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AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives. Soft lighting and Vaseline-coated camera lenses aren't the only ways to blur the lines of aging. Tinted moisturizers with luminescent particles or lightweight liquid foundations are best for lined skin.
All women know that olive skin tone is incredibly pretty, but sometimes it’s hard to find a proper makeup options for olive skin tone. It’s always a nice idea to use mascara and black eyeliner, but it’s not enough! Despite having an ideal skin tone, it’s important to use an appropriate foundation to compliment it. Talking about the makeup, I’ve decided to remind of a wonderful nail polish shades you can also use. Certainly, highlighting powder is a wonderful way to emphasize some of the wonderful curves of your face and this is also a very important tip for olive skin tone which you should follow! As we age, we tend to lose a bit of the radiance and elasticity that gives a youthful appearance.
Loren is an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty as well as Internet shopping for 20 years. Either we simply load up lashes with mascara or skip eye makeup altogether and rely on lipstick.  Big mistake babes!  Black eye liner is the one cosmetic that restores definition and powers up our eyes (and faces!) making us look alert, confident, and sexy (in a good way). Go right back over your pencil with a matte or slightly shimmery powder using a small firm eye liner brush for accuracy.
Luckily, I have a few best makeup ideas for olive skin tone and they should be applied for complimenting your gorgeous skin color!

Lots of women having olive skin tones don’t apply foundation because their complexions are smooth and clean. Bright pinks are a bit weird, mauve pinks don’t fit, but using darker or deeper pinks, maybe even some browns, will make your face look perfect and will certainly attract attention of many people.
Apply some olive, silver, bronze or brown eye shadows to make your skin tone ideal and emphasize your magnificent eyes. Women with olive skin look stunning when using warm shades such as rose gold, peaches, light golden browns, apricots and corals. Black mascara and eyeliner and a little of smoky eye is a wonderful opportunity to not only make your gorgeous eyes stand out, but also to show what tan skin you really have! All women have dark circles or blemishes under their eyes and I must admit, the proper concealer shade is a way out!
As disappointing as that sounds, however, this doesn’t mean we all have to give up on looking our best. Always moisturize – Before you begin your makeup application, make sure to moisturize to give your face a more radiant appearance.
Go for a smoother look – No matter your age, using harsh lines and colors will only make you appear dated and weathered. Try natural shades – Swap your darker lipsticks for more understated shades to mimic the natural tone of your lips. Make your eyes pop – Bring some brilliance to your eyes by curling your lashes as well as adding shimmer eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes. Add a little shine – Add a little clear gloss to the center of your pout to create the illusion of fuller, younger lips. Do not rely on foundation or concealer instead (too greasy) and never apply pencil liner over powder shadow (it won’t hold).

If your skin tone is olive too, always use sunscreen before applying the makeup in order to avoid sun damage. Take a brow pencil or powder which is a bit lighter than the eyebrows, apply it and smooth it out with a spoolie at the end. Olive skin tone is so marvelous, and in order to allow your skin to glisten try to use the right foundation! Don’t add more tan to your face having already the skin tone which so many women desire. The truth is, it really isn’t about age, but rather how we treat our skin and apply our products that makes us appear younger or older. Instead, choose subtler lipstick shades, blush and bronzers in less-intense tones, and smudge your liner rather than creating dense lines for a look that feels both updated and natural. A dewy complexion will offset the effects of aging, making you look more radiant and youthful than one that’s flat and powdery. Looking youthful is really as easy as tweaking  a few products and procedures for a major impact.
Try applying tinted moisturizer and a creamy cheek tint in place of their dryer counterparts. Thicken your line slightly at the half-way point but don’t extend it  into a cat-eye.
Add pencil lightly under the eyes only if you’re smooth there, otherwise stick to uppers.

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