purple, while peachy lipstick is always a safe bet.
For eye makeup, blondes with blue eyes look best in cool shades such as gray, silver and steel blue, Nina advises. Also try these makeup tips for blue, brown and green eyes to find the right colors for you. For most young girls their days are consumed with art projects, playing outside with friends and ballet classes. From the ages of two to ten, children are especially impressionable and will come to believe any ideas presented to them by their parents and other role models. Moreover, losing the various pageants they are entered in may cause the girls to develop insecurities and worry that they are less attractive or less desirable than the other contestants. Such young girls should not be concerned with changing their appearance to live up to society’s expectations before they have physically developed into women.
According to the national organization Children Now, girls who were surrounded by the “ideal” images of beauty presented by the media said they wanted to look like someone on television.
Ethan Shanfeld - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Google ImagesRemember when Zack and Cody roamed the halls of the Tipton Hotel? The Pakistani bridal makeup always utilizes techniques of contouring and highlighting to emphasize their elfin features.
The most common factor about Pakistani bridal makeup is that their skin looks flawless and chiseled. The blush is always a very rosy shade and it is usually applied beneath the cheekbone to highlight the bone structure even more.
The Pakistani brides usually fill in their eyebrows using the right kind of product suited for their skin color and hair color and set it with a brow gel. In this type of makeup, the eyes are usually the main focus and the usual looks follow a common formula.The look usually matches the outfit and uses 4 colors.
We may be on the fence about reuniting with hair dye after finding out how damaging it ca be, but the celebs on this week's Worst Beauty list went over the top with hair color. Jada Pinkett Smith continued her rocker mom reign with a bleached undercut 'do, and Lil Mama sported a seafoam green bob.
Check out these outrageous hair colors (and less extreme shades) below and tell us what you think. The 47-year-old actress, director and producer looks as though she hasn't aged since her "Desperado" days. Good genes and mini trampolines may be the secret behind Lathan's ageless beauty, but "The Best Man Holiday" star sure knows how to wear the heck out of winged eyeliner and burgundy lipstick. We tend to see this orange lipstick more during the spring, but the "How I Live Now" actress has convinced us to wear it during winter. Whether you hate it or love it, Pinkett Smith has redefined "mom hair." This brunette-and-blonde Mohawk ponytail is a fun style, but the colors practically blend in with her overly-bronze makeup. We can't help but be distracted by the turquoise eyeliner Biel is wearing on her lower lash line.
The "Shahs of Sunset" reality star's big hair, bold brows and purple eye makeup remind us of the soap queens on the '80s show "Dynasty." Less hairspray and less powder would have brought this look into 2013.
We've never seen the Goop founder sporting a bold shade of red lipstick like this before, but we absolutely love it. Apply a sweep of light gray eyeshadow over the entire lid and add darker gray in the crease. Fairer honey blondes have a lot of versatility and can wear almost any color, though orange- and blue-reds may look better than true reds. But for the children on The Learning Channel’s show, Toddlers and Tiaras, life is a beauty pageant filled with caked-on make-up and false teeth.

Displaying girls as objects to be judged by their appearance enforces the idea that women have nothing to offer aside from exterior beauty and will ultimately cause the girls to hold these degrading beliefs throughout their lives. At such a young age, no child should be forced to consider these issues, which may permanently damage his or her psychological health.
Toddlers and Tiaras is also detrimental in that it promotes shallow, mindless broadcasting among other networks in addition to TLC and sets a negative precedent for children watching the show. With eating disorders escalating among young girls, it is contemptible to witness young girls presenting themselves as pageant queens with hair extensions, fake bras and makeup. They all do perfectly matte finish base and heavy contouring to bring their typical bone structure into focus. They also use generous amount of highlighter on the higher parts of the face, like the bridge of the nose and the top part of the cheek bone to further bring it into prominence. The eyebrows are rarely sparse, unlike Arabic makeup looks, and always have youthful, full look.
There will 2 contrasting colors that match the dress and one highlighter color and then a dark brown or black to intensify the look.
Her caramel highlights and raisin lip gloss enhance her radiant complexion, and the shimmering gold eyeshadow makes her brown eyes pop. Trachtenberg is all grown up with sexy, side-swept curls, smoldering eye makeup and a classic nude lip. The creamy wine shade couldn't be painted on more perfectly against her porcelain complexion.
The bright lip color adds a pop of color to her freckled face, and it makes her blue eyes appear even brighter. However, this Crayola-colored hairdo, paired with the harsh eye makeup and lipstick, comes across as though she's trying too hard. The creamy lip color, combined with her shiny blonde strands, add the perfect finishing touches to her little white dress.
Line your lower lashes with metallic silver liner and a more muted silver for the upper lashes.
When choosing your makeup, you should also take into account your eye color and complexion. Toddlers and Tiaras is damaging, not only to the contestants, but also to the thousands of other girls watching the show and to society as a whole.
Growing up with these out-dated and prejudiced ideas about women will lead contestants to be less ambitious in life. According to National Purchase Diary Group, girls from eight to twelve years of age spend more than $40 million per year on cosmetics. Instead of enforcing shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, which promote inappropriate behavior in children, TLC and other powerful networks should be refusing to air them because of the ultimate effect they will have on the thousands watching at home. Toddlers and Tiaras uncovers a life of stage moms and daughters who obsess over winning narcissistic competitions. They probably use 2-3 shades of foundation on their skin on the different parts to do contouring. For red lipstick, blondes can wear a blue-red or even an orange-based red (best for warmer skin tones).
Toddlers and Tiaras leads its young contestants to develop a poor self-image and low self esteem. Children will begin to believe that the behavior they see on television is normal and will attempt to imitate the beauty pageant contestants, enlarging the number of young girls affected by the perverse moral environment of the show.
Broadcasting Toddlers and Tiaras presents shallow values, as well as leadsto significant psychological issues for participants. Although inspired by Arabic makeup style; the Pakistani brides are always less harsh looking. She’s famed around the world for her talent, her relatable songs which are based on her own experiences, and her beauty. In order to create a progressive society, young girls’ talents, abilities and morals must be valued. After looking at many photos I have come to understand the fact that most of these looks follow a specific pattern and I am going to deconstruct that pattern for you.

Day in and day out she seems to sport flawless skin, perfect eye makeup, and perhaps the most beautiful, blonde curls going. A woman like all the rest of us, that’s for sure, but is she a natural beauty or is it her professional makeup artists that help her look the part of a worldwide celebrity? A Sporting BeautyThe young star was photographed in a field wearing casual clothing with her loose hair flowing freely. A Casual StrollHere Taylor was photographed in a gorgeous red duffle jacket with her statement hair flowing freely as she walked down a street.
With her earbuds in and her casual look she looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world.
I’ll admit, if I looked that good without makeup I doubt I’d have too many cares either!
Instagram SelfieWhen she’s not working or strolling down the Red Carpet, Taylor enjoys the simple life.
She’s not one for partying hard or drinking and smoking, something which likely enhances her beautiful skin. Instead, she loves just hanging out in her home with her cat Meredith who she regularly posts pictures of on Instagram. A Casual StrollHere Taylor was snapped wearing a wonderfully stylish jacket with her hair loose and with a bag slung over her shoulder. Once again, she’s facing her days off with a bare face yet still she looks as wonderful as ever. A Young TaylorDid you ever wonder what Taylor Swift looked like before she became a global superstar? A Direct ComparisonI thought you might enjoy a direct comparison of Taylor with and without makeup.
While she looks absolutely stunning in the picture on the right as she prepares to stroll down the Red Carpet, I think I prefer the picture on the left. Even without makeup here eyes still pop, perhaps more so if you ask me, and her skin still glows. DaydreamingHere Taylor stares into space, looking as though she’s likely daydreaming. Once again she’s dared to bare and shows us just how beautiful she is even without makeup.
For once she has her hair tied back too, something which helps to reveal even more of her pretty face to us.9.
Taylor swift was a more than willing participant and graced the pages of the magazine wearing merely a plain, white sundress to enhance her natural look whir showing off her enviable figure. She wore her hair loose and once again she showed us just how much of a beauty she truly is.10.
Simple and SweetHere Taylor was photographed wearing a simple red and white striped top and maroon jeans while carrying her guitar case. She has her hair braided into a simple, everyday braid which sweeps it off her face, once again revealing her beauty. Signing AutographsTaylor has always been kind to her adoring fans and here she’s stopped to sign a few autographs despite her lack of makeup and glamour. Dressed in a grey t-shirt and with her hair thrown into a messy plait, she still looks absolutely stunning. An Up and Coming StarHere’s another picture of young Taylor in the days before she was a worldwide sensation. Her thick mope of wavy hair is absolutely enviable and her smile seems to light up her look.
A Causal Day OffHere Taylor was seen wearing a wonderfully stylish polkadot jumper and an oversized coat while wearing hardly any makeup at all.

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